Shooting at church in suburbs of Fort Worth, Texas kills at least 2, injures 1

now it’s becoming an all too regular
occurrence these days unfortunately in the u.s. another deadly shooting has
happened at a church in Texas this happened on Sunday local time as people
were worshiping we’re still getting more details coming in but at least two
people including the shooter were reportedly killed for more on this and
other news from around the world let’s turn to our young men a gentleman just
tell us what’s the latest well mark like II say yet another shooting incident in
the u.s. two people were killed in the shooting at a church in Texas on Sunday
morning and one other is in a critical condition and has been taken to a nearby
hospital according to various media reports including AP and Reuters one of
the people who shot death include the gunman a witness that the shooter walked
off to a server during communion with a shotgun and began firing until the
suspect was shot by another church member a very tragic day when anybody
and our community suffers whether it’s a community that’s this next to Fort Worth
or in Fort Worth itself our hearts and prayers go out to all the families that
were affected by this incident this isn’t the first time a fatal shooting
has happened at a church in Texas in November 2017 more than two dozen people
were killed in a deadly shooting at a local church

9 thoughts on “Shooting at church in suburbs of Fort Worth, Texas kills at least 2, injures 1

  1. Saving lives in a Christian Church in Texas by using the fire power that comes through the barrel of a gun is a real measurement of how much power the body of Christ has lost within the USA in shaping the ethical, moral and spiritual way of thinking of most American citizens during the last 70 years. This is over 70 years after the courts within the USA have forbidden teaching Jesus’ ethical, moral and spiritual standards of human behavior in public schools (McCollum v. Board of Education, 333 U.S. 203, 1948), as compared against the teachings of other spiritual, social or religious world leaders during thousands of years in human recorded history.

    Switzerland has not yet dared to make it illegal to allow Swiss students to become aware of Jesus’ teachings of proper human behavior based on moral, ethical and spiritual values advocated in the New Testament of the Bible and the body of Christ within that nation does not need the fire power that comes through the barrel of a gun to prevent recurrent killings within Christian churches even though Switzerland has a higher percentage of private citizens owning or using guns.

  2. Too common a happening in the US, gun control needed. How sad that church-goers felt the need to carry. I'm glad I live in a country where guns are difficult to own and our police are unarmed.

  3. 2 dead, but doesn't mention one of those is the shooter himself. So it's one dead and one injured with the threat neutralised by the church goers themselves, not police. Well done to the armed man in the church that saved SO many lives.

  4. They want bully us Europa in to racism.
    America was murdered by such forces .they want global war.couse they never had good policies and managment.
    But what ever bad is happning in us europ or globally becouse of Nathan gangster party.

  5. Two years ago,Texas Church Shooting Kills 26 People.
    Today, Texas Church Shooting Kills 1.
    The difference?
    The Church was Packin!
    The Democrats aren't American!

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