Shootin’ With iDubbbz

The first time shooting my own weapon right here. Oooooh! Ian: Feels good doesn’t it? Ian: There you go! Whoahhh!! Ian: You blasted that thing! Hila: Where did it go? WOOOAAAH! AAAAARGH! All right this, is what they don’t allow you do at traditional gun ranges WOOOOOOOOAH! take that Jill, city council Oh God I fucking hate the city council Ethan: We’re kidding, by the way not an actual threat against Jill. Ian:No i mean that’s not a threat right like, we can say that We hate things while we shoot. Ethan: I’m getting it out of my system. I haaaate the government. Whoa, that one’s loud, that was almost a larger than the shotty innit yeah WOOOOAAAHHH!!!!!!!!! That’s pretty good. I mean if there was a politician on the other end of that they’d probably be down? I don’t think, we could, say that You can *bleep* it Come on that one is more of like, oh shit yeah i felt that but, this one’s more like a toy That can kill people. Ian: A toy that can kill people yeah WOOAaaH aargh All right let’s set that down for now Ethan: Scarin’ me with that, fuckin, walking around with that shotty dude. And that Poison shirt. We should be- WooAH Do you have any, *indescribable* of YouTube lately? I mean, they’ve been doing a lot of- there’s that, whole Let’s give YouTube Red shows to every celebrity that exists thing I’m not a terrible fan of that. The Originals suck, all of them suck and they’re Not gonna get any better By, adding Will Smith to it. Ethan: Go work out with with, Kevin Hart. It completely takes the “You” out of YouTube it’s like It’s just another stupid show I mean I, I’d actually like to know if Kevin Hart Was remotely involved in coming up with the concept of let’s go work out with, some people. Ethan: well I don’t think there was much involved in the concept of that at all. *retard cackle* God bless ya! G-God bless America! Greatest country on Earth. Am I wrong? Best country there is. Trump or Hillary? Uhhh, Drumpf! Leafy or RiceGum? Leafy Ar-15 or AK-47? Fully automatic assault rifle. Sandy Hook or Columbine? What’s your favorite ice cream? Uh, cotton candy, bubble gum, and uh cookie dough Best YouTuber? iDubbbzTV2! I like his squirrel series. Ethan: Yeah I love the squirrel series. Best TV show? Cheers. Really Cheers! Well how, about that. What a sweet kid. 911 or Pearl Harbor? 911 It’s more it’s more about who we are Ian: It crafted me. Ethan: 90’s kidz only Taco Pell or Chipotle? Uh Taco Pell. Ethan: Favorite #MeToo moment? Ian: What’s the Indian kid’s name? Hila: Aziz Anzari. *chuckle* The Indian kid?! Uh Aziz Anzari. That was a good one. That-that-that was sort of like, Where it stopped Although, my favorite, I mean, my favorite moments gotta be Louis C.K standing in front of a door and showing amateur actresses Er- Masturbating in front of them! Ian: Comedians! Ethan: Comedian masturbating in front of- It’s like a weird spin off of Comedian in Cars! Favorite Mexican dish? Enchiladas. Ethan: Mm-hmm and finally what’s your best most favorite human tragedy? Ian: Jonestown probably. Jonestown? Yeah. All right do you guys, want to see like a couple shooting techniques? So this one’s called the upside down This one’s called the, the pistol grip. You don’t need to back up! Wow! Yeah that’s pretty much it. Let me see one Odelay Votay Let me hear a. Let me hear your best like, rapper ganster shit. What bitch? What bitch? Ugly ass, short ass bitch. You wanna fuck with me bitch? Can you see this bitch over here? *ultra thug mode* Dude that guy is fucking toast! I missed every shot! So let me try it once to try to practice and see If I can Odelay Votay it. I hit the box! Oh nice remember that. Hey yo! Yo w-. Ayo fool you come to my hood like that? YO! Yo whatchu say?! Yo forreal dog. You gon come to this hood talkin that shit? It’s not intimidating. Don’g pull up your pants. What’d you say, about my podcast bitch? Yo, what the fuck you say about my YouTube channel bitch? You think you can do better? Yeah right bitch! Oh what you say? “H3 podcast is bullshit ? He just does it because revenue’s not good and he’s just trying to get paid? Well what’s the big deal with that? You say you’re thiccer than me bitch? Yo, you think, you’re, thiccer than me bitch? Get a load of this. That wasn’t very gangster though was it? Ya it was my gangster. Now try one with one hand so you can go ganster. What am I upset about? What’d you say about my man? Yo what’d you say about my schwarma? What about my fallafel? Bloods for life bool! You’re in the wrong street cuz You’re acting brazy. Who are you calling bottom bitch? *click* Who are you calling bottom bitch? *click* Who are you calling bottom bitch? Hello, everyone and welcome back to another episode of? Legit food review. They have with, me my, good friend ethan client from h3h3 productions

100 thoughts on “Shootin’ With iDubbbz

  1. I would love to go shooting at a range. With a bolt action or a repeating rifle. And a pump shotgun and a Glock. That would be fun because I'm fascinated by guns.

  2. Man that thumbnail is horrible…is that how they taught you? To point the barrel at the guys face next to you? C'mon Ethan.

  3. I like how Ethan is pointing his shotgun at edups face in the thumbnail. Maybe don't do that if you want your friends to live.

  4. my 1 response to seeing this in my feed: oh shit who gave these idiots guns… in a good way tho. stay limpin pimpin.

  5. This video legit makes me nervous as all hell. The way they handle firearms at some parts is nerve racking as hell. Still super entertaining though lmao.

  6. This is what a responsible mature gun owning adult looks like. The same person that is crying about someone tweeting a list of very preventable deaths in the United States. Just for transparency.

  7. you know why some people shot the gun sideways???? WELL because that's how it came in the box when they bought it …lolololol

  8. 2:58 here is where we see who actually is knowledgeable in guns and who isnt. Ethan has his finger on the trigger. Despite the fact they are alone, and the guns might be unloaded, it is never a bad idea to get used to trigger discipline.

  9. The fact that your girlfriend looks like a homeless self hating jew makes this whole stormfront recruitment challen worth while.

  10. In my 50+ years of participating in the shooting sports I’ve never seen such childish behavior by two grown men with guns thought about shooting it’s about hitting the target and quite frankly you guys just seem excessively dangerous weapon lethal weapons. Remember people look toward you for guidance scary thought, don’t play around with guns and never Petray them as something that should be fun and exciting. Cons are extremely dangerous and they are a tool they are to be used to protect yourself and to enjoy the sport of marksmanship.

  11. Finally I can rest soundly knowing if shit hit the fan, we have 2 real life hero’s ready to defend us from all evil.

  12. Coming from somebody who hunts and has gone through hunter safety this makes me cringe(big fan of both YouTubers though)

  13. Dubbz looks like a school shooter
    With them cargo pants and that shirt
    And the way he spammed that shotty
    Killing material

  14. I like guns but safety was very consirning me while they were aiming guns at the camera, they were too close to the hill I would worry about ricochets although no rocks were there hopefully yeah/

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