Shocking CCTV: Gang members attack foreign student

A group of men in London have violently attacked
a foreign student apparently because he’s not a local. This shocking CCTV footage released by the
metropolitan police shows a gang of five Asian men smashing a bottle into the face of Francesco
Hounye who arrived in the UK just three days before. The 22 year old from Florida was on
a night out in the Brick lane area with a friend when the gang start to follow them
home. It’s not clear what was said but an aggressive argument broke out, leading to
the attack. One of the gang members grabbed the bottle Francesco was drinking from and
smashed it against his face. They then chased him across the road repeatedly kicking and
punching him to the ground. Francesco was taken to the Royal London Hospital
and had 23 stitches to his face. He now suffers from permanent scarring and said he scared
to go out in London alone. Police believe the victim, who has an Italian accent, was
targeted because he was not from the local area and are appealing for anyone with information
to come forward.

100 thoughts on “Shocking CCTV: Gang members attack foreign student

  1. this is why its good to be a little God fearing person…. You say sorry and avoid conflict. Poor guy…doesn't deserve that.

  2. they are not real muslim . maybe they are is syiah .

    syiah is not muslim . muslim is religion of peace . believe me .

  3. Suzanne Kelly, she's the one responsible for wanting all Muslims to come into England. She's RUINED Great Britain.

  4. Yes his Italian the fucking bastard I went there and they are fucking racist and then boys who beat him are from my country I'm so happy 😂😂😂😂

  5. 5 Asians and they can't even knock one man out .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    I don't need to say anymore 😀👌🏻

  6. This happens all over the world. You cant be caught out in the wrong area at night. This could be Amsterdam, Paris or anywhere. He can count it as a lucky escape that he wasn't stabbed. Stick to the main streets at night time, and if you see five drunken guys walking towards you, not engaging in conversation, walking separately, then they are looking for something and its not a Taxi. I always found just crossing over the road worked. Its an early warning if they suddenly cross over too. Most drunken people wont do anything more than a short dash to beat you up.

  7. This is why I'm glad we Americans have the 2nd Amendment. Attack us like that and the morgue will get new customers.

  8. I don't think thats the reason. Look at the guy with the red and white shirt. He was clearly was asking about something and it seems like he was pointing at something at the back. Ppl believe anything. Use ur brain :/

  9. Asia's the biggest continent in the world so don't call them Asians. They're Bengali Muslims whose parents originate from Bangladesh. These cowards wouldn't dare do this if alone.

  10. "Police don't know what was said" … You can clearly see them trying to take the alcohol off him because they wan't it to be a sharia zone

  11. Those gang members who oppose to be a threat to the community should be denationalized citizenship, let them know: " Don't f**k with the law ".

  12. never slow down to confront a gang and if u have to dont be stupid and use the bottle first , pull one to the ground and bite his face hopefully he gets kicked as they kick you.

  13. I want this bitches in Bulgaria come to Bulgaria and we wil show your how to fight what they wan't from the boy ,,, stupid pussyes

  14. 6 guys couldn’t put 1 guy down even though they tried? Not really up to much those pussies! Sorry lads, stick to acting hard because unfortunately, you aren’t. Kudos to my man for taking it, sometimes it ain’t always like that. See ya comments section, no need reply 👍🏻

  15. Pussies beating one guy. Bet these assholes crawl up and cry in a one on one. Wanna be tough guy pussies.

  16. Asians aren’t local but still we had a loss junior he died by gang members one stabbed him on the side the other in his chest the one that took him away from us was his neck he dropped at the hospital near the entrance one of his friends screamed “THATS junior THATS junior bro” when he got in and his mother arrived it was too late he was pronounced dead because of them we are losing too many lives


  18. 5 asians ?? They ain't from here either .. this is a racist attack , if it were 5 whites n 1 Asian it'd be a outcry fae there community. .. equal rights ?? I think not

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