Shiva Nazar Ahari – human rights activist, Iran

Shiva is emprisonned since September 8th 2012 to serve a 4-year prison sentence While many other political women prisoners had temporary releas from prison Freedom of speech and internet freedom is at its lowest level ever and it is getting worse mass harassment of journalists on Saturday January 26th and Sunday 27th of 2013 support the idea that (as we are) getting closer to presidential election there will be more oppression against free speech and internet freedom Shiva is a member of a commitee for human rights which contributed a report about Human Rights issues in Iran especially about political prisoners with different affiliation and accusation to ordinary prisoners Also on matters of poverty, child labor and the rights of women. This committee never stopped reporting even when nine members of it were detained including Shiva, by Iranian authorities after the 2009 election Shiva, as a founding member of the committee contributed a lot on the matter of freedom of information and focused the media attention on the matter of political prisoners by introducing the work and consequences and importance of freedom of information especially on the issues of human rights and emphasizing the emerging need to eliminate all charges against activities such as Shiva’s

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