welcome back trainers and it's finally been announced we have the Ralts Community Day coming in August 3rd so this is quite exciting these are the shiny variants for both Gardevoir and Glade which will have a split evolution making this a very unique convene eveyday now I did go over yesterday on my thoughts on what could be the next Community Day Pokemon and this one was on the list but we've all been speculating this for some time as to when it's gonna come out and the time has finally arrived in so we're gonna go ahead and go over how these can be useful when it comes community Day the move that it could possibly get and everything else you need to know so let's go ahead and go into this guys this is really exciting we finally have received the Ralts community day well very soon at least so let's go ahead and talk about this alright so before we hop into all the information here we have an image made by chase makings kind of categorizing all the Taipings other than the normal type as to best to worst so if we go ahead and zoom in here to ferry yesterday we did go ahead and talk about this as well seeing which ferry type was gonna be the best is it going to be Togekiss is it gonna be Gardevoir well-guarded Wars damage output it's gonna be a little bit better as a pure ferry attacker but it's not gonna be able to last this long togekiss is damages almost on par but it has a bit more bulk therefore it will survive longer and possibly put off more damage so it's kind of neck to neck but they're still both pretty good right we're gonna go over my thoughts on what its gonna possibly learn for the community they move regarding carnivore as well as glade because we're gonna have two of those evolutions now if we look over here at the fighting type Gallade is falling quite far behind here because it doesn't really have the ideal fighting-type move set but that's okay it's still a pretty good PvP pokemon in the great league Ultra League I don't know too much about master but it's an OK Pokemon it does have confusion and leaf played which can be extremely spammy and useful in those modes but as far as the community they move that will receive well let's go ahead and talk about that alright so glady is going to be a psychic in fighting-type pokémon with a max CP of 3000 93 attack 237 defense 195 and stamina 169 so let's look at the moves before we head over to ball pedia and then to game press so I can show you what I have done there locate confusion and charm for the quick moves for the charge moves close combat psychic and leaf blade so it's not looking so hot as far as the charge moves because it doesn't really have a great biting charge move leaf blade is looking okay psychic is not so great but there is hope because it is going to possibly receive a fantastic psychic-type move so there you have played let's go ahead and take a look at Gardevoir all right so carnivore is going to be a psychic and very type with a Maxie p3000 93 attack 237 defense 195 and stamina 169 this one's already looking pretty good as far as the moves are concerned or Gardevoir it is actually fantastic or the quick moves we have charge beam confusion and charm that new introduced move or the charge moves we have psychic shuttle ball and dazzling gleam psychic yeah like we just went over it's okay dazzling gleam fantastic shuttle Ball is great Shadow Ball is gonna give it a nice coverage charm for the quick move is going to help it do massive very quick damage and as we know in PvP charm is very good it's like a leaf blade clone it just digs into your opponent even if they're resisting them confusion massive hitting move with decent energy as well so I'm very excited now let's go ahead and go over and speculate on what move they can learn here this is gonna be very interesting and if you watch my previous video yesterday you probably already have an idea okay so taking a look at gar divorce main series moves let's go ahead and get an idea as to what it can learn for the community day so we do have moon blast okay that could be decent it's not what I'm looking for but we're gonna go over what I think it is gonna be here in just a moment then we have disarming voice which would be useful for PvP not PvE going up against tombs and raids I would be you know useless drink is decent for PvP let's see Future Sight is a possibility but that's not what I'm gonna be picking here in just a moment dream eater another move that it could possibly learn but yet again not what I'm going to be going for stored power not too much now there we go the first TM move that we can see at the top size shock is what I think it's going to be getting now if you think of yourself okay well how good is that even gonna be is it gonna be a great psychic attacker now well I've already pulled up the charts and we're gonna take a look at the order in which the psychic-type pokémon are going to be coming in at and where they're going to be specifically landing with size shock as well as Glade because Glade also like we went over yesterday can learn size shock as well making it a very viable and possibly logical pick for the community to move for Ralts well when do you evolve them into their final evolutions and then when we move down here we have a plethora of good moves but more than likely not something that they're going to pick 3-meter yet again coming up now I'm just excited to go over Glade shadow sneak could find some usability but I don't see them picking that and then we have the move Tudor moves which none of these are going to be good so let's go ahead and move on to Glade to see what it has going on and do a little comparison with these moves here so you have a good understanding as to what it could possibly learn all right now looking at glades level love moves and then we're gonna move on down and take a look at everything but we have to go to the past really quick to the Eevee community day when we did receive all of the Eevee evolutions or at least when you caught an Eevee you can evolve all of them to receive that move last resort in which all of the Eevee's were able to learn that are we gonna see something similar for the routes when they have that split evolution possible who knows what they might do this time around maybe Glade might get a whole nother move separate than what Gardevoir is gonna learn but hey let's still speculate and go over what I think here so for the moves that we see on this page I mean not nothing too spectacular right let's move on now there it is again sigh shocked as a TM move that's what I think they're gonna get period and simple as that but we can still go down here and take a look at what else they can possibly learn or at least glade here a few other comparisons we do have three meter that is possibly option number two for me and then I actually have a third option for both of the plate and Gardevoir that are going to evolve on community day so we're looking at size shock dream eater and shadow sneak for both of Gardevoir and Glade simple as that that's what I think that's what I've narrowed it down to now Glade can possibly learn a new fighting-type move drain punch yeah that's a possibility for sure but you never know what's gonna happen there I guess I can put that at the fourth option or at least the number-two option for Glade but otherwise I'm gonna be going with psyshock Dream Eater shadow sneak and then finally drain punch for Glade all right now we have all of these psychic-type users that are on the top pulled up here Gardevoir Glade me to alex' am SP on and deoxys so I do not just have the psychic moves but that's okay we're gonna filter through them and finally find where they're gonna be standing as far as a pure psychic attacker so going down number 1 psychic attacker is going to be deoxys attack form Zen headbutt and psycho boost with a DPS of nineteen point four five six and then moving down here we're not gonna take a look at anything else because there is no other pure psychic attackers just keep moving then we have Mewtwo at the number two spot with confusion in psychic sitting at sixteen point five five five all right no other pure psychic attackers so that's two they're the Oxus attack form and then Mewtwo up next is Alakazam with confusion and Future Sight sitting at sixteen point zero three nine and then moving down here we have another Alakazam with psycho cut and then we have SP on in that number four spot with confusion and Future Sight sitting at fifteen point six two one and that we have the Oxus normal form with sin headbutt and psycho boost right behind Espeon and then Mewtwo with psycho cut in psychic all right moving on to the next one here glade and Gardevoir have not shown up yet but that's that's quite all right if you're thinking yourself well great they're not gonna be too too exciting with psyshock well if you're a PvP ER there's other news we're gonna be going over here and then moving down we finally see Gardevoir but it does not have psyshock quite yet and then still moving down no psyshock on them it's gonna be on page five and finally we're going to see a full team or at least a full psychic move set for Glade and Gardevoir Glade with confusion and psyshock is going to be sitting at fourteen point zero six one DPS and that guard ahora with confusion inside shock is going to be sitting at fourteen point zero six one DPS same as Glade there so there that you have it for their DPS in PvE now let's go ahead and hit PvP I have yet to check this out so we're all went to learn something new here let's see if it brings us back to page one it sure did alright so pure psychic attackers nothing quite yet let's move on to the next page alright first one for PvP is going to be Mewtwo with confusion and psychic then psycho cut in psychic and then glade with confusion and psychic falls right behind guard for because their dps is going to be the exact same so it's not looking so bad it could find some good usability psyshock sounds like it sounds like a sweet move to me so there you have the numbers as far as its Mewtwo gonna be a lot better well obviously but I mean that's a Mewtwo you can't get that into the great league you can get Glade and Gardevoir both in there so think about it that way so there you have where they're going to be landing as far as pure psychic attackers for pvp and PVE as far as PvE going up against jimson rates they're not gonna be horrible but they're certainly not gonna be your best psychic attackers for sure and as far as pvp goes they're looking pretty decent alright trainers so if you did enjoy this video give it a big thumbs up share it with your friends have you found it useful and now let's go ahead and really quickly and go over my current routes and curliest that I do have save for community days so Leia here is going to be a 100% ivy thanks to this beautiful appraisal system clear as day we're looking great I do believe I caught this in the wild yes I did and I walked it quite significant 43 kilometers okay alright sounds good and I had 790 candies so I'm already for those and as you can see I have plenty of other good IV once I'm gonna be looking and sorting through them all once this Community Day does come around on August 3rd to see if I could find that zero attack 15 defense at 15 stamina for it greatly possibly even shiny and then I did get this one here which is gonna be a male 4 I think I got it right yeah got it raid for Glade it is going to be a male now I could evolve it into a Gardevoir or a Glade either way but I just find it more fitting to evolve it into a clade as it's a male and I do believe my other 100 is gonna be a female so a beautiful very beautiful both of them alright so I'm set and then I also have a lucky here 15 13 14 so as far as the community day move though let's talk about this for a second so you're like okay sweet I have all of these routes that are lucky I'm going to evolve them and learn that possible size shock move we don't know 100% what the move is gonna be that's just what I'm guessing size shock shadow sneak or yeah who knows something to that nature is it going to be worth evolving all of these if it did receive that I'm gonna tell you maybe if you evolve a bunch into the great league but as we've seen it is gonna be outpaced by other psychic type attackers but it did receive well at least the Gardevoir the charm ooo glade received it as well but it's not gonna get stabbed therefore it's not gonna benefit too much you can be still useful in PvP for sure Gardevoir is gonna be looking a little bit better so who knows who knows we're just gonna have to wait for them to announce that but that is my two cents currently on that and I do have a Gardevoir currently in the great league with charm and I do have another one here this is the one I caught in Chicago at go fest pretty neat that it just came standard like that and the great league just had to powered up a few times purchasing that secondary move it's going to be quite steep at 75,000 start us in seventy-five candies so the choice is yours I personally have a secondary move purchased on my completely maxed out one here so it's what it looks like let's see what the Ivy's are on this spent quite a bit of start us when this freakish came out yeah caught it on the first day of the release so I'm happy about that so as far as do you want a bunch of Lucky's do you need to evolve a ton of these to receive this move if it is size shock I would say no but that move has yet to be announced we'll just have to wait and see how that goes let's go ahead and quickly eat shiny check this here not whoops I didn't mean to do that all right so with that said trainers thank you for watching and like usual if you enjoy this video please give it a big thumbs up I will be keeping you posted as to when the team rocket's focus tops are gonna be coming back I don't know what is going on with that too but yeah hopefully they do make a return because I know a lot of people out there want to get their shinies or want to get their shadow Pokemon and especially me too because I did get lucky friends with somebody and we're going to trade them and I'm gonna do a few experiments for you guys anyways with that said thank you for watching and I'll be catching you all next time take care


  1. Super hyped for this community day! I think the special move is gonna be Stored Power and it’ll be kinda like Hydro Cannon statwise.

  2. Since it already has charm, it does not really matter as much what move it could get since it already has a fast move. It would be interesting if they give each Pokémon, its own community day move. I think if anything gallade could get a better fighting type move. But I do think they need better countering moves for PVP

  3. I play PvP vs. friends all the time, I aim for the highest IV why would i want a 0 attack?!

  4. This is exciting! What a beautiful shiny!!! Could we see Turtwig or a random pokemon for September???🤔🤔🤔

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