Shining Light on Holistic Health in Remembrance of Dr. Sebi and Nipsey Hussle by: A HOLISTIC NURSE

you I'm now ready to shine my life hi y'all my name is Kendra Lewis and I'm a nurse practitioner out in Texas right now I'm currently in between Houston and Austin Texas I am for the first time making a video intentionally for YouTube to put it on YouTube here lately I've been making videos just short videos and placing them on Instagram for my followers as well as Facebook for my Facebook friends so this is my first time doing the video for youtube and then sharing to Instagram and Facebook and I know some people would say be easy on me you know don't I don't give a fuck like y'all can say whatever the hell y'all want to say because at the end of the day I know why I'm doing this and I have already seen what will happen as far as and what I mean by that is deep within I know there's about to be some things coming out that has been little longest trying to be buried and more people with what has transpired in the last week more people are going to want to go out and educate themselves more which they are digging so I wanted to make this video just for those who are interested in learning a little bit more especially with dr. Sadie and nipsey hussle left-eye from TLC tupac there is so many who are using and are still continuing to use their platforms to spread holistic health across the board and that's what dr. Sadie was all about just showing light on how important and how the diet just what we're eating can heal so that is exactly what he stood for with me personally I cannot wait to share my journey through other avenues I'm not gonna really dive into it today but I will say in the last four months I have done a lot of spiritual soul-searching just digging deep and have come a long way in just the last four months and I'm so excited because I know I have a lot more to go but what I've seen already happen in the last four months and I know the people who are you know on Instagram and on Facebook and my personal like friends and my circle especially my friends in my circle and my family they're seeing a big difference as well so being able to witness that I'm hoping they will be a little bit more on board because they know me personally and said you all a lot of you just seemed on YouTube you know I don't know me from anybody I can just be whoever off the street but especially with them first I'm hoping that you all take this time to share this if you're not ready to jump out there you know in a deep end at least help out some by sharing that way your friends family anyone who comes across it if they're at that point where they're ready to fully you know emerge themselves and see how they can step up to help show light on at the end of the day it's all coming down to money so we're look as money unfortunately and with my past as a nurse practitioner and prescribing the medicines for those conditions that I now know a lot of those can be treated with diet alone and exercise and when I say diet you know proper fruits vegetables taking it back fruits vegetables legumes grains um eating you know what they ain't many many many years ago and stayed active we will be reversing and preventing so many conditions but of course they don't teach that in school because it all boils down to money so in order for them to make money have more patients needing to come in and for us to be meeting more doctors and nurses nurse practitioners and pas we have to have six patients so it's unfortunately it's a big circle it's a being bobbing circle it just keeps going but I feel it's time and it's right now that things are about to shake them up they're not about to know what hit them because there's gonna be so many of us joining together and I mean people with big platforms people with not any really platform at all people who might have a small platform like that's kind of how I feel I am right now with me putting in all the years that I put in school and being a certified nurse practitioner being behind the scenes seeing what I got in school and how they did not teach you know let's dig deeper and mind body and soul holistic instead of looking at it that way to save money it was these are the conditions this is how you treat it this is medicine that you prescribed but some some of us are going against the grain a big shout out to the providers who went against the grain and stepping up and stepping out how big our diet can be in healing as instead of just throwing the medicines continuing throwing so a big shout out to y'all that film was amazing and anybody who is watching this if you all have not seen what the health again I'm not here to try to sway you or steer you away from me and whatnot I feel my purpose is to be here is to shine like I feel like I'm going to be a beacon of light shining on different information and you will be able to take away what I'm saying and go educate yourself not just take what I'm saying please don't do that because again that's me trying to program you into something which I want you to take the information that I provide will do more research of your own and then you get your truth and how you feel behind it and then you're able to live your life but I'm doing so I feel if you really decide to dig deep and really break away those barriers that society has put on us like the matrix if you really able to break away self-love we'll be down there and if all of us had self-love there if we had self-love we would love everything included being Nunley we would love everything and treat it accordingly so there would not be any Wars there would not be any we have to build walls to keep people out because we would just love each other so it all boils down to self love so to find your purpose and sharing your gift with others you are already winning you know so I mentioned at the beginning of the video I'm currently in between Houston and Austin and no this this is not Houston or Austin I'm currently in Kenya in Africa now I didn't want to start off saying that in the beginning because how the matrix has that's how society has us this is not attached to Africa we we already know and it hurts and it saddens us to admit this but you got a minute to yourself whether it hurts or it kind of rubs us the wrong way we gotta admit to ourselves how Africa has come off in the media and the television with me just digging deep again television it's all programming they want us programmed a certain way and think a certain way same thing with radio its programming us and it programmed me when I thought originally of Africa what many people see you know with the kids in the street and being hungry and thirsty and malnourished that's what we picture so so many do not even give the thought a fraction of a second to coming back to the motherland because of how it's depicted on television how they're telling lies to us it's it's not wanting us to see this so I was taking a nap I really here and it's so funny I had to mention this I was taking a nap and all of a sudden a loud noise welcoming yet because I'm a light sleeper and then boom boom or noise so I come out like what is going on monkeys I cannot make this shit up monkeys are jumping from the trees I was trying to see if there's any out here right now to to show but monkeys out in the wild where they should be in Africa jumping from the trees woke me up out of my nap think about that for a second okay so being here at the time that I am here and what has happened in these last several days I feel this was the place for me to come and dig deep and get that courage and that strength that I needed because before very shy introvert four months before my spiritual journey this is not who you would have met so this coming to Medellin was what I needed to wash away that sheet of generation after generation of that being a bondage being active being a slave being prisoner I felt I placed it over myself like in a sheet went out place sand on my legs and all my arms and imagine that being the bondage and the years and years of generation generational curse putting on our minds and holding us ourselves captive even though we're free were still slaves and our mind because we've been programmed so coming here to Africa to Kenya and having the water wash away that sand that I placed on me and the symbolism behind that just having that feeling it's one I can't put into words but I'm here to say I am NOT going down without a fight and I know so many people we're going to join together and we're going to shake up the industry the big pharma industry and government we're gonna we're gonna do some things and make ourselves known because we at the end of the day it boils down to a holistic health mind body soul and self-love and in holistic health mind body and soul you will be discovering soft life and that's what each one of us needs in our life before x-men I just wanted to take a quick walk with y'all I had to show you all this so I didn't want to crop it in or anything because of course you know you always had those people like oh that's Photoshop no she's not in Africa she's just one of those just trying all the bullshit that people try to come up with to go along with what they've been told for a long time and for them to make sense of it they have to tell themselves something to make it make sense because if it doesn't make sense it's considered weird and normal and all the things pretty much I know I'm being looked at now but I don't care I just I now know my truth and I'm gonna speak my truth and I hope my truth allows others to find and dig deep within and find their truth and start living and enjoying life as it should be because again you can manifest your reality and if someone told me five months ago all I was doing my nine-to-five not happy so depressed just feeling this is not going to be my life forever if someone told that Kendra that she will be in Africa seeing this I would have said yeah you're fucking crazy take a look at this this is fucking beautiful so I'm going to leave with why is this not the face of Africa why is this not what we imagined when Africans brought up share like comment give me feedback I will be making more of these videos a holistic nurse on Instagram a period holistic period nurse Facebook Kendra Lewis I cannot wait to share so much with you all and you all have a good rest of your day you

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  1. Shine the light on the motherland sis! Thank you for showing the world how beautiful Kenya, and Africa as a whole, is.

  2. Very excited to experience your journey 👑♠️✊🏾💪🏾🙏🏾👸🏾🗣️

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