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– [Narrator] Previously on Villains. – [Man] We have to choose a box. – I think we just have to pick this one. – [Man] Wait. (dramatic music) (witch screaming) – Okay, so. – [Man] It turned Audrey into Granny. – Yes. And we know Granny, okay? We know what happens. We've battled Granny before,
we have to find the items to unlock the door and
escape Granny's house. – Guys! – [Man] What'd you find? – I found– – [Man] Oh you found the electrical tool. – Yeah.
– Nice. Okay, code steps. Wait Jake, Ty you guys are good at math. – Move the first number
to the second place so put one right here. – [Man] We don't know where Granny is. – [Woman] Wait, What's that over there? Grab that, what's that? – [Man] Oh, it's a crowbar! Guys, this feels like
a trap, it's too quiet. (screaming) – What are you doing in my house! – [Man] I don't know, but
I bet the keys are in here 'cause she was guarding it. – Oh, I thought that was a frog. – [Man] What, a frog? – [Woman] There's keys, wait that's what we were looking for! – The keys!
– These keys. – Guys, none of this is working. – [Woman] Why are you
children trying to escape? – Attack back! – It worked, it worked, it worked. – [Man] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. – Are you leaving again, children? – [Man] Audrey, Audrey, come, hurry hurry! – It's a different box. – [Man] What? – It is a different box. – That's not the same,
yeah what is going on. – Wait, wait, wait, guys. Rule number three open the next box. (singing) – What is that? – It sounds so familiar. – Oh my goodness. Wait what's happening? (dramatic music) (singing) (doors slamming) – La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la. – Guys, guys, what's going on? Get up, wake up guys. (coughing) Wake up Ty. – Oh my gosh, the box! (singing) – [Man] Oh wow. – [Woman] Wait, guys, where's Jordan? – [Audrey] I don't know,
she disappeared again! – That is not good, that's
what you did last time. – [Audrey] It's so foggy in here. – [Man] Woah! – [Audrey] It's Jordan! – Want to play? (laughing) – The doll maker is back. – Oh no. – We need to save our sister. – She's with Abigail. – I can't remember, was
Abigail good or bad? It's been too long. – If we save Jordan, Abigail disappears. – So the second villain is the doll maker. – I don't know what we're supposed to do, we're supposed to get water, let's go see. – [Man] Yes. – Guys, we can't get to the
kitchen it's blocked off! – [Audrey] What is that? – Maybe we could use
the bathroom, let's go. – It's locked! – [Man] What do you mean it's
locked, try all the doors. – Guys, we need water,
that's how we do it. We can defeat the doll maker with water, remember how we sprinkled it? – [Man] That's right! – That's all, if we can get to the kitchen or get into one of the
bathrooms we can get water. – But they're locked and
there's a force shield around the kitchen, how
are we supposed to get in? – Okay, guys, we need to
spread out through the house and look for any signs of clues. We need to– – Or water? – Check out Jordan more, find
out Abigail, I don't know. – Obviously something changed
when we all fell asleep and when the doll maker
appeared with Abigail. Making Jordan change. – She's coming. – Let's head downstairs and see. Ah, there's a bathroom downstairs! – Let's go try it. – There's water there. – [Woman] Go, go, go! – Yes, ah ha ha, that's my favorite show! Ah ha ha, oh, oh! Yes, she's my favorite
character, oh my goodness! Yes, you are so pretty. I wish I was just like you. – Go, go, go, go. – There she is. She's right there. – What do we do? I don't know what to do. – Guys, guys, look, wait. – [Woman] What is that? – Was this here before? – [Woman] I don't know. – [Man] What is it? (gasping) – He is coming again this fall. Watch out for a new boy doll? – A, do you remember when
we used to get those notes? – [Man] Yes, it was from Abigail. – With A and we found out it was Abigail. Abigail's leaving us more notes, he's coming again this fall. Who's coming? – I don't know, but there's
going to be a new boy doll. – So like, Abigail's friend? – Oh, no. – This is not good. – Okay, I'll keep the notes,
I'll keep them for clues. (dramatic music) – Yes, jump, jump! (laughing) Ready, three, two, one! Whoa, cool trick, let's do it again! Ready, ready? Three, two, one, yeah! Let's go. (laughing) – [Woman] No, it's locked! – [Audrey] Are you sure? – Yes, we can't get water
out of any of the bathrooms. They're all locked. – [Man] Audrey, try your bedroom. You always keep a glass
of water next to your bed. Check Jordan's room. – [Audrey] There's a key,
should I try the key? – Try it. – [Man] Why are they all locked or jammed? What's going on? Is it working? It's not working. – Okay, we need to look for more clues, 'cause maybe Abigail left more notes. If Audrey found one, maybe there's more. Let's go. – Okay I want to know
is how the doll maker, or Abigail, locked all of our doors. – I found a wooden box. – [Man] What'd you find? – A wooden box. Hurry, hurry. Time is almost out. Go towards the light. – [Man] What, the light? – What, there's tons of lights! Wait, keep the clue. – Okay, but that one's not signed A. There's no A on that, what does that mean? – This doesn't look like
it'd be from Abigail, look the handwriting is different. – [Woman] What the, what? – Guys, I remember that was
a clue from another video. – Comment down below if you remember what video this is from. – I don't think that has
anything to do with this video. I think we're finding old clues. But let's keep looking though. Anything over there guys? Anything back here? Jordan was playing over
here a few minutes ago. Nothing? – Guys, guys, guys! – [Man] What? Where was that? – Right here. It says perform a superstitious
act to weaken his hold, A. – [Man] A superstitious act. – To weaken, probably,
the doll maker's hold, I'm guessing, that's what
we're being warned about. – What's a superstitious act? – Well, okay, like a black cat. If you cross the path of a black cat, isn't there something about that? You're not supposed to.
– I'm allergic to cats. – A bridge? – [Man] Or. – Walk under a ladder? – Yeah, is there a ladder? We don't have a ladder. – Wait, wait, wait, you guys are naming ones that bring bad luck. A black cat crossing
your path is bad luck. Going under a ladder is bad luck. Breaking a mirror is bad luck. We gotta do something for good luck. – I don't know any good luck ones. – Salt, salt. Throwing salt, throwing salt. Like you spill salt and
you hurry and pick it up, and throw it. – Over your shoulder. – That's supposed to
bring you good luck, yes. So we gotta find salt
upstairs in the kitchen. – [Both] We can't get in the kitchen. – What about a horse shoe? – I don't have a horse shoe. – Do we have a horse shoe? – We don't even have any horses. – I don't know what we're going to do. – [Man] What do you think? Audrey? – I'm out of ideas, I don't know. – Dad, Dad, look over here! – [Man] What? – There's popcorn salt right here. – [Audrey] Popcorn salt? – [Man] That'll work, that's salt right? – Yeah, put it in your hand and throw it over your shoulder. – [Man] Just a little bit, not a lot. – Chuck it over your shoulder. – [Man] Okay, over your shoulder. – [Woman] Okay, we did it. – [Man] That's a superstitious act. – Now what happens? What happens, what did it say? I don't remember. – To weaken his hold. – To weaken it's hold? What does that mean? Maybe Jordan's changed! Let's go see. – Should we try and find her? Let's go! (laughing) There was Jordan, she's right there. – [Audrey] Go, go, go! – [Man] Where'd she go? (singing) – Jordan, Jordan! – Guys! – [Man] What? – The force field around the kitchen is starting to get weaker! – Maybe that's what it
means by to weaken his hold. – Guys, I think we're doing it. – Hold of the lasers? – [Man] Hey, every clue we find, maybe it's gonna make
that force field go away. And we can get in and get the water. – Okay guys, Jordan's still the same. – [Man] Ty, what'd you find? – There's a paper under the lamp. – [Man] What? Where are all these things coming from? – Don't touch her or she will break. Hurry fast to change her fate. (laughing) (singing) – [Man] Don't touch her it says. Let her go by us. (singing) – Wait so if we touch her she'll break? – [Man] Yeah don't touch her. – Her face is already cracking. (laughing) (singing) – As soon as we found that
other clue that Ty just found, the force field is getting weaker. I can, I think we're almost there. Let's see if we can figure this out. – Let's go after Jordan. – She's holding Abigail, maybe
she's dropping the clues. – [Woman] Maybe. (whispering) Don't touch her she'll break – [Man] Don't touch her. (whispering) – [Woman] Where is she where did she go? – [Man] I don't know. – Jordan. – She can't just disappear can she? Maybe she's in one of the locked rooms maybe she knows how to get in. – [Ty] We found a clue! – What? (laughing) – [Man] How'd she get back there? (singing) – Oh yes, good idea! (singing) – You guys, we need to save
her fast, what is going on? – What is she doing? – Where is it? – [Woman] What's she looking for? Maybe she's looking for something we need. – Hurry! (singing) – What was she holding? Did you guys see what she was holding? – I don't know what it was,
what's going on with Jordan? – Read the clue. – He is back at it again,
send a picture to my friends by midnight or Jordan becomes
part of his collection, A. – What time is it? – [Man] It's close it's like 11:30. – Send a picture to my
friends by midnight? – Send a picture of what,
send a picture to my friends by midnight, send a picture of what? – Guys I think I know, I think we need to send a picture to Abigail's friends. Shotty Acres, Smelly
Belly and the Scorries all had a doll, they said
send a picture to two? – Yeah. – Okay, I've got phone numbers to Shotty Acres and Smelly Belly, should I go take a picture
of Jordan then send it? – Yeah I'd be sneaky though. I don't know if she's going to allow that. – Okay you take the camera
I'll take the picture. I've got the camera set. I missed the picture, I got
to go try again, come on. (singing) Okay, I'm gonna send this
picture, don't let Jordan see me. Okay guys, I just sent it, oh
I got to attach the picture. Shoot, they're probably
wondering what's going on. Okay, here we go, sent. We did it, how's the force
field looking Audrey? – It looks like there's only one bar left. (singing) (laughing) – Boo! (laughing) – Okay where do you
think the last clue is? – [Woman] I don't know where do we look. I feel like we've looked everywhere. – Guys come here. – Did we try these doors,
see if they're locked? – What if we have to go in the attic? – [Woman] We don't have a
ladder to get to the attic. – The ladder's in here. – [Woman] Guys we are totally trapped. – There's gotta be one, look. It's gonna be just somewhere, just like all the other
ones, in plain sight maybe. (dramatic music) (singing) – Better hurry. – Guys there's only one laser bar left. Let's find the last remaining clue. – Did you look in the box again? – [Man] In the box? – [Woman] I mean might as well. – Don't touch it. – But there's nothing in there. – It's all smokey. – Where could the last clue be, there's a picture of Jordan. Oh my goodness, look how young she looks. – [Woman] What, when did that appear? – [Man] That wasn't there before. – I don't know but ew it's dusty. – [Woman] Okay guys look
around we need to find this. (dramatic music) – Boo! (laughing) (singing) You wanna play? You don't want to play? – I didn't want to touch
her 'cause she'll break. But guys look there's a clue! What does the clue say? (heavy breathing) Guys, Abigail's coming! (singing) Read the clue read the clue! – Who is knocking at the door? Go answer or the little boy
is next, A, the little boy? – [Woman] What, that's the second warning about the little boy,
wait our little boy, Ty? – I don't know, but let's
keep an eye out for him. – [Woman] No we are not, Ty
is, this is not happening. – Someone's knocking at
the door, go, go, go. – Ty, back away from the door, what if they're gonna get you? – [Woman] Yeah don't let them get Ty keep Ty behind, nobody's
there, wait what's that? – Why is the front door unlocked but all the other doors are locked? (dramatic music) – Danger you should be
afraid, very very afraid, scream I'd turn back if I were you. Look the force field's gone! – The force field! – [Woman] What, let's get water. – Let's go! – Maybe that's, turn back that's our clue. – [Woman] To turn her back, get the water. – Yes, okay, where is she? – [Woman] I don't know where she went. – Abigail, Jordan! – [Woman] She's getting crazier. (singing) (screaming) – [Woman] She knows, she
knows, she's trapped! – We trapped her! – Everybody grab some water
here, put some in your hands. Put some in your hands,
okay, go sprinkle it on her. (screaming) (cracking) – Jordan? Jordan! – I'm all wet why'd you– – [Woman] Jordan, you
turned into the doll again! – [Audrey] You were with Abigail! – No I didn't, I don't have Abigail, what're you taking about? – [Woman] Abigail showed up. – Abigail's in our house, come
here come look at the box. – [Woman] You don't remember the box? – No. – Guys. – We defeated the box, look,
we defeated the villain! – [Woman] That's so
awesome guys we did it! – Wait I'm so confused what's going on? – [Woman] We rescued
Jordan, we defeated it. – Guys, there's a new box. (gasping) – [Woman] Oh no. – Wait wait do you hear something? (evil laughing) – No! (spooky music)

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  1. Who is excited for The Dollmaker? Abigail is back and we must stop The Dollmaker from transforming Jordan into a doll.

  2. At 6:46, that bottle is the exact same one that was in their old video where they got stuck going thru "Hello neighbours tunnels" wow

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