Shelter Flooded With Dozens Of Armchairs So Dogs & Cats Can Have Slice Of Home

Shelter flooded with dozens of armchairs. So dogs and cats can have slice of home There’s nothing quite like putting your feet up and relaxing in an overstuffed lounge chair If you’re a pet owner your furry friends probably staked their claim on the comfiest spot Niles, which is often the couch or recliner But unfortunately shelter animals aren’t as lucky Instead they’re forced to stay in cramped cages or kennels on cold hard floors waiting for their forever family to pick them up The Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg, Illinois decided to change that Buster Brown is the resident front-desk dog at the Knox County Humane Society The staff loved having him there But like most dogs he craves attention and comfy spots since he’s been at the shelter for so long director Aaron Buckmaster decided he needed to have his own chair instead of stealing the desk chairs Last year a local mechanic donated some office chairs to the outfit including a big red leather one Employees decided it had Buster Brown’s name written all over it. Naturally Buster took an instant liking to it Then we thought it would be a good idea if they all got a chair Erin said in an effort to get more chairs for All their long-standing residents the shelter put out a call on social media The video featured three other shelter dogs chilling in their own chairs They’re all clearly thrilled to have a little taste of what home might feel like That video quickly went viral and has since resulted in a flood of unwanted armchairs from as far away as California Because if you have an overstuffed chair, you don’t want but it would make a shelter animals day. Why wouldn’t you donate it? According to Erin having chairs and their kennels provides more of a home-like setting for the dogs while they wait for their families It’s especially helped one of our dogs Mickey with his stress levels He’s been here about a year the longest out of everyone. It’s given him a lot more security as Far as spreading fleas and diseases the shelter stresses that the chairs are disinfected daily and aren’t shared among the dogs When they get you ready, they’re simply thrown away The ideas proved so popular that other shelters are jumping on the bandwagon including the West Valley Humane Society and Caldwell Idaho and of course animal lovers everywhere are applauding the concept and hope that it spreads everywhere Share to spread some love for these super deserving shelter pups. We’re so glad they get to rest easy until their forever families show up You

11 thoughts on “Shelter Flooded With Dozens Of Armchairs So Dogs & Cats Can Have Slice Of Home

  1. Great idea!Shelter animals deserve as much comfort and love as they can get until they find their find their forever homes. They did nothing wrong except be born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Adopt,adopt your best friend

  2. There are only 8 COMMENTS and only 676 LIKES??!!! Iโ€™m confused!! This video is so amazing why would so many people not like the video. There are a lot of views but not that much likes. I mean itโ€™s fine if you donโ€™t like the video but Iโ€™m kinda confused whatโ€™s not to like about it. Thank you for the people who came up with this idea. It almost gives the dogs a taste of what home feels like. These are some pretty cool people, keep up the good work.

  3. Great idea! I wish that I could adopt a nice pupper or doggo but I just don't have the resources.

  4. Great idea and love seeing the fur-babies so happy. All places should do this for those waiting on their forever homes. Best of luck fur-babies!

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