Shelldon’s new home

CONTACT US HERE AT LOCAL 3 BY EMAIL ([email protected])OR PHONE 3 AND WE WILL HELP GET PATCHES FROM THE U-P TO HIM! 3 3 A LOCAL NATURE CENTER IS WORKING TO MAKE A BETTER LIFE FOR ITS ANIMALS AND EDUCATE THE PUBLIC.LOCAL 3’S KORINNE GRIFFITH HAS MORE ON WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP. 3 3 REPORTER KORINNE GRIFFITH: “This is Shelldon the snapping Wisconsin Humane Society. In 2011, MooseWood Nature Center adopted Shelldon and gave him a new home.”Alex Bott, Animal Care and Volunteer Supervisor, MooseWood Nature Center: “Once you have a turtle in captivity you can’t just release him back to the wild because he won’t know the survival instincts or the survival strategies in order to be successful in the natural world. So, as a nature center, it’s our job to make sure that these animals have the best possible quality of life.” REPORTER: “Shelldon is still a young turtle, so he is expected to live for another 30 plus years which means that he may triple his current size. So, a larger enclosure was a must. The MooseWood Nature Center set up a GoFundMe to raise money to build the enclosure. Construction has begun on gives him lots of options.” Korinne Griffith, reporter: “You can still donate to Shelldon’s GoFundMe page which will continue to support the building of his new enclosure as well as many other projects around the MooseWood Nature Center.”Bott: “We’ve been working for over a year now to do what we can to get him into this new environment and the great thing about Marquette and the Marquette community is that they are standing behind animals and animal well-being.” REPORTER: “Find the GoFundMe page on our website, u-p matters dot com. Keeping it local in Marquette, I’m Korinne Griffith, Local 3

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