Sheila C – Weight loss – pain resolution – holistic/whole body treatment

my name is Cheryl chato I live in Barrington New Hampshire and I am the resort manager I have been heavy all my life been on the yo-yo diet so many times I reached that pinnacle where I was ready for that change but it wasn't happening was just me so I knew I needed that extra push I didn't have any doubt at all that Adam could help me or anybody here that might was introduced to what the drew me was that they were dealing with everything versus one symptom at a time asking some very very detailed questions trying to find the underlying causes of my issues not just what was bothering me today what hurt today what you know what I didn't like today it was dealing with the whole gamut of issues since starting this program I'm down 35 pounds I feel much better about myself I might feel better overall I really wasn't feeling good when I first started my joints feel better I have I had some real issues with inflammation which were infecting pain throughout my body which has been drastically reduced my I have a fused ankle that bothers me almost all the time and right now it only bothers me and like really really severe weather so it's exciting not to feel like you've got pain all the time they genuinely genuinely care about you as a person it's all been up to me but the the information that I was given the detailed information of things that are explained they're not just kind of thrown at you they're explained as to why they're important that they need to be part of a healthy lifestyle absolutely without shadow down they don't let you do it by yourself there's always that backup in that support whenever you need it it's not just when you have an appointment it's whenever you need to reach out somebody's always there for you

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