okay I will just get back home from Toy Fair Sean is excited to see us we're gonna show him some of the new toys and let's see his reaction do you think mommy and daddy that man there we go you said we got you some sliding it pop you I see mom I got that for you yeah sure we gotta get the funky bunch of plush [Applause] there's Lexi's Shawn's toy coming tomorrow okay I'll go show you tomorrow whoa what's that party whoa you open this whoa derpy vacant cousin back when I was just a little piece of turkey bacon the kids all use the math with me and call me dirty faces so I put the name of ramp with it I think as a parent like the best feeling right it's like being loved by your game you feel so heated I like the best feeling feels so important that's a dope feeling but they're like Lexus and getting so much older Oreos gotta get under nose yeah you like your buddy I will be back tomorrow you shine so tight Shawn somebody at door all right now you've seen all these toys let's find something else for the vlog okay what should be pink video honey you do yeah knows how to walk up the playground steps let's see if should do it go up these stairs you're gonna try the ladder I wouldn't do the ladder you almost had it what happened you can't get up a rock wall you do how could you climb up dead kid you guys are making our playground yucky alright we're gonna try again next time okay all right I think I know how to get Oreo to climb off the playground she did it once before without food but then could never do it again gotta make some noise so she knows it's here dude Shawn got you if you gonna be wet okay here Oreo monkey and then a alien came down and turned her into a doll she's like guys I really have to do that much work for my food oh just squeeze my chunk what are you doing bro what kind of dog can climb a rock wall you can't have a rock wall you do right you're not a dog bye doggy Shawn or you go eat it's not my birthday I think thinking it's not my birthday hey it's not my birthday hey what's the matter you got you're getting old now yeah my weakness okay you can't go that way hi-y believe up or your exercise I'll punch you in the road oh you punch you're like a ghost like a fake ghost mommy a piggyback ride oh no you're gonna get your feet all muddy seriously you'd rather waste socks then break my back thank you show me the bottom of your feet Oh Sean mommy had dinky feed me to the champ alene pushed you he's trying out the sidewalk why is she going the hardest methods a slide in a rock wall she's literally done this ladder two times before look she's trying to figure out all the ways to get up it she's going all the way around you want some chicken come on Oreo you made it up or do you see this back there sniffing here but no that means oh yeah well go down side don't you do it know what the reason what happened she just jumped off of here gosh here we thought even go down a slide was bad and she's like I'll just jump off the rope off you'll be jealous cuz I got hops on a date it's over for today where's food here we come fondue cheeseburger right here baby what is it

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