SHAWN BREAKS HIS CRIB with MAGIC!!! Crazy Wibbit Powers w/ FGTEEV Surprise! FV Family New Bed Vlog

look what he did oh my gosh this is on hello okay before this video gets started go download our new game it's called MJ oh my god today's the day yeah I knew that where Sean grows up get my new bed so I was gonna get rid of his crib he's gonna move up in the world you're gonna get a bunk bed poopie a baseball can I chase oh yeah gaming tier shall come baby one yeah if you have a bad dream this is not good for bad dreams that's what you want what do you don't put in there any toy I see you dude big one all right are you playing with mermaids Oh perfect where is it a little rat come on come show me your bed show me the bed you're gonna get that thing show us underneath now we gotta go yeah no it's late now we have to go to bed why you try screaming hey why are you trying to spray me why why try spray me someone messed up mommy's head not for you to do do do do do oh yeah what are you doing down there you little loner right all by yourself stop smacking my bud to wear their hair like that no dad oh my gosh is there a bird in there we gotta get Sean's crib out here watch out I'm gonna use magic ready magic I'm getting his crib out mommy why do you have half a hairdo which one is it the last door the right side left side mommy a right side mommy Shung how did you bend your crib you did how Sally oh that's right and I jumped in the crib shine you sure you don't want to quit okay stop whoa breaking shine whoa sure don't do magic right now buddy who did you can't be doing magic like that without telling me first thank you okay but don't do any more magic what no don't don't don't get out get out right now and don't come back or you should see what he did or he made magic Oliver doesn't care oh my gosh look what he did no more Matt out you're out you're guys no no okay that's it I got you you're getting out of your room magic boy let's go get out of your room and thanks for ignoring me Oreo you ignore e oh don't give me that walk all right so this right here this is we go we don't show you enough tape on get back on okay but I'm gonna see if I can land the bed right boy how'd I do this gosh it's so weird looking at the camera okay right okay shit okay just there we go so how did you get on that Nike I'm gonna put you on the couch oh so we're up in the Grand Cayman Islands right now when we get back home you're always gonna be all done underneath the bed no ya know what because it's good we just got back home from the Grand Cayman Islands and guess what Shawn your pad is here I don't know why we were like why would you log this like wow Abed it's exciting man guys are going to see your bed now looking catered I was recording it did Sean seems so excited but now I think he doesn't care Shawny do you want to see your new bed it's not all here yeah there's still peace waiting to come ready [Applause] he'll make drizzle Wow dude you got a high bed don't jump up because else your head will turn into she doesn't have a new bed I have no idea what she's talking about chunky your new bed came with a cookie [Laughter] wait didn't you buy that for him yeah you forgot yo spider-man I like your new bed dude check it out it's all finished and stuff bra go under here it's got a little hideout back there I like your bed spider whoa Sean I tell you spider-man why not oh you use your dresser as a ladder careful Oh thumbs up for the new bed what's up shine oh oh he jumped over your head oh good he's gone oh there's something crazy and chases new dresser that we just got mommy did you see it guys something crazy is in your room oh my gosh Lex is here too let's soar like a teenager that okay wait it's here you want to see it you could see it but it's crazy it's okay okay you ready okay tada Chase's new nightstand yeah but no no no but wait but something's in the drawer funny boy absolutely stressful Gregg gurgi Turkey has a long neck like a funnel boy he's got a square bottom head what are you doing let me stop it again that's oh wait whoa we can't show that worth you're not supposed to show them that yeah these toys you come out later this year we working on jump go check his new hobby and get him all right guys we'll see you later peace out whoo dippy photos hey what happened to your closet oh no no it wasn't even chase something crazy happened in there kinda juicy that I think that's how he gets his teeth clean he just puts it towards the Sun I can do that

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