Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege

Translator: Delia Bogdan
Reviewer: Ilze Garda Usually, I would be standing
on this stage over here, conducting the college orchestra, because I’m a music professor. But tonight I’m going to talk about my moonlight activities
in the field of science. (Laughter) And how they led to a cancer research lab
and an important breakthrough. Over the past eight years,
I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some brilliant
and dedicated scientists. They were very open-minded,
and we had a common dream: that in the future, children
would not have to suffer from cancer or from the terrible side effects
of toxic drugs or radiation, because we believed
there just had to be a better way. There had to be a better way,
and we think we may have found it. A scientist said, “You’re killing more cancer cells
than as if you had used radiation.” That same scientist went on, “If you had spent millions of dollars developing a new drug
that killed this many cancer cells, it would be a home run.” This was an astonishing thing to hear,
especially for a music professor who had just completed
his first experiments in a cancer lab. But we didn’t use any radiation. We didn’t use any drugs. So what did we do? I have here two identical tuning forks,
both tuned to the note A, the note an orchestra tunes to. These forks are both made to vibrate
440 times per second. We say their frequency is 440 hertz. If I tap this fork,
putting little pulses of energy into it, the second fork
will also vibrate in sympathy, and if I silence this fork, we just may hear the other
singing its tone. (Sound of an A note) We say that I’m inducing a sympathetic resonant vibration
in the second fork. It only works because both forks
are tuned to the exact same frequency. Many of us have seen this very charming
young man on the Internet who shatters crystal glasses
with his powerful voice. But if you watch him carefully, you’ll see that first he taps the glass
with his finger and listens. The glass sings
its natural resonant pitch. Then he takes a deep breath
and sings a loud, long note. He induces a resonant vibration
in the crystal glass. The vibration grows larger
and larger and larger until the glass is shattered. On the other end of this scale, we have a giant bridge
made out of concrete and steel, a suspension bridge,
the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Cars, and trucks, and busses
are going over it every day. Unfortunately,
where they built this bridge, there was a steady wind blowing across it, and one day, this wind induces
a small vibration in the bridge, hardly noticeable, but the frequency of the vibration matches the resonant frequency
of some part of the bridge, and the vibrations gets larger
and larger and larger until the bridge collapses
into the river below. A destructive resonant frequency. So on one end of the scale, we have a giant concrete and steel bridge
destroyed by resonance and on the other,
we have a small crystal glass, shattered. So maybe we could shatter
something even smaller, something really small, something
you would need a microscope to see. Maybe we could shatter
a living microorganism. But to do that you’d need some sort
of theory to serve as a basis. And we find that basis in a wonderful book called “The Rainbow and the Worm:
The Physics of Organisms”, by a scientist, Mae Wan Ho. That book makes a very strong case that living organisms and cells
are liquid crystals, or in the least, they have
many properties of liquid crystals. Now, we are all familiar
with liquid crystals because they are in our laptop,
computer screens: LCD display, Liquid Crystal Display. We can change the qualities
of the liquid crystals in our computer screen by sending
special electronic signals to it. We can change the color and the shape
on the screen with these signals. So maybe we could change a biological living liquid crystal
with a special electronic signal. But in order to do that,
we would need some kind of device. So we searched the US Patent database, and we found this invention by a physician Dr. James Bare of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s called
Resonant Frequency Therapy Device, and its purpose is to induce
a resonant vibration in a living organism or a cell. And there are two really important things
about this device. The first is that it uses
a very special kind of antenna: they take a hollow glass sphere, they evacuate the air,
they put in some helium gas, and when we send in
our electronic signals, the helium gas lights up
like a fluorescent light. An electrified gas is called a plasma,
so this is called a plasma antenna. It has many special properties
uniquely suited for this kind of work. The second important aspect
about Dr. Bare’s invention is that the output always pulses:
it’s on, it’s off, it’s on and it’s off. This is very important,
because when you’re doing research on the effects of electromagnetic waves
on living organisms and cells, if the signal is constantly on, you’re in danger of inducing
heat in those cells, and heat causes
indiscriminate destruction. We don’t want that.
We want targeted destruction. So, we don’t have to worry about heat. And now, we go to the biology laboratory. We take dr. Bare’s device and the hunt begins through a microscope for a frequency which will shatter
a living microorganism. We have a method
of controlling Dr. Bear’s device by an input control frequency. So if I put in, say, 100 hertz, out will come 100 pulses per second. If I put in 200 hertz,
I will get 200 pulses. So now we’re searching
for the magic frequency, and we start with 100 Hz, and we look through the microscope
to see if anything is happening. We watch for five minutes. Nothing happens. So we try 101 Hz. We look through the scope
for five minutes, and nothing happens. So we try 102, 103 and so on. Over the course of 15 months, we try hundreds and hundreds
of frequencies, if not thousands, until we find the magic combination. The answer is you have to have
two input frequencies – one low, one high – and the higher frequency
must be eleven times the lower. It’s what we, musicians,
would call the eleventh harmonic. When we add the eleventh harmonic, we begin to shatter microorganisms
like a crystal glass. These are the first videos taken. We showed these videos to our friends
in the Biology department. They said they hadn’t seen
anything quite like it. Seems to be a new phenomenon. These organisms are being shattered
by our electronic signals. This is a harmless organism,
almost friendly, a little blepharisma. Normally, they’re very fast swimmers, but when you approach a frequency
to which they are vulnerable, they begin to slow down, then they stop, and then they begin to disintegrate
within about three minutes. So now we know we can destroy
a microorganism, and the question comes up, “But can you target a specific organism
with a specific frequency?” So in this next video, you’ll see a large organism in the center,
a paramecium undergoing disintegration, and swimming all around it, a tiny different organism
which is unharmed. If we’re lucky, we’ll also hear the audio as I narrate
the experiment live in a noisy lab. (Video) Perhaps you can see
this sort of fireworks effect happening, in the growing blister
to the right of the organism. And here comes a little neighbor,
wondering what’s going on. He’s testing. And you can see blisters forming now on the lower left quadrant
and upper left quadrant. The shape is now changing. And a major explosion at the top.” So now we have some evidence that we can target specific microorganisms
with specific frequencies. And we made several more videos, and we filmed the destruction
of hundreds of microorganisms. About this time, we meet a cancer researcher,
and we [show] him these videos. This results in an invitation
to spend four months in a cancer research lab
trying to shatter cancer cells. This is our setup in the lab. You can see the microscope
with cancer cells on it. Here’s the plasma tube, and here is my little
frequency control box. First, we attack pancreatic cancer. Take a good look at this slide because the next one
will look quite different. After we treat these cells,
they change their shape and size, and they begin to grow long,
rope-like structures out the sides. They look something like antennas. I call them bio-antennas,
for biological antennas. It’s as if the cancer cells
are trying to tune in to our signal. It also turns out this is the beginning of a process
of destruction for cancer cells. We now know that cancer is vulnerable between the frequencies
of 100 000 hertz and 300 000 hertz. So now we attack leukemia cells. Leukemia cell no. 1
tries to grow a copy of itself, but the new cell is shattered
into dozens of fragments and scattered across the slide. Leukemia cell no. 2
then hyperinflates and also dies. Leukemia cell no. 3 then tries,
to make another cancer cell, the new cell is shattered
and the original cell dies. But killing a handful of leukemia cells
is not enough for a patient. What kind of numbers can we do? In repeated
controlled laboratory experiments, independently essayed
by the two top experts, we killed an average of 25% to 42%
of the leukemia cells, as high as 60%. We also determined that we slow the growth rate
of the cancer by as much as 65%. So, a double effect. Now we attack ovarian cancer cells. This is a more distant shot. Here you see brackets
coming up around the cells, showing groups of ovarian cancer cells
which are being destroyed. You can see by the end of the video that great many ovarian cancer cells
were destroyed. Now we attack pancreatic cancer once more. In the center of the screen
is a clump of pancreatic cancer cells like a microtumor under the microscope. We turn on our electronic signals,
and the tumor shrinks and is broken up. The cells are disconnecting,
disaggregating; the opposite of forming a tumor. And some of the cells are destroyed. In our most recent work,
we attack the deadly organism MRSA. MRSA is particularly dangerous because it’s resistant
to many common antibiotics. Thousands of people
die every year from MRSA. They have drugs for it,
but they have very toxic side effects. We found that our electronic signals could actually eliminate
antibiotic resistance in MRSA. Then, by adding a very small amount
of a common antibiotic, we were able to kill MRSA
and slow its growth rate. Since I was a 17-year-old
highschool student with twin interest
in both music and science, I never imagined the two would come together
in a cancer research lab. I now believe that the future
cancer treatment rooms for children will be a very different place. It would be a pleasant place where children gather
and make new friends. They probably
won’t even know they’re sick. They’ll draw pictures, color in their books,
play with their toys, all the while unaware that above them
are beautiful blue pinkish plasma lights emanating healing,
pulsing electric fields, shattering their cancer,
painlessly and non-toxically, one cell at a time. Thank you. (Aplause)

100 thoughts on “Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege

  1. DESCOMUNAL ! A AIDS tambem pode ser destruido na frequencia certa, segundo o falecido Dr. Michael wolff

  2. 440 Hz is not the true A frequency It was changed. Google it. It’s out there. Dr. Leonard Horowitz for a start.

  3. Does it really matter if we get the cure to cancer when we start to pump out the cause of it on every block and in every home. Just watched a Ted talk on the dangers of wifi to the human body. Eventually when over half the population is dead from cancer the cure will be made available to the masses.. or whatever is left of them.


  5. Raymond Royal Rife. Rife machine. And we seem to have also forgotten about how to go back to the moon. We're looking at 10 to 50 years. It seems we need to develop some new technology?! We need some new rocket. Jack Kennedy and the US did it in 9 years. Apollo 11 in 1969. I guess then we can invent an airplane and an automobile maybe somebody can invent an electric light. bulb.

  6. I will remember anthony holland as a thief base on the tons of comments below you should be ashmed that you drag ted in your craziness

  7. "Between the frequency 100,000 – 300,000 hertz" is a huge spread. Does anyone know the specific "frequency hertz" that matches the specific cancellation to the cancer cells? Thank you.

  8. ROYAL RIFE INVENTED THIS!!!!!!! Period……way to steal his work dude…..this knowledge should be free to the public!!!

  9. 5G is weaponized and patented for crowd control and can burn skin,boil eyeballs from a football field away…ENDGAME

  10. The government stepped in and stole this technology. I believe they are using it as a weapon for harm instead of for healing. I think it is past time for a revolution. Time to take back. 5G is an example of harmful frequency to the human body. There are also weapons created using frequency.

  11. hi, this technology has been used 2000 years plus ago! find out Himalaya Singing Bowl! cheapest way of using sound tech!

  12. I know a guy who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and the dr wanted to do chemo and radiation. He said, he wanted to try a different approach… about 4 months after the dr had wanted him to start chemo and radiation, he went in to see where he stood in terms of having cancer… the dr said, "why do you want me to retest you, you haven't done anything?"… well, the Dr tested him and found he had no cancer… the Dr got mad and stomped out of the office, I guess because he cured himself without the help of the doctor, the nurse apologized to him. (I've heard this story before… if you really want to know the character of your doctor, heal yourself from cancer without their help and see how they respond).
    The guy claimed that he used a thing called the Vibe Machine also known as the Quantum Pulse… I have used it… it's pretty cool…. it's fun really! At any rate, I think he used the Quantum Pulse machine for about 4 or 5 days a week for about 3 months. You just sit in front of it for about 20 minutes or so while it lights up and makes noises… it totally looks like something from a 1960's sci fi film… Anyways, he also drank a grip ton of concentrated green powders to keep his body as alkaline as possible. It worked for him.
    Apparently the Quantum Pulse machine resets your bodies vibration to a healing vibration, from what I understand. Not sure how it compares to this technology exactly. There are some YouTube videos about it.

  13. Everyone here whining about how this is based on Rife's work… great, good to make sure the right person gets credited… but, let's spread the news and stop worrying about who gets the credit, let's start supporting it's use. I have used something similar to this and while at the time, for me, it was just health promoting, I knew people for whom this kind of tech helped them cure cancer and others who it was helping and would have, had they continued to use it… it was with a thing called the Quantum Pulse

  14. the only thing they researched since 2009 or so is how to get more funds with the absolut minimal amount of effort. The website looks like the next door neighbors youngest son made it in the weekend.
    They publish the same 4 pictures over,and over,but nothing new. Not even an update on their facebook or twitter. But yet very active on fundraising.

  15. This actually looks similar to Rifes work. I believe the rifoscope was even more sophisticated in its function, but it's basically the same general concept and utilizes the same kind of electromagnetic energy in a pulsed fashion so as to create the same general effect. I can say from looking into the work myself; that this particular design seems like a borderline Rife rip off.

  16. Thanks for sharing this Anointed video message of truth and Healing, wow that's interesting the timeing fork has been around for every. God Bless. I had a motorcycle accident in 1969. And a car accident a few years back, Thanks for sharing your gift of health healing video message.

  17. Tesla, Royal Rife, Hulda Clark, Dr. Otto Warburg are a few of the pioneers who found cures for all kinds of cancers and many other deadly deseases. That is not how medicine works in this world. Desease is a money making enterprise and has no intention of finding a cure for anything. It's a'' about the money and not about curing anything. There is a very slight chance that this medical and economic fact will change in the near future. Business as usual.
    Aspirin anyone?

  18. Interesting but plagiarist of Raymond Rife. As further commentaries duly note. AMA and Big Pharma have snuffed this technology out for near a century, because it puts their sorry, greedy arses out of business when we all get well. I rest my case, testimony following whether tortured or not

  19. Does this guy & the Ted organizers think that no one is aware of Dr Rife who developed this technology.
    This is highly irritating listening to him act like he invented fire.

  20. The trailblazers and pioneers are the ones with all the arrows in their backs, Tesla and Rife come to mind, but even they were merely recreating Tartarian Empire technology that was global and widespread before the floods. Before the Khazars set about to exterminate their empire.

  21. That Tacoma bridge was also known as “Gallopin’ Gertie”…it was terrifying to drive over as it oscillated! Then it vibrated too far, & broke.
    Wonder what was the fate of it’s engineers? It’s astonishing to witness “professional suicide” by engineers…despite their education, designing constructs which they should have seen the flaws in, before they even got finished drawing them on paper. I witnessed that once, in the CA Bay Area. If they’re willing to listen to outside input, sometimes they can correct the project; if they’re bullheaded, they fail spectacularly.

  22. How long does it take to kill cancer cells in Vivo? …How long did it actually take to kill those in Petri dishes, as shown?
    Will it take unusual/special equipment to deliver the frequencies to the cancer foci, or, does just listening to them via the ears, or ambient vibrations in a room, do just as well? Do different types of cancers require slightly different frequencies to make them go away?

  23. Who gives to cancer research, supports the beast because the beast has this info however, not for a commoner.

  24. This guy is not telling the truth. Royal Raymond Rife killed cancer with a frequency generator in the 1930. Rife invented this technology and the frequencies that everyone uses today were discovered by Royal Raymond Rife. Search DEHoldings or DeVita Elis (Russian company) that makes devices from Rifes research.

  25. amazing how rife was only doing this barely 100 years ago and with video evidence easily found on youtube yet this dude somehow doesn't know about rife? he speaks very low, and slow and the FREQUENCY of his own voice, tunes me out, i turn stuff like this off immediately. I hope they also realize that raymond rife found no more than 2, 3 minute sessions, per week were neccesary. and anything over that didn't allow the lymphatic system time to recover. it makes me think, how this man MUST know who rife is but is not mentioning, he loses all credibility, so when they use the frequency to cure cancer, does ANYone actually know exactly which is the correct frequency or what it would even sound like? just asking questions!

  26. So why does this just in the cancer research lab why is it a note in the public and wise than the advertised why is that talked about instead of just contact Ted talk you really wanna know why because The Science would have no more jobs and the doctors have no more jobs this is all great stuff but behind closed doors it’s no good

  27. The exact reason I will not contribute to St Judes. They show you all these heart wrenching kids with cancer and most all are bald, which to me indicates they are treating them with chemo.

  28. Radiation is radiation… if there is a reaction there is an effect…. cancers ability to attract heavy metals gives it a unique target

  29. Yeah, as if big pharma is going to give up a 100+ BILLION dollar cancer treatment industry. They knew how to do it 100 years ago but wouldn't be able to profit. Now that Monsanto lost that lawsuit and it was ruled glyphosate causes cancer, let's see if they'll stop spraying all of our wheat with it, as part of the harvesting process. It's not gluten people, it's that ALL wheat gets blasted with it in order to force it into maturity at the same time, so it can all be harvested at the same time.

  30. Its almost comical this clown uses 440hz and not 432hz. What a joke he is doing a talk on something he knows nothing about or understand.

  31. Indeed, as mentioned below in another comment, the Rife Frequency Generator, invented in the 1930s by Royal Raymond Rife, was effective in doing similar work, but his efforts were suppressed and all of his work destroyed by forces associated with the AMA (surprise surprise!). Because one friend (colleague?) retained some of the research papers, it's now possible to acquire a Rife machine, tho those produced have come up for debunking and often, lawsuits.

  32. For those of you who are serious about wanting to learn how to heal using frequencies check out this: Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini…..they have a website but i've forgotten it as i used it many yrs ago. I think a search will find them. They are healing frequency CARDS they use in India for the poor people to heal them. You won't hear about it in the mainstream news. They have a book, but they also have the healing cards on a website you can download for FREE. At least ten yrs ago they were free. What you do is place a glass of water ON the card. It absorbs the vibration/frequency. You drink the water. Not just once, but over and over until you get better. It's quite interesting. It is called radionics – healing from a distance using frequencies. It is for poor people who cannot afford very expensive frequency machines. So you print out many cards and then cut out to use them. If you don't have card paper you can print out the paper, cut out the cards and glue to cardboard using a glue stick. Get cheap cardboard at the Dollar Tree. I only bought the book cuz i didn't have a printer and i still don't. I had 3, but they all malfunctioned so i won't buy any more. Write this stuff down before this site deletes my posts. I noticed on other you tube sites some of my posts did not get posted.

  33. People to need to gain critical thinking skills. The only place you'll find the Rife based cancer "cure" is from people with no medical backgrounds, making outrageous clams. If you buy their device it will not only cure every disease, but it will solve every possible problem you have. It's ridiculous.

  34. What the heck does this guy know about medicine or cancer? He's a Music teacher. I wonder if he was a student of Professor Harold Hill?

  35. Cancer treatment is big business and big money. This concept does work, however, we all know that AMA and Big Pharma are really not interested in your becoming healthy. Chemotherapy, if used, has been shown to assure that you will be a repeat customer. Do your research, think for yourself.
    All the “medical data” is intentionally misleading about who is “cured” and how they define “recover”.

  36. Like Nicola Tesla some people can tune to a Universal Knowledge or Consciousness, Mr. Holland gave a excellent lecture, obviously intune with his Higher State of Mind…

  37. The very very old Indian Vedas have mantras that when chanted individually and together in a yagya invoke sounds that can have a calming and healing effect. Sometimes the mantras supposed to invoke gods and channel celestial energies have shown or said to have healed patients from long term diseases.

  38. If they figure it all out (as many others have) they may try to control it with a patent. China makes them and sells them on Alibaba for a long time. You just have to pay for the codes for all the ails, then download the frequency codes to your China made device and use. Many people swear by them.

  39. Anthony Holland, you are a music professor right? Then you know that our music was weaponized. And you must also know that 440 hz is not a natural tone, and was changed from 432 hz. As a musical teacher you must be aware of this, and my question is this? Why are you teaching 440 hz, and not 432 hz? Thank you!

  40. The credit goes to Royal Rife from way before these idiots did this they are simply repeating his research.  How dare they.

  41. When you "open up" a pathogen, a cancer cell, the cell's innards that spew from out of that cell are just as toxic as the original cancer cell was. Which means that you will immediately need to apply yet another type of deadly frequency in order to destroy the cancer cell's toxic innards. If not then it could make the patient ill or worse. Drinking lots of clean water should be done throughout the process of killing pathogens via frequencies so that the body can flush the dead shtuff from out of the body.

    We've been using various frequencies to not only kill but to help heal us. No disease is safe anymore, in our bodies. Of course such process does take months or longer, depending on how toxic your whole body is with bacteria, pathogens etc.

    We use free software that updates often from the thousands of different types of killing and healing frequencies (from various organizations from around the world), which we program into our frequency generators which put those frequencies through our scalar wave transmitter and receiver. Then we just sit between the scalar units and do whatever we want. In this way we need no physical contact in order to receive frequency treatments.

    Maybe before we leave this world enough people will have self-proved that technology like this can and does work. Until then maybe we'll all just keep learning.

  42. Who cares who made it. Spread the word already. Make them aware beat the local media with sharing… And more sharing all over the world. Come on!

  43. What a load of bollocks!! The guy giving the talk has no medical, biological or scientific background at all. Absolute fraud!

  44. It's likely he didn't mention Rife so that he wouldn't get "thrown under the bus", or, while unlikely, he somehow just came about this from his own work and had no idea about Rife. That said, everyone here knows it's Rife tech.

  45. This is not new information or new science. Royal Rife was doing this in his clinic back in 1931-34. So if you do not give credit to the one individuals and other dr.s who had originally discovered this, you have lost credibility for me as a medical professional.

  46. Isn't this the Doctor that was murdered by the government in 1934? Then in the U.K the government brought out a 'Cancer Act 1939.' Which prohibits the media and the public from saying, I've found/There is -a cure. People are being fined hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Because everyone is brainwashed to believe that chemical drugs/medication cures people. It only makes them sick and kills them. They killed my Mother. People are profit. There's no money to be made from cures. Vaccines cause cancer and all other diseases. Cancer isn't a disease like we've all been made to believe it is, it's like a common cold, it spreads.Doctors follow the money, they are told by big pharmaceutical company to make money, the government get the taxes from every vaccine, doctors get secret bonuses.

  47. Next we need a TEDx talk on a guy who "discovers" the resonance pulse frequency across electro plates which create a condition where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen so everyone in the comments can write "it was Stan Meyers who did this first, he has 240 patents on it and ran a car on water"

    Rife machines are real, I have a GB4000. Many know this information and have read the newpaper articles from Rife's early work. There is a cover up, but the only way to change is to be the change. Waiting for the mainstream media and mainstream health to "discover" this will be a long wait.

  48. This id!ot needs to give credit to Dr. Rife, the founder and originator of this technology.. otherwise..this so called engineer / scientist is just a thief.

  49. Riech was doing this before they burned his books and imprisoned him to shut him up……. hope you do better than him and eradicate big pharma from the face of the earth.

  50. Notice how he didn't mention Dr. Rife, who was destroying cancer and curing cancer patients by finding the resonant frequency of their cancer cells many years before this man in the video. Rife was called a quak by his colleagues and those who could have helped make sure that this type of treatment could benefit mankind. I just hope that history doesn't repeat itself in this case and hopefully Dr. Rife will be mentioned and honored the way he deserved to be.

  51. Right now we are being destroyed as a species by 5.8Ghz – the new Wifi frequency – as it is literally aging our cells at a very rapid rate. Has anyone noticed people aging considerably fast the last year, year and a half? Going grey, deep wrinkles and many men going bald within a short period of time? Well thank that new wifi frequency for that. It is destroying us.

  52. What's sad, is this is an old discovery. Hard to tell the honesty of a professor who claims to have descoverd a cure that's actually 70 years old.

  53. This technology was taken down and researchers attacked decades ago. It takes down Pharma just like Big Oil does not let itself be challenged. Maybe the time has come. It would be so much safer, cheaper and simple.

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