SharePoint Developer Monthly Community Call – June 2019

welcome everybody this is Shep on deaf ecosystem the shipment BMP community called and this is June 29th in addition it is 90 11th of June 2019 summer is coming quite fast I don't know what happened for the spring it is time is flowing when you're having fun few updates quick updates before we actually start the material we are planning go to the teams as soon as possible we've been delaying the transition to the team's course until teams would have a presenter and an attendee functionality unfortunately that has not yet been released so we've been using Skype for business and but now we are planning to actually have a break during during summertime and we'll renew the community call invites and they will be then teams in whites after that so I'm crossing fingers that within the next month or so we will have the presenter and then send a functionality in teams but anyway if nothing else we will then use the teams after summer break and that's really the key thing what is missing in teams right now for us supporting us what we do here so easily promote people as a presenter and then making sure that not all of the people can control the call behavior because that is a quite big risk for running this course now a few quick updates on the agenda so we will have a quick update on a SharePoint development so some latest news some pointers for everybody to take a look so what has happened within the last month or the latest announcements and we we are having weekly calls as well or to bi-weekly community calls so not that much has happened since last Thursday but I'm gonna pinpoint to two main points our few main points in here all those we're gonna do the acknowledgement of the community contributors this month again the companies and the people who've been contributing within this month and we'll start the demos with Irving that was just me randomizing who's going to go first so everyone's going to show how to extract all of the modern pages from an existing SharePoint modern site using the BMP templating tooling and then importing those or importing those to another site so you can easily transition content between the sides or create EMP templates which has multiple pages inside of the template as well so you're able to easily create modern sites and modern experiences using that technology then a super cool thing from Nicola luckily Nicola was able to join as well so we're going to talk about how to use Microsoft craft toolkit controls in the SharePoint framework context so Microsoft graph toolkit was released to preview in built this year so in May and it has a nice set of controls which will increase the productivity of the developers in a way that you don't need to worry about the traffic towards the craf api's and you were able to use those in the also inside of the SharePoint framework solution so we've Nicola is going to explain what it is son and how that things actually work in his demo section and then we're hoping to have still some time with me and Andrew gonna go video and let's see if we break the recording with that one we're gonna go flip the videos on with entry and talk about a few things related on SharePoint development so kind of a discussion on the latest announcements and what does it mean for developers and what is the the main concentration areas around the SharePoint development in the future anyway funeral's first and some contributor updates as well so like I mentioned already well we have quite a few community calls we have quite a few activities going on around the SharePoint development topic so we do have two pi we click on unity course so the bi-weekly SharePoint framework community and by the ecclesia pond at general dev community calls and these are basically meaning that we have a call on every single Thursday at 7 a.m. Pacific time and we do understand 7 a.m. isn't optimal if you are located in Pacific but we needed to make a compromise between Europe and us and in a joint agreement with other community cause when we were timing these things and then we also have the monthly community call which is this one which you're participating or listening or watching if you're watching the recording we're going to go through the contributors and and the latest news and also doing always demos so one of the big thing is what we always want to do within this course is to do actual demos examples patterns and SharePoint frameworks which and all of that so people learn how to make SharePoint extensibility and also Microsoft teams extensibility using myself craft another ap is in the cloud or even in one in certain levels in on-premises as well but that's mainly for SharePoint framework in SharePoint 2:19 now one thing too you can actually notice already on the last bullet point on the Left we will not have monthly community calls or any community calls during July we will take a full summer break on executing the community calls and SharePoint weekly videos or releasing those so our key topic the github activities continue as normal but do resourcing and vacation times and prioritizing family and all of that stuff people need to have some time off and so we're not executing any of these community calls during July it was just an easier message to provide that July is a summer break and then it will be back on the business in August it is a fair point from entry I don't want a summer break actually mean in Florida but that's it that's a good point as well so technically did we were we were watching our mixed holiday calendars and vacation calendars for family vacations and we realized that it would be too stressful for those people who are actually executing these things to make sure and run the show when other people are off so basically making sure that well the message will be clear until I know community calls know SharePoint a weekly video clock a series no nothing Keith's up activities will continue as normal and will restart again with new invites Microsoft teams in whites for August and so the you will see social media updates on that whenever there's a updates related on those course now some people are having as some audio issues please please please reconnect well you can't hear me if you have an audio issue so that's kind of a interesting challenge for them to know that I'm giving that guidance anyway now moving on on the on the thing so typical slides shape and abducts a game SSB dev Docs documentation a game SSB def videos they came as SP dev issues so please use these three resource when you're looking to solving things or if you have an issue if you're running into an issue if you find something which isn't working properly within the SharePoint dev in on premises or in SharePoint Online or in the SharePoint context in general please use the MSSP the issue list it is a super active issue list and github and so thank you for contributing and there as well it is super important that you let other people to know if you run into these issues and that's that's a really one of the key advantages of having that github issue list active so when somebody runs to an issue they can go and double check the yes anybody else already reported that and what is the status of the situation now a few numbers and few metrics related on the latest on SharePoint death so the main main matrix we had a 270 270 thousand I watched our minutes in YouTube channel it is now ten thousand five hundred subscribers and forty thousand views and I can see here's some background noise I'm double checking where who still not muted so meeting some people here at this I speak we also had a more than fifty fifty fifty five thousand visitors in Keith hub and two hundred and sixty nine thousand views in May over all into dev Doc's we had a 1.1 million views unique views on that side on the PNP reusable components we had twenty four thousand unique tenants using the PMP reusable components this is basically BMP PowerShell beside score seasoned core extension or the PMP jeaious so the BMP seasoned core is used to roughly fifteen thousand tenants BMP is roughly ten thousand tenants in a month and in people shell roughly fifteen thousand tenants as well and the most used capability is the provisioning engine and by far it is now three thousand five hundred or so tenants in a month so there's quite a lot of usage here generating fifteen point five billion requests through those channels as well now what about SharePoint frameworks just to show you and keep you up to date on the growth he here we do not disclose the exact number but these are way ahead of all of the the any any other extensibility model or you is turns the building model what we ever seen and had in office 365 the reason why we don't explain what the metric is all about is that it's it's it's not rocket science but it's it's slightly complicated thing to explain how do we calculate the actual usage to use it yourself and you can actually see the growth almost in a 45-degree angle and the latest Monday yesterday was slightly down but that's because in the certain areas of Europe Monday will say off or Monday was a holiday but last week we did a again all-time record on the usage I think it on Monday or Tuesday last week so it's pretty cool to say the the containers growth and yes Hugo was off on Monday so that has a massive in but no actually one person doesn't obviously is not visible in these things we're now hitting three hundred and sixty-six percent year-over-year growth on the SharePoint framework usage and that's a massive number considering the fact that SharePoint framework course released two and a half years ago almost so we're still growing in this insane matrix or insane and number now few pointers and few assets which I wanted to pinpoint obviously we are pushing heavily the provisioning service this should make you more successful because it helps you to adjust and and try out to modern SharePoint experiences which is a big thing for us in SharePoint so you can go to the provision in SharePoint PMPM and you can provision example content example demos to any tenant within the world and this is really meant to be for you if you're a consultant you need to do demos tomorrow or you if you are a if you're considering moving to the modern SharePoint experiences you can easily provision sites and test the modern SharePoint in your site any site or any tenant in the world we do recommend for example using the developer tenants which are free and they automatically renew as long as you use those tenants for developer usage for testing these templates as well we updated the service on May we will keep on updating the service to make it more reliable and more guided experience in upcoming months as well so this is a continuous investment on our side to make it more bulletproof for anybody to use one word on that one you need to be a tenant administrator to be able to provision these site collections within your if within your sites one point also to remember if you're looking into what's happening internship on dev SharePoint developer world including Microsoft themes including Microsoft have the SharePoint of weekly is released typically on Tuesdays so again the latest version went out today where we talked about the community contributions community POC posts and all of that stuff which has happened within the last week technically this song recorded this on Friday last week because the Monday was a public holiday in in Netherlands as a waldek was not available or he prioritized his family which is the right way to think these things now moving on are things one thing but I wanted to quickly super quick update on the user voice entries the numbers are quite high we are actively working on the managed metadata gem store operation – REST API – or to be precise to craf API so this will be in a Microsoft graph quite well I can't say quite soon sooner or later let's put it that way because I can't give you an exact timing on that one because I don't want to promise you a date which we then might cancel the support for dotnet core which season is coming up as well we're actively working on that one and that's coming it's it's not technically a massive challenge it's been coming quite soon for a long time the challenge is really our internal build processes which needs to be aligned on this one and that's unfortunately taking still some time one thing which is in yellow this is going to be a document that's hopefully within next what would I promised one or two weeks so it will be there will be a new documentation available to provision modern sites to communication sites and non croupe associated theme sites using app only process so that's coming really really soon as well now what is the new thing on the list is the number 10 and to actually notice that as well so this is a new fellow which is rising quite fast actually so people are looking into developing custom modern forms using SharePoint framework so this is basically then a nut replacement or an option in the tool back if you don't want to use power apps to create custom lists list experiences within your tenant so understandable ask we're looking into where we can prioritize will will be landed in our roadmap sooner or later but having 269 votes already there definitely helps on getting the right attention onto item and that's growing obviously then the more I more votes we have the more higher priority there is for all of this stuff gooch a lot of talking from my site but I'm trying to make sure that we have plenty of time for the demos now the tuned update went live earlier today so we have an updated monthly summary which have assets and links to all of the articles the videos we released like 25 community videos this month again there's multiple article updates sample updates and other updates so that is out there a game is SB dethklok is the location where we're then explaining what has happened within the last month and thank you very much for the contributors related on the open source activities which you have contributed within the last month the list of contributors again is massive it is actually to be honest it's not as mass is a massive as it was within the last month but that's also understandable we've been having this conference season spring is coming in the northern hemisphere and that impacts on the contributions as well and to be honest there are some quite a few PRS which are pending because our Community Engagement Team or the people who are reviewing these PRS haven't had a chance to process all of them true as well but thank you thank you thank you you are making a massive impact on helping others in a community to succeed because of us we will be much much much stronger when we build the stuff together rather than competing or rather than and not sharing anything what we learned so thank you thank you thank you for your contributions from a company side of the things these are the companies who have allowed their employees to contribute on open-source activities what we execute under the PMP umbrella so thank you for this company is definitely giving their employees the option to spend their time actually contributing around the open-source activities but really asking Microsoft execute super super valuable for everybody in this community as well from Microsoft side thank you as well so there's there's engineering people here there's a non engineering people here and I want a person which I wanted to call out especially Michael Swenson has moved from an MVP side of the gang now he's inside of Microsoft so he's a new person on this list as well obviously he is still actively part of our community activities and he is contributing and working in the PNP initiative still and if for those who haven't actually followed up on what husband has happened here Michael joined or Microsoft search team as a principal program manager the first of June and he is actively looking into for example to search UI extensibility and those things in the search team so really good to have him on that side and he is the he's been really active on on those activities in the community side as well so I think it's a great great deal and great option for Microsoft recruiting in it that was a lot of talking I think not too bad 17 minutes so urban a my yeah it's pretty ok actually yeah thank you everyone has been the host in some of their scores so he knows that's fair that's fair but yeah you have more experience but let's move to your screen and start with a the updates related on the on the PM 10 on templates to exports and imports I think this is really cool stuff as well yeah yeah let me let me give you some background on what I will show so we're talking MVP summit earlier this year and we're coming out of a meeting from Microsoft's we go in where screen let me cut your screen just good foods and we're waiting outside with the building waiting for our uber I think it was and we talked a bit about content extraction and that we never did that and a lot of questions came always on the community of like can you guys please do that why don't you do that and we had good answers there I think we have we have had a valid story and we looked at each other in the eyes and were like why don't we do it so that's what we started to work on we're now starting to work on content extraction and what I will demo today is what is currently available in the current release of the provisioning engine and that is client-side page extraction what is upcoming that is not there yet but we are working on it is list item extraction and talking with library files extraction there's a big caveat there is that and that is actually one of the reasons we never did it and we will still not solve it and that is security so if you have a user in your site from which you extract the content and that user is not present in the site to which you apply the content we will have an issue because that user might you might want to have broken the inheritance of the security for certain documents we will can we cannot apply that security will not magically create a user added user for you you will have to sort it yourself so that is but that's future that will come this is the status as it is as of today and if you have the latest version of PNP PowerShell or the provisioning engine running this is what you will be able to do today so I have a demo site here and in this site I have a page library and this is a bunch of pages modern pages in there so until the last release when you extract it the content of your site we basically only picked up the home page nothing else and and that worked and if you want all the other pages in your template you have to do some tricks one of the trick was that you made another piece of home page and then rerun the extraction again you got the other page copy that I have put it in the template etc now we made your life a bit easier and you do that by simply in this case PowerShell so I connected to the site already am connected to decide as it gets PNP provisioning template if I write it's correct Oh get PP provisioning template right now for demo reasons I put into an XML file and to make the export a bit faster I includes a handler I say page contents and then I have to tell the engine explicitly that I want all the pages by default we we do not do that because that would break existing scripts etc so we'll you have to include an additional scripts here then that is includes all client-side pages and if you press ENTER right now we will connect to the site and we're basically doing is rejecting a template we take all the page contents of all the client-side pages and add it to the XML file now in the future when we start to implement things like list item extraction and document library extraction we understand that including all these switches will make it very complex so we're only on the same time are working on coming up with another construct constructs in for you to provide settings or configuration to watch this commandlets most likely debilitation follow an XML file that you provide as a parameter and then we will read the settings from there because we can see scenarios where you say I mean listen I don't want all 10,000 list items I only want these that match this query something like that that would be very complex in the commandlets so we provide probably an external configuration file that you can can use them extraction is done so if I go to this page XML file that I just generated you see now here that I have all the client-side pages if I collapse pages let's see here we have to the home we have to change this to medical benefits the open-door policy that's that right there all there now so all the pages are included and if I scroll a bit down we see if you can find it here we see for instance here that this something is provision to the templates for word and so we we support subfolders and if I scroll a bit to the right here see also that we had recognized that this was plus defined as a template in the original site so now we are also allow you to provision page templates by just flipping this switch to true and providing a location and we will upload it into the correct location for you so here I have all my pages and this basically because I provide it this is handler the page contents handler it's basically only the client-side pages I don't have the lists and everything in my template so if I go back to my site here I have a page this demo site and this is a freshly created site if I go to pages you see just a home page in there so if I connect to their site with PowerShell point home slides pages demo and I say apply PP provisioning template pages XML there goes two pages you see on the left hand on the left side of the screen you should see now things slowly popping up if everything goes okay I might have to refresh no there we go there the pages are popping up now and it's one by one creating all my pages and this is a very easy way to move pages from side a to be or from tenant a to be or etc this functionality works on Prem if you use SharePoint 2019 so I saw someone writing here I wish they were still available on Prem if you use SharePoint 2019 this functionality is available to you you see there is a templates folder being created will wait until the engine is done it first creates this basically stops of the pages and then starts to fill in the web parts and everything on those pages so it's a bit longer process to provision those pages it should be almost done this uses the same API that uses the the project page commandlets that we have for PP powershell to use all the same api is behind the scenes in this API is available in core and every time I showed that the provisioning engine I use be partial but there's absolutely no reason for you to just use BB PowerShell you could write this in your own cause all application using C sharp or whatever don't net environment you want to use as long as this model net standard but that will come almost there so ever while we're reading the reason why we created pages upfront but we have to to kind of cycles we create an empty page and then later on we you updated same page again and reason is because you won't have tokens for the pages so if one page we first another page decorating the empty page first gives us a page name a token which can then be used in the other page later on so that they kind of solves the problem that's why we have this kind of two-faced approach in there which takes slightly longer but it gives you more functionality yes yes just a bit more well we're waiting for this to execute so before you actually go forward they will say victor was asking around the delta handling of this pages so do we what if the page does actually exist we do actually overwrite that right if you if you provide the override attribute in the target correct yeah and a one thing we'll be reading this to execute just for those who are not super familiar with with the provisioning and can you run through what else you can do with the probationer answer obviously this concentrates on the modern beta it's just a quick list of things what does it work we basically support almost every artifact you can think of so we allow you to create lists fields content types uploads apps create teams provision taxonomy extract economy extract mystic to convert our fields pages client-side pages classic pages publishing pages master pages set the logo of your web just yeah basically everything you need it's this actually I don't know of many gaps there might be very specific small details missing at some artifacts that you're looking for but I think we have pretty complete coverage in the things that we support and the Mike's of themes is a big thing in the in deservers as well so you're able to provision much of themes themes channels taps pointed apps to the SharePoint and applications and everything else so all of the things in Microsoft 365 level or the office traces drive level which have an remote API you can already apply and create automatically with the engine already correct so it's done applying now so you see all the pages there and if I go for instance to their own page here and I create a new page where we get this new user interface you see that my template files that were a part of my template that I applied the page templates they are there now for me to select and I can create new pages based on these templates and they are located in that templates folder so it's for your information it's not enough to provide your files into a folder called templates there's a bit more going on behind the scenes so it is very important that in your template that you create and you want to provision templates that you set this provision as temp promoters template property to true because then if something is not in place we will actually do the the plumbing behind the scenes we do all the work for you behind the scenes to make sure that that specific folder as marked there's a template full because there's some bit more going on there but this is a very easy way we think to get full site pages out of a site collection and provision it into another site collection very simple and and as I mentioned earlier upcoming is list items and content of document libraries I don't have an ETA but it will come that's it from today sooner or later it's in the backlog so it's the typical responsive things we're looking into that it's coming soon in quotes but thank you very for that one really good stuff and this has been requested so many times from the engine that why don't you export that bit more all of the pages why don't you export library documents and list items and all that and like that that's coming up as well now Nicola I think we're ready to go flick to your side hi great okay let me just share my desktop real quick yep and godit's let's wait for a few other yep there we go Stefan I've got it as well I think you're good to go Thank You Nicola take it away so the max of graph toolkit is a set of web components that we've started to build out with the goal to start supporting building reusable components that can work out of the box with the Microsoft graph key regardless of what web framework you're using or what platform they're running on so our goal is to just make it very simple to to build graph experiences with only few lines of HTML code or or JavaScript code so for developers who are just starting to work with the graph or I just want to get started building some experience and just testing things out this is one of the best ways to kind of get a feel for for what is possible and then we start building a few controls so we announced the graph toolkit in preview at bill last month so in May and we're continuing to add more controls and kind of getting feedback from the community in trying to figure out what is the developers need from a tool kit such as this one so right now the tool kit works with we have providers that work with on the web or progressive web apps works with SharePoint and works with teams and we're also looking to add support for office and in frameworks that somebody might need to use and it works with any web framework if you are not using web framework if you're going vanilla it works great but if using react or angular view or even jQuery any web framework out there that should work because we all fully support depending on web standards as long as the browser supports the web standards or using the polyfills for web standards the components will work so the best way to get started is to just go to our github page which is at slash Microsoft graph slash Microsoft – crap – toolkit or shortcut to that as a kms / mgt and then you'll have just a getting started guide on how to get started and start playing around with this I'll do a quick demo just to get a feel for for what this is so for example here I have an HTML page if you look at my file structure at all this is just an index page here that all it has is just a script tag that I've copied directly from the readme inside of the github and then I've added this component MGT – login and this is using the custom element web standard that allows you to kind of define your own elements and for a custom name for them and you'll find that all of our components start with the prefix of mgt zomg – login actually this person and she – agenda etc so if I just open this in I'm not in the browser let me just open up in private mode but this side by side here I'm actually running a web server right now it's running on an extension I have for a visual studio code called browser I forgot what it is called doesn't matter I'm just running on localhost 3000 so you can see here with this MGT – login component we just have a sign-in button that I'm trying to click it but it doesn't really do anything yet but it does render as a sign-in button so one way that we've or the best way we found that to make this super easy for developers to get started and to kind of and authentication – this is we built these providers that a lot of developers to kind of specify how they want these components to authenticate and then use the max or graph the one point that you would use on the browser l suspect as the MSL provider this uses MS ljs in the background – 9 background but if implements I'm Sol Jas and kind of writes all the methods and everything these for all these components to work I said question of browser support so this right now works on any browser we provide polyfills that goes all the way down to ie 11 so you will be able to use this in any browser including edge by 11 Chrome Firefox we've been testing with all those in our and eye development so if I not that I've added the MSL provider here now this will give context to all the components to use this provider to authenticate and for the provider for the side of the client ID that I've generated through the azure portal and so now that I click sign-in it allows me to authenticate immediately tend to get here and there it is now signed in to ad and I'm using the up calling the Microsoft graph to kind of get the data immediately from the graph and now that we've authenticated we can start using some more components that we've had it so for example one of the most common components that we've created is the person component which just allows you to connect query a person from the graph and display their details so for example if I do a personal inquiry I have a test account on this tenant so I'm just gonna query for tests this will go directly to the graph and try to find the first person with the query test kind of displayed operation so you can see here on the side that it's found a person test like actually show their name and this will show their name I can also do things that show email also kind of customize it what I want to and they will customize customize that component so we've tried you cannot make it easy to customize and kind of play around yes laughs Sarah correct sorry that's the extension that I'm using his life server for vehicle to be able to serve Thank You Steven then we also have some other components such as let's see mgt tasks for example for examine do data source equals what you do and this works with Microsoft to do it goes to your mind to do tasks and dispose them out so I can complete them here I can switch between different folders in my tasks for Microsoft to do I can add new tasks etc since releases you do that or if I want to work with Microsoft planard tasks I can just remove the data source and this will go and fetch the Microsoft planner really really quickly and this allows me to go through all the different planners a half on my tenant and that's gonna have tasks on switch between buckets etc I kind of play around with this and at etc so for adding a to-do list on my site or my web part it's really really easy to do that with just a timesheet ass component and finally we have the agenda component with jaws you just pull in agenda events from the calendar can display them on there when they group them by they look and kind of just display all your agenda for them we're hoping to kind of spend this component to make it easier to use for things such as calendars so make a debut we you might view and that's something that's on the road map for us kind of kind of build-out for SharePoint yes only one to SharePoint framework just not just a second and then I just one last thing I want to show here before I do that is we've kind of started experimenting with things such as templating for example I can change the template of how I want this to look like if you don't want to use the default look and feel of these components we change them you can either use CSS and just provide you on CSS all right everything we've done or you can provide you on template for what you want things to look like so for example to provide an events template here I can change how each event is rendered so I can say and then the subject I can just putting different things here and then do a vendor things differently however I want it you cannot render and provide my own one template so kind of make it more extensible our goal has been to make it easy for developers to kind of use these and pick them up and kind of adjust to the way the developers are used to building components not to past developers to kind of build components a certain way that we want them to do so now speaking of SharePoint I showed you the ansel provider and as as Alex mentioned we also have a SharePoint provider so for example here I am in a blank new ship on what card build would reacts is using react I just did I did the human generator to generate a new SharePoint provider I've the NPM install on the package so the package here is installed it's Microsoft's /mg team based all from NPM directly and at this point I've also had to make sure that I'm using typescript 3 3 plus because the toolkit does require that 3 plus typescript so I'm not gonna using this I rushed a compiler 3.3 here to make sure that that works and then once I've done that work now I can start using the toolkit inside of the SharePoint web part so here in the the web part which I've imported the providers and the shipment provider from the Microsoft McGrath toolkit and then once the provider once the that web part is initialized I just set the global provider to a new SharePoint provider where I just passed the context and then the context has all the information I need to be able to kind of start calling the graph on behalf of the user and then inside of us the specific component all I've done is just added the agenda component in there and then this should just work out of the box I'm already actually of them gulp surface is already serving this component and when I go to my work this I can add this webpart demo and there it is it just loads the agenda just as it would on on side of the webpage so it's really easy to kind of start adding these including them inside of your web part or whatever frame where you kinda using or whatever language you're using I showed this with typescript and react works with I guess imagine angular works with view or anything else out there and it's all based on on all web components so that's that's pretty much it that's all I wanted to show I do want to make sure that you guys are aware of over a github repo if you have any questions or suggestions or comments we do encourage you to kind of make sure that go to our issues and just start submitting issues or if you have an idea of a component just put a suggestion of a component we should build on there if you is this one that's on someone suggested just make sure you above that or plus one that if you do want to contribute we also have many issues out there that we are open to the community to kind of contribute and we're trying to work with the communities we do everything in the open so all of our planning is done in projects on github so you kind of take a look at our roadmap and see what's coming up couple more new components that we're working on our people picker that it's been one of the most requested components as well as a person card so that way once you kind of hover or a person you can get more details about the person etc can never use that across components and then as well as making improving the agenda component to make it more of a calendar as well and kind of moving on to public components in terms of providers we're making a lot of improvements to the team's provider to make the team's provider work great on teams tabs as well as adding a new provider for office add-ins so you can use the same components office add-ins and if there's any places that we haven't thought of that these components might should work to leverage the graph I also please submit an issue and let us know what those but the framework should be um there's a question on localized labels they formats so we haven't done that work one of the because we're still in preview and the reason why is because we haven't figured out some of those things such as localization accessibility etc so we're one of the focuses before we can actually go to a 1-point know is trying to figure out how do we do localization how do we do accessibility and how do we make these components be very usable and you know make sure that they can be used by anybody so if you do have a suggestion how do we handle those things do please a lot of snow and please comment on our issues you're gonna figure that out and kind of help us out Thank You Nikolai so before you close and before you start sharing can you actually go to the config folder and open the package solution JSON files just to pinpoint that one from the SharePoint framework perspective because you still have obviously the centralized control the package solution package solution here so the permissions are still needed to be approved in the SharePoint Online context so this is basically the IT enterprise level governance with SharePoint framework is providing on top of the things so people don't have the web parts don't have immediately access on all of the permissions and api's of craf this additional layer of security correct yes you have to do before to access the APS you still have to do right now this is not magically gonna give you access to give you permissions to use those so to get this to work I have to package my packages webpart upload it to my SharePoint and approve those permission as an administrator in order for this demo I showed you to work so I kind of forgot to mention the core so thank you no worry son easiest saying mr. auth piece post that's shown in the web part yes that that was actually in the web part coach can you go back on the still management demo tsx sorry Nicola I'm just using you as the sorry was it gonna go the the web part the web part code still just pinpointing your way where we you provided the context and that was basically the whole thing what what happened yes the authentication to work just to recap that one so super simple to make things happen right yeah you just passed the context and then because we have this global Pro this provider interface it just essentially just takes that context and just knows how to talk to the graph once you've given those permissions if you're using different top of the template Asian we also provide interfaces that you can extend so you can make your own provider and just set the global provider to Jung personal provider and then will use your authentication so you you don't even have to use our providers if you don't want to you can just reuse your existing authentication you're gonna use that and you can if you go to our github you'll see the definition for our I provider interface and what your wires a really cool stuff awesome stuff and an obviously please everybody on the call keep feedback for Nicola related on what's needed what are the capabilities and the adjustments and the UI level configuration options and all of that so we get he will get the backlog filled up right Nicola I think you have a lot of stuff on the backlog already but obviously the feedback from the community is super critical that we're addressing what is actually needed not what we think what is needed yeah exactly you don't want to go there bonding can just build things that we think people need they'll be it'll be amazing you can get the actual real feedback this is what we actually want and this is how we should paradise things and that will help us absolutely or some stuff Thank You Nicholas lights thank you thank you we'll definitely follow up on on this journey as well so we'll probably schedule a new one then in the autumn timeframe I'm gonna be when there's some more variations and functionalities available because I think it's highly beneficial to recap these things as well because it's up like this always the same people in this course but thank you for that one now let me move forward to the next section we still have 14 minutes and what we wanted to have is a chat let's see for our video screens are actually working on this one but AC is gonna call Android kernel from boitano's and then me and we wanted to kind of a see if there's any one specific topics which people want to know about on the SharePoint framework and also have an open discussion on the status and where we are investing on the SharePoint framework and nowadays so let's actually flip let's see a see how this actually works or is it working properly or not so let me flip my video on and okay most likely we will be I'm sorry quite small on the on the screen so can you hear me yes I can hear you you're almost whispering can you see me okay now I can see yes well I can see you guys well yeah oh we coordinated yeah almost the same color so I said that probably I do have one of those as well but yeah that would have been cheesy sir no appreciate the support [Laughter] some people can apparently we are the small persons and small people on on the area so some people can we move to the themes this will be more easier but we wanted to test this a slightly different experience with this monthly community core and AC is having a cough so you have a small flu so he'll kill unmuted every now and then as needed yes I will do my best so represent the engineering team who was responsible of his pfx and and there's always a lot of people behind of the that team under SPF X implementation what's really the your feelings related on the latest announcements and SBC and before SBC what's the the where where do you actually say the most inch rusts and the interesting scenarios what we have been releasing I like you know I think that for the longest time you guys had done you guys keep adding a lot of stuff to the SharePoint framework versus it's been nice to see the caters the updates but I think the thing that really moved the needle for a lot of people at least when people I talked to at the sharepoint conference and it moved the needle for me as well is the support that you added just recently that went GA for building custom tabs with a sharepoint framework web port in Microsoft teams and also being able to do what everybody else is calling single page apps what you guys call full page app pages which is really more descriptive of what's going on but what's so cool about it to me is that both of those capabilities are added by you I know you say it one way you say adding a single manifest change when I like to say a different way because it really does minimize go Gators good job Phillip is that the the the thing that I really like the way I like to describe it is that you're just adding another property inside of an array that's all you're doing and so being able to take everything you've already done with the SharePoint framework and make it an app or make it something that lives inside of a custom tab I mean it that that immediately unblocked a couple things that I was looking at and frankly what I said this and I know that I might be like the last person that's migrated over the teams but I said this and had a bunch of people can treat the SharePoint conference that said the same thing that this was the one thing that caused their organization to start doing stuff inside teams because they said we don't have to learn some new you know development model we don't figure out how to do stuff in ten teams we can use stuff we've already doing with SharePoint and thought it just works so I mean those are two they're very small things as did it was a big deal for you guys to do but from my point of view as a consumer of it or as a user of the SharePoint framework just being able to provide two properties inside of an array and honestly we're moving another one that says it's no longer we can use as a web part this is a full-blown app those things have been huge yeah it's just you just were able to finalize the the comment before the coughing thing but yes I I do agree on that one and I think the the much-loved themes obviously bunch of themes is a huge thing for Microsoft and we're betting on Microsoft games heavily in many many areas and now those people we we seen the adaption curve for SharePoint framework it is absolutely insane nobody have never thought that the adoption would go this well and then obviously Microsoft themes it's it's a logical way of extending the use case of actually using the same same implementation in Mac systems then the beauty like sent you don't have to re-implement anything you can add additional context be aware or that you're in teams and be aware of things but you don't actually have to do that either so that's a big thing and obviously then the second dimension on that one is that if you were used to implement Microsoft aims tabs using the this in quotes old model if I'm allowed to call it an old model for Microsoft a nice web application in that case you were forced to actually create as your web application Microsoft graph configurations for that debate application and there are show configurations everything else and governance for that web application now with the SharePoint framework you don't have to worry about that it's all taken care of so I think yeah the other thing too that I think was been has been really nice to see and I mean this is gonna this may come across to everybody's on the call as me kind of like kissing up to Microsoft but it's not meant as that but it's been really refreshing to see how you guys react to how the engineering team reacts to feedback and like specifically calling out things where we had been complaining about it for probably a good solid 12 months but now we are no longer tied to a specific version of typescript we can use a version of typescript that we want to use we are no longer tied to a specific version of react or a specific version of fabric react we can take advantage of you know we have more control over what we want to be able to do there and I think that that stuff is like just seeing that direct that you guys addressed that probably 10% maybe 15% of the SharePoint framework developers gonna take advantage that but that just shows I'm getting there again but I even in even in Nikolas case he would have not have been able to do that unless we would have supported library poetry that was the whole point and and and obviously some maybe some community members are not happy about that it took a while to actually get to tree poetry support and and Oster this level but but we needed to actually really think that this is a future proven model and we're able to support typescript two point seven still in five years in the shipment online because we actually promised backward compatibility and SharePoint Online which will be a massive burden for us but but pay it's an enterprise platform we need to be able to do that because already today you can execute SharePoint framework 1.0 versions in SharePoint Online and they should work if they don't it's a bug so yeah it's it's an yeah so anyway the school it's great therefore getting there we are and then the reacts 16-point everybody wants to have 16.8 or whatever versions or whether they're the latest and Clair credits that's coming up quite soon with with the new versions that's always the challenge of running behind of the versions right because always that the next one is to call us whenever yeah it's I mean it's tough because you you live inside of I think a lot of people that come to the SharePoint framework they have to understand the why people don't that are new to it but they have to understand that you're working within a framework and you're not the only one that's working in the framework there you're working in a framework that is also hosted by a product or by a service and so you guys have certain things are going to be on the page and I you know I think that you know a lot of the developers that when you sit down you talk to them like going to use the latest and greatest version of react like okay and I get that react is not that big but think about how many versions of react you really want on the page if you want you know different libraries think about the page wait I mean there's there's always you know what can you do but does it make sense to do it think about the impact of this runs great on my machine but then you roll it out in production and it's like yeah so I mean there's a lot of stuff and like my season I just posted so Valley Comanche at Italy yeah yeah I mean I totally agree I mean there's stuff that there's stuff this great version of I've reacted agreed I would love to use it and I am using it in some of my stuff but it's still you just mean we're not gonna be able to using if you own the entire experience then you can always make all the decisions you want if you're gonna live inside of somebody else's experience then there are some compromises you have to make I like that you guys have made it have made progress over the last few months to where we you've decoupled a lot of those things that we were handcuffed by in the past so it's nice to see although there is some low-hanging fruit that I still want to see yeah room for improvement and that's we're improving ist's so one step at a time to the right direction so I think that's that's one of the big things what we would talk about actually in the community course as well and we talked about in SBC is that we're moving to this one monthly release cycle and monthly release cadence technically we're looking into doing is it second Tuesday of every single month getting release out but it might be difficult it takes time that we actually get there and but that will help yeah that's Tuesday thank you but basically that keeps us to get ability on then on making sure that that's actually today by the way Victor today's Tuesday unless I'm completely mistaken so we work then we are in this cycle where we are able to UM create the versions faster right now we can't actually provide a certain updated versions until the auditable capabilities are running to the latest version and the third-party cannot use a newer version than the out-of-the-box first pod experience but so that that's kind of the limiting factor now I can guarantee that sixteen points eight or I shouldn't be probably saying this at all I'm not going to current anything because somewhere it's gonna hang me on that but with 1.9 I think we should be getting the hooks the place right at the react 16.8 plate and then the hooks will be there as well if I remember correctly it's already in 1.9 which is coming relative so hmm that's cool that's good here but it's the classic challenge of of because it's a good thing that the first part is using SharePoint framework because now every single third-party developer get access on the exact same tooling but it's actually also kind of a limiting factor in these things but I think that's only for the really the it I don't think there's that many people who are on the edge of the of the what there's not any of you think about there's not much stuff really that again this kind of sounds like I'm kissing up to you but there's really not a whole lot of stuff that you that you really are like we are we do depend on you guys for in terms like with the SharePoint framework I mean if it's you know there's office UI fabric there's the version of react that you guys do or have support the version of typescript that you guys do support because I mean well it is you can use anything you want there is a caveat to that and it is what the rush stack compiler can do but there's not really a ton of things though in terms like stuff in there stuff in the dev experience there's stuff in the production experience like dev you know web pack for yes I know you've talked about it we won't let that for but it's still there's not a lot of stuff that we're really being held back by we can still do just about anything that we want if I want to use the latest version of as your app insights there's nothing that's SharePoint framework II blocked me from doing if I want to use the latest version of angular I can totally do that it's that's a different there's nothing about the SharePoint framework that makes that hard where that blocks you from doing that so that kind stuff is cool I I guess some of the things I would I'm curious to see where you guys go with it it is like is you know what's next what's the next big you know what's your next big push and I you know I've got I know you know we've talked offline I've got yeah I've given I'll give him like result my feedback is a lot of other people can feedback you know what do we want to see yeah so well so we are about over everyone out of time so sorry no just getting home so the fun customization by the way and please give votes on the other user votes and that on a super interesting capability now obviously the like said the number one thing is more reliability and then making sure that we are up to date on the versioning disconnected versioning everything else and then what is the really the big next thing we'll see we can't actually I can't promise anything right now and of course we don't want to communicate something which we can't deliver but we shown the fluent framework at some point as well extending SharePoint framework to other areas as well office Adan's that's an interesting direction as well for SharePoint framework renaming Danish upon framework to something else because building office add-ins and Microsoft teams tabs using SharePoint framework doesn't really sound good Chevonne spaces yeah that's a that's a completely valid option as well potentially as well because SharePoint spaces is actually being developed using chip and framework so I can give you my ask you can different in the kiosk and then we need to go back on the slides and close up the call what is the the ace is number one from a sea towards Microsoft's relator I don't share one framework – oh here we go – mine is not new mine is I would like to see things more like stuff that's already been delivered I would like to see things be more rounded out and finished like for example when we talk about extensions I would like to see field customizers give us the edit ability on the edit pages the view the the read-only things our field customizers I'd like that not just being the list I'd like to see that on the detail pages as well and on the property pane on the side I'd like to see that globally across and inside the web parts and it's really just for finishing the promise of this of some that's one of them but finishing the promise of things that you guys have delivered where it feels like they haven't been finished that's it yeah we'll do it again that's definitely and that's we are aware of this and that's actually one of the main reasons why we're heading that this monthly release cycle so we're able to actually start allocating more specific resource allocations and half of the resourcing I can say if it's half and half but will be then on the new stuff and we'll be more on maintenance people want to get it more polished more more reliable and more finished in many areas as well so it is a complicated task because some of the some of the things are not I will represent the developer platform team and some of the things are not actually in our control and that's much of the internal logistics how things work so it's not a simple thing because it's not just up to us and whenever there's multiple teams involved it gets complicated but that's realities of of developments in general and we have Microsoft I think we should be able to figure it out so I was just trying to get a hundred people to pile on and to you know we got massive number so and I would love to do a mic drop as these people are putting in the comments but I can't really do that with I'm not doing that with this one so just excellent so let's actually close up for the day we have a few minutes on top of the hour please let us know what you talked about and was that was it a good idea to have this kind of an open discussion in and now we didn't have a Q&A it's basically a on the on the monthly call but this was more on having a discussion with ASD around the topics as well please give us feedback on that one at the next shape on developer general community or is this already this Thursday we will have checks talking about the power-ups and flow integration we'll have Chris doing his for horses demos will actually call them formatting and release formatting removes and we'll have AC actually showing some of our processes as well so that's coming up on this church day in the next actually the last chip on framework community code before the summer break is coming then on 25th of June and then we'll pray cup for July and we'll be back in business starting from August and we do understand not an optimal situation but we need to prioritize family things as well so we're going to skip Q&A and AKMs SP PMP is too onerous to remember from there you can find an updated updated links you can find the existing links to the community calls answering on Mike's comment there akms SP PMP there's an information around AC files and downloads and links around the existing community calls and then those will be up after they will expire by end of this month they will be updated on early June July for the August forward so thank you very much thank you Irvin for the demo Thank You AZ for the great chant thank you Nicola for great chat as well please give us give the feedback coming your input really truly influences what we do in SharePoint engineering and in Microsoft traces of engineering in general please please keep the paper coming thank you everybody will be definitely in touch bye bye

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