Shakira Martin | NEC Accountability Video (November 2017)

Hello everyone, its Shakira Martin here your
National President. Live on the flybe Aircraft 17,000 feet travelling from Belfast to Scotland. I did say I’ll be from nation to nation
but I want to give you a brief update about what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks. Black History Month was fantastic with many events happening
across the country but I’m really proud to say that I attended and spoke at City
University, So and Sunderland and Angela Ruskin. Talking about my journey and
into the student movement as the first Black President of NUS. I gave
evidence to the House of Lords on the Economics Select Committee talking about
the importance of bringing back maintenance grants students need money to
live. They can’t study, if they can’t afford to live and I was really happy to
champion that. As part of our work and what we do with
our sponser Ainsley I attended Ainsley Board meeting and I was really good
but also went and I visited Gloucestershire University and college and I’m really
excited about their evidence that they are going to submit to the select committee. We had our Zone Conference in October where I gave my keynote
speech about the vision of NUS for the next year ahead and the plans for
all the VP officers but I was especially excited about doing parents and
caring session, where we had a packed full room, learning about the experience of students in education, not in education and the
barriers are student parents face as well as having the first Holocaust
survivor speaking at our event. The first in NUS’ history.
I also had the privilege of visiting Hull. The Student Union that disaffiliated and I am really proud to say that they’re still in communication with us and I had
opportunity to show them what the Shakira is all about and also attended our Race Equity training because you know leaders we practiced as black leaders we want to go
on and it’s really important that everybody across our organisation to get
this training, to make sure that we eliminate any form of discrimination, and
unconscious bias that we have, as leaders of the student movement. I’m really proud
to say that I attended Liverpool guild leadership event by Janet Beer she is
actually the President of UUK and the Vice Chancellor the Liverpool Guild who
I gave my vision for the year ahead and spoke about the importance of tackling
the Black Attainment Gap. We also, myself and Amatey had to meet
with Nicola Dandridge and Michael Barber, ensuring that students are at the
forefront of the officer students and I’m really looking forward to getting to
know whether I got on the board. Lastly I attended the Cardiff the National Society weekend, that was great we sent a 150 letters to Ministers and MP’s across the country about transport,
apprentices need better transport and need better pay to be able to fund their
transport, for them to be able to travel. Money should not be a barrier to people
people to be able to succeed. Yeah so I’ve got so much more to say but not enough time so please feel free to ask me questions. I’m sure you will!
Thank you for your time and I look forward to answering your questions
“Property of Noone”

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