SGAG Cast Members Play The Singaporean Dream Part 2

HAALLOOO! HAALLOOO! You giving her a dream?! YOU GIVING HER A DREAM?!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Hi guys! Today we’ll be playing Today we’ll be playing with the… drum roll please guys! The… SINGAPOREAN DREAM
EXPANSION PACK! So y’all must be excited to know what’s inside right? Actually I already played before so I know… Didn’t I design the cards
with you, Nadia? K nevermind, nevermind. Anyway, I’ll still talk
about it. So there are 3 new
Personalities. We have the… Insurance agent, The Hawker, and The Air Stewardess! Okay and we have
20 new action cards! None of us did that by the way. Ya, disclamer. And 8 new dream cards! I know which one- I know which one is
Chiou’s favourite card. I have a favourite? BUBBLE TEA! She drinks bubble tea everyday. Everyday. Okay so now I’m going to
give out the Personalities. I only have 5 here
because I put in 3 new ones and
2 from the old one. But actually you can play
up to 9 players! Good right? Okay okay, come come Sean! Choose one! x2 Okay Fauzi, what do you get? Maybe this is karma because… I got NSF because I was a Sergeant back in Tekong. So this is for you guys,
Recruits. As fate has it, the one with
the best figure and face got this! Air stewardess! Excuse me! Can you imagine Chiou walking down the aisle. COFFEE TEA!! COFFE OR TEA?! EXCUSE ME AH! You never see my tray is it?! I am the Influencer! I am the Insurance agent! Ah girl, ah boy want to buy insurance or not? Can one, get the insurance! Good for you! Who are you? Okay! x3 Next! x2 I am the Hooker! Means I’m the richest! Okay so Sean was the last to go to the toilet. Sooo…sadly he will
start first. Sean, did you wash your hands? *now you know sean’s disgusting* I don’t want to take his cards! *seriously sean OMG* AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Okay, let’s do this! Okay, let’s do this! Uncle, let’s go uncle! K, I will end my turn. You know it’s like you go to
hawker, and then you line up then ahh finish already. K, I feel like my chances of
winning are very high. So, everybody in the office
knows that Nadia is super competitive. Like… If she’s in any game, she will win that game. She must win that game lah. Okay… I will put money first. This is a new card. It’s called… Fake IC. Use target player’s personality special power once. So… I wanna use… Oh sh*t, I should use my
ability. Hawker! x2 Since he didn’t use. What’s your Hawker’s ability? The Hawker’s ability, is to draw the top 3 cards, and keep 1. Many people might think ”Oh, I get to keep one
extra card. That’s pretty good.” But, the real power of the Hakwer is the ability, the knowledge, that you know what’s the next person will be
receiving. So in essence, you are controlling the next turn of the match. I’ll draw 3 cards. This is why… the freaking expansion is
so scary. That’s right! I will take one. And then I keep this here. I put back right? Okay, then I have one more move. Right? I will buy. I have no choice! A NSF just marry a pilot! All other players with “Gahmen say cannot” have to
own up and show the card. I don’t have. Fauzi got. Let’s touch tips. I know the expansion pack inside out and no one else really knows it… Very well besides me- Um… Unless… You count Sean. But Sean is just not very good at playing TSD. CHOPE! Last player to put
their hand! Eh wait, I put on
the table right? Put on the card. Oh… Okay so… This card Chope, last player to put their hand on the card, discard one card from your hand. You choose! x2 Play mahjong. Gonna discard this card. Why you delete it? Ahh delete? Okay second… I put money down. How much?! Must show! So kaypoh everybody. I love she hide with the $400K. She hide it like this. Don’t see anymore! Okay next! Okay, the last one I want to use my special power. What is it? Chiou! Can buy me a dream? Wah, lucky I got $100k. Take a selfie with Singaporean Dream then choose a player to
buy you a dream. That’s my special power. Nadia always target me one leh. My biggest competitor in this round is Chiou Huey. The first video I “Sang Nila Utama”-ed her And she was not very happy
about it. She was screaming! She threw her dreams at me! Why she always target me ah? You must make it delectable. No, client say fail. Do again. Delectable. Eh you not the client! How many times you want to take picture? Yes okay better. What dream you want? The top one! You also don’t drive! Breakdown ERP. ERP breakdown. NO! x(lost count) I’m not gonna drive you anymore. I put money down first. How much? Wah seyy… Must you flip my card like that? Can- Then she- Oh… All players have to expose their- Don’t need! x2 It’s not part of the rules. Win liao lor. She created the game. She make the rule lor. She create one mah. This game she create you don’t know meh? Her name- Middle name is SGAG. Nadia “SGAG” Ongkowidjaja. Can I see your cards? ‘Cause I wanna use my power. Is peak at target player’s uhh… Pile and then I use swap 1 card. Nadia actually thinks that this gonna be a fair game. Actually…Me, Chiou, Fauzi
and Mark have actually planned to go against Nadia to make sure that she doesn’t win. Technically… I’m not a very competitive
person but, I just wanna see Nadia
lose one time. Just once. We just thought that you know it’ll be fun if the 4
of us can like you know, be allies. And try help each other. AND… Not let Nadia win for once! And we’re gonna make her lose. Just ‘cause you’re insurance agent then you can- You got a lot of money to buy then you must show off? Why? Good Western what? You “mmmmm” you got
so many cards on your hands. Minister of Parliament. What rule should I make? Nadia thinks she’s so good. ”Oh, I’m the creator of TSD I should know the game best.” Hallo! I created the deck
with her as well. I am gonna prove to her that I’m equally as- No. I am better than her
at this game! Everytime before you start your turn, you have to say “Sean does not suck.” WHAAAT THEEE…. Sean does not suck what? You know what? It appears that I made a mistake. You cannot change! I’m going to play
the recycling bin. Which allows- Which allows me to reuse any card from the action pile. I’m gonna reuse the Minister of Parliament card. You just wasted a card! OMG, you’re so lame! So, everytime before the start of your turn you have to say ”Sean is the best player ever.” *Diva snap* I am going to play… Tio Saman! Target player pays me $200k for illegal parking. Nad! Pay me $200k. You use your “Gahmen say cannot” already. Who say I don’t have another one? I reflect action! Say people say yourself! Give me $200k. I’m going to be petty about this. I’m gonna “Gahmen say cannot” What a waste of his good cards! This is why- GIVE ME THE MONEY! You don’t win! Fine! Thank you so much. Your turn. I wanna scream right now because HE’S NOT THINKING! Unbeknownst to Chiou and Fauzi, Mark and I have actually planned to betray them as well. In Malay we called this “Sambil menyelam, minum air.” *sorry, don’t know Mandarin
teehee* It means to kill 2 birds
with one stone. And then it will come down to me and Mark. Smart right?! What can go wrong? Uh, Sean is the best player on Earth. No, that’s not line. ”Ever” Sean is the best player ever Whatever, he’s still smiling! I will buy… Half a mill. Oh is- For one influencer. Omg, it’s your card. *crying inside* Awkward! NSF blur lah. Gain $400k from discard pile. 7pm – 7am yay can eat already gain one dream. I gain $400k from the discard pile. You mean the card that I LOST TO YOU?! Then I had to buy you a dream? Pick one cash card from the discard pile. Lai liao! x2 This stewardess! The more cash you have that’s unspend, the influencer can do
more things to you. At the end of this day you see her IG story just PAB x(more than 20) Skip x(more than 10) Sean, buy me dream! You didn’t say the thing before you started your turn. OHHHHHHHH… So that means? Sean is- Sean is controlling this game
right now. We have to do something. Okay so, 2 is the influencer thing. 3 is I abolish your rule. OOF! Thank you! I don’t have to say that
ratchet line. Very hard to win Nadia leh. Nadia like damn experience. She plays everyday lor. She’s very competitive. So I tell you, y’all better know where y’all suppose to do your shirt. In the toilet. Gonna use the “Big Mouth” card. Players with the
“Sang Nila Utama” & ”Sir Stamford Raffles”
own up right now. OMG NADIA HAS!! Thanks! x6 OMG!! That’s why I couldn’t let you swap with me just now. Do what you want with this information. COE price increase. Target player pays an extra $200k to buy the next dream. Nadia is for you. I never do anything to you Fauzi! He also! And he got more money than me! He has 2 dreams! Okay “Ai Stead Mai”! I’m gonna pair Nadia with our resident pervert, Sean! I’m not resident pervert! Give me your hand, now! OMG, her grip is very strong! Is the “Taxpayers’ money”. Boom boom BOOOOM! All other players lose 2 cash card to the action pile and shuffle it. Okay, cut queue! Cut queue to my turn again okay. So she got extra turn. So take 2 cards. I’m gonna put down all my cash cards. Put so much cash for what?! Buy dreams. My turn? Can see Nadia’s face. Why you put down so much money, Chiou?! WAITLAH! It seems like the plan was
falling apart. Especially when Chiou put down her whole stack of money. Scared me to bits. ’Cause Nadia got the
influencer card. You do not put money down, so that the influencer has more chance to go and
buy things right? Some more you
dabudabu-E one leh! You just smackdown only ah! Buy me a dream. Quick! Eh not enough! Cannot! You must pay $200k more. Nooo! That’s if I buy my own! Really meh? Ya, I’m asking him to buy. Ah k. Very good. That’s my first- my first action. My second action, is this card, “Lazy Susan”. All players pass all their cash in bank to the left. So Chiou just put down $1.7 million I was like… That’s a lot of money and I had no money. And I had dreams! So I had like… 3 dreams?! And I wanted to protect them. So my only best bet was to just play that card, and just take all her money. So I can protect myself. When she took my $1.7 million, I…was not really worried lah. I mean I can lose $1.7 million here, she can take it. But the next moment, I will draw 2 cards that can reverse this action or I can take other stuff from her. The last one! What’s this? I swap a card! Mark, give me your hand! Nooo! She’s gonna win! What the… That’s why I tell y’all, Y’all not playing properly leh. Then they started giving money then after that here buy there here buy there. Nobody go and stop her. Everybody keep their hand inside. Should be attacking her! ATTACK HER! You know what I want. Give it to me. NOOO! Why is Mark so angry? Really I cannot! I think I just made the wrong move. *Mark is so pissed off,
I can’t translate* She cannot buy her own dream, but if you put less than $200k, inside the bank and maintain it that way right… She cannot do anything! Can I use my card? I got “Got queue just queue”. After this I can right? After this I can take her card hor? Yayy! I should have taken my money
back eh but, haiyo. There’s this card called ”Got queue just queue” which Chiou had. But don’t know whether she knew the full potential of this card. Sorry, you have to say it out. The “Sang Nila Utama”, no? Okay nah! I exchange with you. Nadia has a lot of good cards! Should I use this card or not? Don’t use card, okay. Mark! Mark! He say don’t use ah! I listen to him. Your thumb is black now. Eh don’t use ah? I didn’t tell you anything. *beep* He just told me do not use. Should I use or don’t use?! I know already! I know already! I figured it out! They just keep sabo-ing me the whole time! ”Ai stead mai” me with Sean. And then… They put the… COE thing. I got a feeling 4 of them are trying to take me down. Okay, Sean I give you
a chance to do some good. “Kampung Spirit” both of you link. Who? You and her. Why would you link me and her together? OH. MY. GOD. Anyways it’s for one round. I don’t know if its because Chiou doesn’t follow instructions or because Mark is too dense. Simple card, “Kampung Spirit”. You have nothing, Nadia has everything. What you do? Kena attack! Just attack me! So Nadia can lose
everything in that one turn! Is just one turn! You just need to tahan one turn. Play until hot already Angry already. Take off your jacket! I’m so bad at this game eh. I got the virus from Fauzi. But I’m so calm now. He teach me to be bad at games. WHAT THE HELL! I’m going to play one of the new cards. ”Fengshui Master”. Swap your hand with
someone else’s Take it, take it! I know what’s secret plan
y’all had. No no! It’s not cash! Hand! x2 (M: You’re link with her, if you swap,
you kena swap back.) Oh! Then we swap back! Thank you! That’s bull *beep* That’s bull *beep* So whatever happens to you, you swap with me, I get to swap with someone else. Who the *silent* play this stupid *beep* *beep* We’re messing this up! It’s not suppose to go this way! Somehow, Chiou managed to give- She manged to give Nadia ALL HER MONEY! That’s not bad enough! I actually had a plan to steal everything from her. But, Mark had to go and ”Kampung Spirit” us both together. How am I going to attack Nadia, if we are link together? I’m going to play this, how I wanna play this. Just shut up Mark! You played this stupid card. Screw you! If you think properly why I played that card! Gonna use my ability now!! I’m not listening to you
anymore, Mark! I’m going to play “Social Media
Expose”. Mark *beep* Expose your hand to
the whole table. I had a plan! I’m going to play the “Taf Club” card! Do 10 jumping jacks! Fine! Okay, because we are linked right, if we both do the
10 jumping jacks we both get a dream by the way. Why would you do that?! Sean, why would you do that?! Sean, you giving her- You giving her a dream! YOU GIVING HER A DREAM! “China Wine” collect $100k from all players to fund your pop star career. NOW! x2 Give me money now! $100k. Eh no, she must do it herself! Sean, can you yank it off?! No money I pass you a dream. Really? OMG. That means I get a dream? Fauzi is winning you see all of you cannot win then he’s winning. Target player kena scam! Swap your entire bank with target player. I mean, you got your money back! Don’t have! Go and take! Oh noooo! Look who’s bank got scam, again?! Nadia, very messy your hair. Help you tie. “Reset Singpass” Chiou reset all your cards! I knew that Chiou had the “Just queue got queue”
card ‘cause she wanted to use it
but don’t want to use it x2 So I knew she had that card. So my first… The first thing I had to do was try and make her discard that card which I had the “Reset Singpass” card. So I make her reset all her cards Eventhough she got back
5 new cards instead of just the 3
that she had. At least I knew that thing
was gone! Then I realized… I want to swap cards. Swap! Take it! I don’t wanna take anymore. I helped her tie her hair. I swap ah? Ya, just take it. That Mark had the Insurance agent’s super power So he can just take it away
from me. So then I’ll just like “Ohh damn,
I really cannot do much.” I want to swap cards with Fauzi! HAALLO!! HALLOOOO!! Transaction over the border. Mark, decided to look at my cards. Then I was like ”Wah jialat, he’s gonna take my Lee Family card.” I swap with you ah! Can, just take whatever. It came back… It came back with
“Sang Nila Utama”. Fauzi, he had the
“Lee Family” card. He was very close to Nadia. As in like in terms of assets. What’s the next plan? Make sure Nadia don’t win! My first move is called… “SAF Hotline” all players cannot use any action against me. Until my next turn. Wah sey! He confirm win! My last move I will just
end the game and end everyone’s misery! Is there any “Lee Family” or “Sang Nila Utama”? He’s really Starlord. Am I Starlord? Why am I Starlord? Why am I Starlord? How do I know what cards
you have in your hand? ’Cause I was secretly
passing this to him. HOW WOULD I KNOW?! You have to trust us. You backstabbed me! You betrayed me! I was super shocked when
I found out that Sean and Mark were teaming against each other. No wonder Mark was so angry the whole time! And Sean… I’m never ever gonna be ally
with you. ‘Cause you’re such a disappointment! They… were all wrong! I was the victim here! This is what happens. When things don’t go your way, you start blaming other people and this is what they’re doing. They’re going through the stages of grieve. They’re in denial. You know what I’m saying? *honestly I’ve no idea* They are denying the fact that they messed up. I went according to plan. They did not. And because they messed up, they are all blaming me. I am a scapegoat. I’m the martyr. %#%!!**%!!! %%[email protected] They plan was to target Nadia the entire time. BUT NOOO! Chiou decided to target me with the “Ai stead mai”. Mark decided to link us together and Fauzi was off doing whatever he made no impact whatsoever. So… What plan was that? I was the one that was betrayed by everyone. I stuck to plan, they did not stick to plan. Let me get this straight here. To all our viewers watching this. I was the victim here. They were the one that screwed everything up! NOT ME! I challenge all of them to a rematch. To a clean rematch. I guarantee you I’m gonna beat all of them! Even if they gang up on me! That is a promise.

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  1. My gosh sean so extra,, 😂 lmao but marks strategy damn good,, hope there will be more episodes of them playing with different cast

  2. Haha Nubbad TV always makes my day, even if its night.(Like literally in going to smile in my sleep.) "Nadia is super competitive. If she's in a game. She will win, she MUST win". -Chiou

    Me: You guys not competitive mEh?

  3. i still dont get how mark can use his insurance agent skill twice in one turn, creators of the game but forget the rules.

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    Me : Nadia ( best among all)

    I feel sad for Nadia 😂. Let's just start WW3

  5. Sean/Shawn did you ever think that you were the one that screwed up ? Not the others ? In my opinion, I think they did a good game.

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    Pls choose the best players and let us enjoy a competitive match 🙂

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    I mean dont get me wrong, the game is fun but that is a number of broken cards in it.

  10. Sean is the equivelent of the teamate who has shit aim and cant hit anything but blames his team for losing.

  11. You can get out of sang nila Utama by tachi or siam Insurance Agent.taichi is redirect not reflect. Siam is escape,not stop

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