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Hey guys Danielle here. I thought I’d take a quick moment today to give you a bit of a sneak peek behind the scenes in the SFM Member Dashboard. As this is where you’re going to access your training your coaching the modules on whatever type of business it is that you’re wanting to build. Even if you’re not sure what that is yet. There’s a process that we take you through as part of the training to help you get clear and identify what that might be for you. So it could be using SFM’s own turn-key business system, it could be becoming an affiliate marketer for something that you’re interested in some niche that is totally in alignment with who you are and what your interests are. It could be selling physical products. Learning how to import those products from say China or anywhere in the world, how to get them branded, how to then, sell them on Amazon or Ebay or Etsy or your own website on Shopify. There’s training for that. Or whether it is Creating and selling your own digital products. Ebooks or Ecourses or Anything that you have a passion for or maybe you already have qualifications for and you want to create your own digital products and be able to market them out in the world. It’s all here inside this dashboard. So let’s get started. We can see that I’m logged in it’s my dashboard at the moment and Here are the getting started module so when you first come in. Once you’ve submitted your application there’s a few things that we want you to do to get started. Meet your consultant. Now, my consultant is Daniel yours maybe somebody else But straight away I can see here that I can watch a three-minute video about Daniel and find out how he is able to help me in this beginning phase of my journey. We do encourage you to reach out and make as much use of having Daniel or whoever is your System Consultant right in the beginning phases. Ask all those scary hairy questions that you might have at this point in your journey You can do that by booking a consultation on his online calendar. It’s totally free and you can book in a time that’s suitable for you and then he’ll give you a phone call at that time. You can ask your questions or he can walk you through and ask you a series of questions that are going to help you to start understanding what it is that you might want to be building with this education and how this can help you. If you prefer you can also send them a message by email. Asking questions that way so it’s totally up to you. Next you’ll have a referral partner, that will be me down here. You’ll probably see a picture of me and I want you to know that at any time you can respond to an email from me. And also book in a consultation with me at any point in your journey. I’m here to help support you live one-on-one as well as in group calls, so please know that but I’m going to create another video all about that shortly. So there’s your immediate support. Also you have this support button down here This is SFM’s support team. so it’s always going to be hovering in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and let’s say I wanted to start a new conversation. Right. Now we have Chloe Daniel and Siva who are available usually depending on how busy they are. It can be up to a couple of hours and you’ll get a response to your question. This is also handy if say and look I’m really pre type it in. “Thanks so much for the opportunity”. So let’s say whether you came on as an introductory offer… That’s the $29.95 or whether you came on as an SFM Essential Member right from the beginning which is your $297. Both of those I’ll show you what you get for each of those in the membership options shortly, but both of those attract a 30-day money-back guarantee and so at any point within 30 days you might decide that it isn’t for you or you know, it’s not right for you at this point in time. Whatever it might be you just send them a quick message and say hey, look I’ve had a look around. Thanks so much Could I please cancel my membership/? And what these guys will do without any questions asked is go ahead and process your refund. Without any fuss for you, so that it’s as simple and easy for you as possible to cancel. We don’t want to make it hard We don’t want you in here if it’s not something that you want to be doing and you’re not 100% committed to building your online business right now. So With all that aside let’s get into what you get for your membership, regardless of what type of membership you’ve jumped on with you’re going to have a free ebook. It looks like this, it’s called Attraction Marketing – Strategies of the New Rich. So what I suggest you do as soon as you come in here once you’ve booked your call with your System Consultant Is come in here and download this. There is a bit about what it actually is and it’s all about how to market online. And how to not “sell things” but how to use attraction marketing to make sure that your products and services are getting out in front of the right people in a way that your audience can hear you and resonate with you and “want” to come to you in future when they’re wanting to buy things. So it’s how you’re able to do that without shoving products down people’s throats that just don’t want to hear the message. So, So what it is, it is a hundred and sixty-eight page ebook. And you can download the audio to that ebook as well. You get it free, even if at the you know at the end of the 30-day trial that you’re on now. Even if that you decide not to go ahead this is yours to keep you don’t have to return it. So what I recommend you do is jump straight in here and download the audio and the PDF so you have them maybe have a listen to Jay. Here and you can find out a bit more about it. I wouldn’t start reading or watching this straight away because you know, it’s yours now. You can do that whenever you want. What I would start doing is start by jumping into your modules immediately so that you can start getting as much information as possible and having a really good look around while you have this 30 days up your sleeve. That’s the first thing I would do or the second thing. I would do after booking like my consultant call. The third thing I would do just before I start the modules is to come into this About The SFM. You’re going to have Stuart Ross here, so Stuart Ross and Jay Kubasek. They are the founders of SFM. And Stuart is going to be having a bit of a different conversation to what he’s been having with you throughout the free video series that you received. Because you’re in the dashboard now, you’re ready to actually start taking some action on building this business for yourself I would recommend having a quick listen this to it’s only 11 minutes long And before you get started with the training modules watch this video first It’s just under 40 minutes. It is with Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese and it’s going to really frame the journey that you’re about to embark on with SFM It is well worth the 40 minutes to invest and watch this. Now once you’ve watched this ‘start your journey’ will basically take you to your modules. But I’m going to show you how to get to your modules this way. So here we have we have five modules. They are these same so if I go back to my home. These are the getting started module so you can start them from here and you can see we have module one is Program Preparation and it’s going to give you a progress bar to let you know how far along you are through them. In Program Preparation, you’re going to have access to that as part of your 30-day Introductory Access that’s the $29.95 if that’s what you’ve come on you’ll have program 1 preparation. If you’ve come on with your SFM Membership at $297 dollars you get access to all of those first five modules. And I’m going to show you what else you get access to as well as part of that. So let’s jump into we’ll go this way. Program preparation. So for those of you on the $29.95 You can see here each one of these modules has a bunch of units down the side here. Introduction, Online Selling System, Advertising Online, Websites, List Building, Providing Value, Products and Promotions, Why High Ticket, and then Your Next Step. So each of those has some downloads and it has a video. So let’s, for instance, go into Online Selling System to give you a bit of a look around. So here we are. We have Stuart teaching that unit and then you have a second one. So once you’ve completed this It’ll say next step is going to take you across here. And then you’ll move on to Advertising Online and it’s that simple. This education has been built on a foundation And each module or unit in the module will build on the foundation of the last one so that there’s no getting lost. We’re trying to avoid the sense of overwhelm as much as possible because we know that learning anything new can sometimes feel a little overwhelming or try to make that as simple and easy-to-follow as possible. Alright, so that’s with your $29.95 Introductory Access you’ll have access to all of that. If you’ve come in with the Essential Membership offer you’re going to have all of those modules. So for instance, we’ll look at Pick Your Path. So here you can see that this module, module 2 has an introduction which has five units in it And then part one we want to get you to jump on a membership call. Look, it could be a recorded workshop or you could jump on it live. It’s entirely up to you. It depends on what times you have available. You’ll start creating your online business blueprint. So this is where you start really building and fleshing out the kind of business that you want, and we walk you down a path to help you start piecing that together. Because to really know how you’re gonna build anything you need to have a solid foundation. And this is where you’re going to build that and so it goes on for five modules. Now I want to talk a little bit about some of the other things that are available Inside the dashboard because I don’t want this video to take up too much of your time. As we scale down here, we have our leader board we can see who’s really Killing it in their business for the last 30 days and then we have a quarterly leader board as well. At any time the names on this can change depending on who’s doing what in the community. But right now I want to take you through; Stuart has a whole playlist of frequently asked questions down here. We have our members So if you want to hear from some of our members you may have already watched a few of these member tutorials through the emails that I’ve sent you. How to plug into our community so this one in particular… SFM understands the importance of having the right mindset to move forward in whatever aspect of your life that you’re wanting to grow in and usually what happens is as you start building your mindset It doesn’t just affect one area of your life ie; maybe the income that you’re earning, or the success that you’re achieving. But that will filter through in all areas of your life. Whether that’s your friendships and your relationships, your health and well-being you name it, it’s going to filter out into all areas of your life. So they invest a lot of time and energy to get the right coaches to work with us weekly and daily to be able to be inspired to be motivated to take challenges and be a part of a wider community that is in alignment with the type of growth and development that we know is important in order to be successful in life and in business. We have here JJ, who runs Pinpoint Your Purpose and we can see a long playlist of An archive of recordings of JJ plus you can access his talks live and jump on those webinars live. I’ll show you how you can do that shortly According to Webster, we have a playlist of Irene. Her recordings there. JJ so JJ has two slots. In on he talks about pinpointing your purpose finding out what really is your purpose here? Where are your strengths, or what really gets your juices flowing and how can you build a business around that? So, find your genius zone and then start serving in that capacity out in the world and build a brand and a business around that if that’s something that appeals to you. And then JJ has another call at the end of the week. It’s on Friday and it’s called Finish Strong with JJ. And so he just shifts our mindset into how we can view the week gone by in order to frame the week that will be moving into next week. Absolute brilliance. Okay, we have Justin here with Illuminate Your Potential. Honestly, If you’ve ever been to a live personal development or self-help event and you just feel that energy that you feel at a live event Justin has that x-factor that just builds your energy you feel all fired up and you’re ready to move forward and take the action that you know, you need to take to move forward in your life and in your business. Patty is just such a delightful energy Patty honestly, there’s a little nuggets of gold along the way that because a lot of us will race through our training in such excitement to go to build our business at the front end sometimes we miss those nuggets of gold and Patty in her very special way helps draw our attention back to what those things are that we may have missed and anchors us in that beautiful beautiful energy. So with that said that’s mindset. If we go into training here we have our live training calendar. Now you’re able to sync this calendar with maybe your Gmail or your Apple calendar, whatever type of online calendar system you have. You can either access the trainings from in here or you can sync them to your calendar That way you never miss and as you can see we have multiple trainings every day So what’s the date today is the 29th of November? So today we have one we have In Focus with Cordelia. I have choosing what your traffic strategy is for marketing so she helps if you’re feeling a little uncertain about what marketing platform you want to start mastering in order to drive traffic to your business, your offer, or your service. This is a great live webinar that you’re able to jump in on. You can set these to your own time zone. I don’t know why I’m on New York when the closest one to me is Sydney, Melbourne, Australia? So there it is. Tomorrow we have in focus.. So Sunday Supplement so Gavin jumps on with a training on Sunday We have a live meditation with Shakti, that’s a weekly call. We have Your Marketing Blueprint with Danielle Wilson where she will if you’re live and you put your hand up in advance. Danielle can pull you out so that she can go through your marketing strategy live on the call. Which is where you get the most value and others are able to learn from there Who are also on the call or she could have structured marketing content that she wants to take you through based on those in the SFM member base and where they might be struggling the most. She’ll run our training on that. Then we have JJ Pinpoint Your Purpose. Liberate Your Voice. So this liberate your voice is with Britney and Kat and it’s all about finding your passion, finding your voice, and being able to speak your truth. Being able to deliver a message, whatever that is to an audience in an authentic way. So and the training just goes on and on as you can see it never ends, so There the live trainings that we have available to us every single day and each of these trainings there’s an archive for it in our Video training library so you can attend them live and if you aren’t able to get on them live based on your time zone Where you are in the world. Here, they all are, and you just click on here and you go in and you can access the video libraries and watch them later on down the track, so you’d never miss out. Virtual courses, this is another thing you get with your SFM membership. So you may have heard of LinkedIn Learning and so once upon a time LinkedIn Learning was called lynda.com and it is an online archive of video trainings and those video trainings are run by certified experts in every niche that you can possibly think of and what happened was LinkedIn purchased lynda.com so now it’s called LinkedIn Learning and So what has happened since then is that LinkedIn Learning has recognized SFM as a global leader in training and so they partnered with SFM and now as an SFM member it’s built into your membership cost. You’re able to connect your SFM dashboard with LinkedIn Learning and you can access up to 10,000 online courses with multiple modules module and units on any subject for instance marketing. Creative, so web design, photography, video. If you’re a developer wanting to develop apps, gaming software, it could be anything from learning how to use Gmail to getting a certificate in Leadership or online presentations or management. So let’s dive in and have a look… It’s through diving in that you’re able to connect your LinkedIn account with your SFM learner dashboard and access all the courses that you could possibly imagine through here. So here we are I’m connected now. So, that’s me. I haven’t put my photo in there. ahh there it is up there 👆 , that’s The Goodlife Biz. Here are just a bunch of courses that it’s suggesting for me based on these topics that I’ve said that I’m interested in. So collections, and skills that I want, so it gets you to pre-populate the things that you think you are more likely to want to learn about Or you can just type in, let’s say I wanted to so here. You can see I’ve looked at Instagram Advertising, maybe I want to run an advertising campaign on Instagram, or maybe I want to learn how to drive free traffic from Instagram and I really have no idea. Then I can choose this course advertising on Instagram or marketing tools, or tips for creating engaging content on Instagram. So let’s say I chose this one. Anson Alexander created this course. He is a blogger and author and SEO expert a teacher and a tech geek so he sounds well-versed in teaching me Instagram advertising so there’s a bit of an intro to the course if I if after watching this two-minute intro I think that this course is going to be able to help me with what I want to learn right now I’ll go ahead and watch the full course. And here we see that it has an introduction and it has these modules and each module has units. So right the way through and then it has a conclusion now once you’ve concluded your training you then it’ll pop up and it will invite you to be able to share onto your LinkedIn profile that you have just concluded this training. So it goes straightaway on your LinkedIn Learning on your LinkedIn profile professional profile. So anyone searching you in future in LinkedIn can see all these certifications on your profile that you’ve completed which is a really fantastic feature of LinkedIn Learning. So you get to that through your SFM dashboard, so I’m not going to go into any more detail right now about about the education. But I want to talk just shortly about the tools. So if we go into our Digital Business Lounge we now have a space that is also connected to SFM. It’s called Digital Business Lounge (DBL) and there’s no obligation to use this, but most of us do because of the simplicity it brings for our business. If you already have a website and you want to use that you can absolutely use that with your SFM business no problem at all. So here’s my profile. Because it says here that I’ve got four domains registered and one website, two email addresses all registered through the Digital Business Lounge. Here you can see it enables us to go choose a domain name and purchase it and register that domain name very very easily through this platform and instantly it is connected to your SFM business. It’s so simple. Here we are domain names, emails FTP accounts… now if you’re a tech wiz you’ll know what all of this is. If you’re not don’t worry about it. It’s not important right now Our education walks you through what these are and how to use them when, and only when it’s relevant for you in your business. So other tools that we have are our landing page creation, graphic design creation tools, WordPress plugins… it’s all in here for you. We have additional training more the techie stuff inside that is the Digital Business Lounge. We also have a digital bloggers platform where we’re able to help each other build a profile of our blogs through commenting on each other’s blogs and building that social proof in a safe and genuine way. So okay. Okay, so I don’t want to confuse you too much, but for now you can see I’ve got my Goodlife Biz, this website here and I can log straight into my WordPress platform simply by clicking here; Admin, auto log-in, and there I can go ahead and edit my website in any way that I want so really, it’s that simple. so look I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you I hope you found this helpful. Below this video you’re going to find three links and those links are going to be; 1. to the Membership Options page And you’ll be able to learn more about those two membership options I spoke of. The Introductory Access at $29.95 and the SFM Essential Membership at $297. You’ll learn about both of them by clicking on the first button. The second button is Enroll Now and you can enroll in the $29.95 level of membership by clicking on enroll now. If you’re interested in doing the full Essential Membership and again, it comes with a money-back guarantee you can do that on the Membership Options button. It’ll have a little sign-up opportunity there. And the third button is being able to book in a Discovery Call with me. In case there’s any questions you have that I haven’t covered today. I want you to feel completely reassured before you take any action. For most people this will be enough information to be able to go ahead and say yeah, I want to give this a try. Once you do submit your enrollment application you’re going to receive two emails One will be from SFM and that’s going to give you access to this dashboard The second one will be from me and what that’s going to do is provide some links on how to navigate through this dashboard But it’s also going to invite you to jump on one of Your first Coaching Calls with me so that I can walk through this process with you once a week as you work through your journey, especially in these beginning stages. I’m always going to be available to you but it’s really important in this onboarding process that I’m able to make sure that you’re accessing parts of the dashboard that you need most right now. So with all that said have a great day. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye for now

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