SFL: PRO US 2019 TOP 5 MOMENTS – Week 9 Season 1

(hip-hop music) – [Narrator] Five. – [Vicious] Oh, wow. – [Rynge] Oh, the dash up throw. NuckleDu catches you asleep
at the wheel real quick. (laughs) Shine, flees the scene. Goes to the other team! – Let’s go! – [Rynge] Let’s go! (laughs) (laughter) He’s handing out hip-hop
hugs to the opposing team? (laughter) What’s happening?
– Oh, no. – Oh, my god. Another jersey? There it is, the Team Psycho jersey. – [Vicious] So that means Mike
Ls for their team currently the way Shine’s been playing.
– Yeah! – [Vicious] He’s gonna
be even further down, He’s gonna be in seventh
place standing now. If Shine is on this team. – Yo, you ready? – [Narrator] Four. – [Commentator] I like
that use of Brolylegs’. Jumping in with the jump Roundhouse early, to kind of clip Balrog early as well. To give Brian F a harder
time trying to anti-air. (gasps) Oh, my. – [Caster] He makes it two. Brian F just decides to
swing with the roundhouse and now he gets another counter hit. – [Commentator] That’s a stun!
– Oh, yes! – [Caster] Brian F is
so good at calculating when the back throw’s gonna stun. That’s gonna be the end of
Brolylegs in the first game too. Incredible start for Brian F. – [Narrator] Three. – Aw, great answer here, that
he eats the command grab, didn’t want to get
counter hit on the ground. Then he chases the backdash.
– The reactions! That should be enough! No, he dropped it. Okay. Maybe from the tail end
of the Thunder Clap. The reason why, it was just awkward, he couldn’t continue that combo. UpToSnuff has a chance here. Microscopic chance!
– Oh, he got caught swinging! Oh, the EX DP, we’re getting
stomps from there (mumbles). And he gets the sun!
– OH, MY (yelling)! – UpToSnuff stays alive! – [Narrator] Two. – [Vicious] Thirteen seconds left to go. But one combo, one solid
combo from Punk with two bars. That’s gonna catch him out!
– Yes. Oh! – [Vicious] That might be, he dropped it! No, it’s a reset. It’s a reset. – [Rynge] Great job from Punk. Five seconds on the clock.
– That’s it! – [Rynge] He’s gonna take the lead! Ooh, he tried to backdash!
– I lied! – [Vicious] That’s just enough! It’s Justin Wong! Gets the back throw! (applause) – [Rynge] Oh, man. Doing
it for the blue squad. The marathon continues! (dramatic music) – [Narrator] One. (game sounds) – Oh, blows through the stomp.
– Oh, the gap! – Idom really rocking and
rolling at this point. Again, team battle point. – It’s too tough to take on by yourself. (gasps) – Nice check, there it is, crouch jab into the
full counter hit combo. – Gets the back throw as
well. All UpToSnuff now. Okay, Critical Art one more instance away. He can actually do this against Idom, he still has Critical Art. – It can, it is a huge threat. – Idom surrendering the V-Trigger as well, using the V-Reversal. If
UpToSnuff gets a low forward he can confirm into CA. (game sounds) (gasps) – He tried! – Oh no! But he’s still alive! He tried to check the dash but
– That’s it! – It was too late! – Let’s go! Let’s go! That’s what I’m taking
about! You baited it for us! (hard rock music)

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