SF9, Who is a member who enjoys arguing and is curious but not smart? [MBTI of My Members]

[MBTI of My Members] 2, 3 To Be Sensation! Hello, we’re SF9 In case our fans might be curious, we’re about to go through personality test (MBTI) That’s what we’re gathered here for We’ll select one of our members to take the test Who should go for it? How about you Chani? Me? Since you brought it up Sure Should I go for it? Someone like Inseong should take the test Nah I should take it Since MBTI is a personality test, we should have someone with unusual personality take it Then how about yourself? You’re good with keeping a poker face Everything about you issa LiE I’m just trying to ride the flow Or how about Taeyang? Yeah we’re curious (*Wanna find out guys*) I’m dead serious (*Curiosity kills the cat*) We have no idea what he’s thinking about We do have a hyper energetic member here (*poke poke*) Look, right as we speak You ma friend! He definitely needs it Let’s have him take the test! No, no, I’m afraid his test results will come out really weird Then I will take the personality test seriously and tell you what comes out You have to answer them genuinely Yup Lemme show you all the power of Korean YoUtH!! Let’s get it! I’ll get right back. See ya! (*Worried after sending him off*) Bye bye~ Please cut off if he chooses anything weird For the sake of our… Take the test with all your heart We’re a boy band after all… I’m honestly… Umm… Quite normal I think But Some of the members think differently, I guess (*SOME? NAH, ALL OF THEM*) But, it’s a good opportunity I’ll answer the questions sincerely There are different types of questions Total 16 personality types But none might fit Dawon First of all, a Campaigner Put it on hold Let’s put the possible candidates here Oh, a Logistician, not a chance Far from a logistician, Dawon is a persist-ian First of all, he’s NOT incorrupt An Entertainer? (‘A free-spirit celebrity’ in literal Korean translation) Possible But a celebrity…? Hmm… slightly off… Let’s put it on hold A free-spirited human, not celebrity An Adventurer (‘inquisitive artist’ in literal Korean translation) Ah, that kinda fits him No, no, inquisitive but not an artist Q. I rarely act out of sheer curiosity (AgreeDisagree) Completely Disagree I do require some level of curiosity to do something Q. Interesting books and video games are often better than social gatherings (AgreeDisagree) Mostly Agree I could hang out while playing video games together online I’m into FPS games nowadays (*Just thinking of it makes him happy*) How about this one? An Architect (‘A scrupulous strategist’ in literal Korean translation) A strategist? That’s Inseong (*Me? A Strategist…?*) I’ll take out ‘An Entrepreneur’ I can’t find the one that fits him A Logician, a Mediator, A protago… A Protagonist? (‘A righteous social activist’ in literal Korean translation) Nope. Take it out A Commander who enjoys heated debate? No no no I mean, he does enjoy arguing Disputatious, inquisitive… but not quite brilliant Q. Winning an argument is more important than not offending the opponent (AgreeDisagree) Winning is important but (Middle response) Not offending the other as much as I could is equally important Q. People rarely make me angry (AgreeDisagree) Nope (*But Dawon marked the answer wrong*) Sometimes they can get me so upset… (*Unaware of members bashing him*) My job requires a lot of human interaction so It’s almost impossible not to get stressed out But what’s important is How well I relieve that stress reasonably and wisely Yes, so I do get really mad in some cases So these are the three possible candidates we assumed for Dawon’s personality type (Campaigner / Virtuoso / Entertainer) I assume… A Campaigner This image right here is just a portrait of Dawon That’s Dawon himself It says here, a Campaigner is enthusiastic, creative and sociable free spirits Who makes connections with others and can always find a reason to smile Another reason Dawon’s a fit to a Campaigner is because He always finds a reason to smile Not quite sure about the second phrase (of being enthusiastic and connecting with different people) But the first phrase is for sure It seems like a fit but I’m a bit reluctant to admit it I’m a hundred precent sure Dawon’s a Campaigner type But the results might surprisingly come out as a strategist(Architect)! Nope, not a chance Maybe, just maybe Our final choice for Dawon’s personality type is… A Campaigner! (‘Brilliant activist’ in literal Korean translation) I’m finished! I am… Welcome back! Hello there my peasants! I’m finally back Ah, you must be that personality type A Commander maybe? I brought my results Hey, leader gets a first look Whoa! *SHOOK* You sure this is it? *SPEECHLESS* I am… a scrupulous strategist! (INTJ-A Architect type) You sure this is not a fraud? There’s no way he’s a strategist The results must have came out wrong Shouldn’t the result reflect what others see of him? Maybe he’s plotting on things strategically But I mean, he is scrupulous You fellows, know nothing about me I am quite sensitive Let’s read the description It can be lonely at the top Being one of the rarest personality types and being among the most capable people, Architects know this all too well Has the right attitude for meeting goals None of them fits him! He went most astray! Standing on logic and strict principles, The following lines somewhat fit Dawon: Architects are self-confident and have an aura of mystery *Releasing dat aura of mystery* Using their insights and logic They push innovation through by sheer willpower Coupled with their powerful spirit (*SPIRIT got him*) It says HE pushes innovation through by sheer willpower coupled with powerful spirit But that’s true though (You serious…?) Yeah he does take the lead But in a negative way If my little bros get scolded, I’m coming to get them! But you’re the one who gets scolded, not us (*Falsely accused mood*) (*Let’s just wrap up here!*) We’ve looked over SF9’s strategist Dawon’s personality test results today, Please show lots of love and support for RPM We are SF9! Thank you StOP taLkINg SF9 DA WONINTJ Sub ⓒMTV_Diane

100 thoughts on “SF9, Who is a member who enjoys arguing and is curious but not smart? [MBTI of My Members]

  1. Since they checked Dawon’s, I’ll guess the other members! If you disagree, comment and I’ll explain lol
    (Also these are highly based on functions. I am an MBTI-obsessed person so if anyone says MBTI is just four letters I’ll be deeply offended but)

    Youngbin ESTJ
    Inseong ESFJ
    Jaeyoon ESFJ.. ? Or ESTP
    Rowoon XNFX, prob ENFJ
    Zuho um.. ISTP
    Taeyang ISFX, it’s hard to tell
    Hwiyoung INFP
    Chani he’s my bias but I can never tell… maybe INFJ? INTJ?

  2. 5:12 아닠ㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋ다원 또 머리말렼ㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄲㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋ
    5:33 한대맞아버리깈ㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. this was hilarious for some reason lmao. but I feel dawon's an enfj. its his celebrity persona which feels very enfp-ish but he's definitely an enfj. anyway mbti is just for fun and shouldnt be taken too seriously!

  4. Wow I'm an INTJ too but INTJ-T. INTJ-A is more confident than me. In the future, I want to be more confident like Dawon.
    Dawon: 47% extroverted 53% introverted
    Me: 88% introverted lol

  5. Hahaha can't believe that im the same personality type as Dawon. Feels like the complete opposite tho

  6. hopefully they'll all get to take the test!! for now i'll just refuse to believe that dawon is an intj 😂

  7. I KNOW A LOT ABOUT MBTI AND WHAT I CAN TELL YOU IS THAT THERES NO POSSIBLE WAY DAWON WAS AN INTJ. the other guess is far more fitting they said the description of the campaigner (ENFP) seems fitting and I can see that. I can give you the scientific reasoning behind my choice but y'all probably don't care lmao. anyway HES NOT an INTJ.

  8. i think it is interesting that he had only a slight preference for all the letters (as you can see at 5:08) his most extreme letter is T and even that's still pretty close to the middle. it just goes to show how unique of an individual he is personality-wise.

  9. They always tease Inseong with the fact that: "All what he says IS A Lie". This Poor hyung got bullied by his dongsaens over N over again.

  10. Taeyang didn't say a word through the whole video,My Bias Wrecker is not Talkative at all!!
    I'm falling hardly for him day after day 🙁

  11. I’m laughing at how Inseong and Chani were just staring at Dawon being strange with no reaction at 5:39 😂 they’re so used to his BS

  12. Solo a mi me pasa que no puedo ver a Dawon ni siquiera por un segundo sin fangirlear? aaah es que es muy tierno >w<

  13. Being one of the rarest personality types and being among the most capable people.
    He has the right attitude to meeting goals.

    Chani & hwiyoung: none of the description fit him.
    Chani: dawon went astray 😂

    Youngbin knows his kids the best his face was like 4:29 “ yall see when the results come out hes a architect”

  14. Dawon is an INTJ? He's an introvert?? For me it's a 50-50 😂😂 Sometimes he just explode but sometimes he's too quite in the corner.
    I'm 100% pretty sure my fellow introverts in SF9 are Taeyang, Juho, and Hwiyoung.

  15. Ok, I have no bias in Sf9 (yet) but Dawon has the same personality type I got (did that test before) so maybe this little weirdo is ❤️❤️❤️

  16. I feel like we took the same test at the same time 😫 like I took this test before my interview and this was released like a day or 2 after my interview. Just saying lol 💙

  17. The ending killed me, from Easy Love playing as bgm to them finding out the results to Tae realizing Dawon's imitating him n went ovr to slap him🤣😂😂 gotta love these dorks!

  18. Hello people out there, Dawon is not an extroverted person just because he is hyper and funny. Introverts can be a comedian too.

  19. I'm so weak at how Dawon got mad when hwiyoung said he's the one who usually gets scolded and they all j got loud and started clapping when Dawon started getting mad and talking to shut him up and he wouldn't even do the end greeting chant and tried to talk again then youngbin had to put his hand over his mouth😭😂😂😂

  20. From what I see, dawon is definitely N and J. But him being an Introvert quite surprise me because he seems like really outgoing and funny friends you would like to hang out with.

  21. Hello there my peasants. I’m finally back KEKDKSKLSKDKDJDK that‘s how I‘ll greet my classmates after summer break

  22. During the test I could really relate to Dawon but then he revealed the test result and went back to his gagman self what a plot twist

  23. Im sure he is not intj
    First intj are so iced-heart and lazy and not good to make frirnds
    Dawon the oppsite of that
    I really knew he is enfp like me but what happend?
    Anyway enfp & intj have good match ☻💙

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