Several Teens Arrested After Wild Brawl With Police

30 thoughts on “Several Teens Arrested After Wild Brawl With Police

  1. I watched the video, and I seen the officers actually assaulting two of the teens for no reason whatsoever. So, they ought to be arrested too. The cops are bullies and they abuse their authority when they feel like it. 🚮🚮

  2. For years the people in NY were being harassed by the NYPD. We can argue whether if some people deserved to be handle in a certain way, but I can tell you this. The people in NY especially the ones of color are fed up and now are attacking back.

  3. Is anyone or the reporter going to mention the officer assaulting a minor teen? Show the original footage please. File civil charges against this officer. ASAP. The cop punched the 2 kids first and second time cocked back. Hmm fyi assaulting a police officer 😂 show me the footage more like self defense

  4. how can there be any respect for anyone, kids are raised without any guidance, and they don't respect their parents, nor teachers, so what do you expect out of them, just gangbanging and killing themselves

  5. Are you people kidding me, the police started it by punching two children in the face and when they defend themselves then it becomes assaulting an officer

  6. I’ve watched multiple videos of cops being shot and their partners continue to use mild force.

    But NY cops don’t fuck around. They are just as crazy as the criminals.

  7. And they still demand to know why more BLACKS are arrested by force. Its because more blacks USE FORCE AGAINST POLICE, AS YOU SEE HERE.

  8. From now on when there are big brawls between low lifes..the cops should just say "fuck it" and let them kill each other.. no matter what actions the cops take , they're always the ones to blame and nobody says a word about the community these people come from.

  9. Yes whoop those COP'S ass we are tried of them beating on us and killing us i applaud them for fighting back more of this is going 2 take place fuck NYPD👿🔥🔥

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