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hey guys this is Kristen here with MailChimp helpers comm and today I'm going to tell you about groups why they're useful how you use them and how to set them up so first of all groups are super useful in MailChimp because they keep your bill low so if you have subscribers that are on more than one list you're getting charged for them twice but if you have them in more than one group then you're only getting charged ones so groups basically act as categories in your list or sub lists if you will for example this address is in three different groups at the same time I'm only getting charged for it once good news so next thing is what sort of groups could you make you're going to want to use information that is changeable either you can decide who's in which group or you can let the subscriber decide that but you're not going to want to use information that MailChimp already collects such as signup source or the date that that address was added so there's two basic ways that you can add and manage your groups the first one is by going to manage contacts and clicking groups from the drop-down you can see that I already have some groups created here and interested in learning about is my group category this is just the title of the group now down here I have the actual group names see I have four groups and it looks like I have a total of 17 contacts and then but I only have nine people in my list that means some people are in more than one group and if I want to switch the order of these I can just click these three little dots and drag them to whichever position I please so let's go ahead and check out one of these groups okay so when I click on that I'm brought to the addresses that are in that group and if I want to say send a campaign straight from here I can do that if I want to create a segment out of this group I can do that if I just want to take a peek at it and then go back to my list this little X over here is going to be super helpful if I were to just come up here and click on this it's still going to bring me back to the groups that I'm looking at which is sort of confusing if you don't realize that this X here is how you're getting out of this view so click on this X that takes me straight back to my entire list so now I'm going to go back into my groups and show you how to create your own group over here you can click create groups and you have a couple of options so you see these first three options allow your subscribers to choose a group and that is going to be visible on your signup form this last option is going to be invisible on your signup form and you will be in charge of placing people into their groups so the difference between these top three choices is this first one is going to be checkboxes and people can choose more than one group that's what I had set up for my existing group I just showed you in these other few options they're basically going to function the same it's just going to be two different views so you can either have a drop-down or the radio buttons which are these little bubbles that we're clicking in right now so for the group I'm going to setup right now I'm going to choose a drop-down and let's go ahead and set up would you like to receive I'm going to say MailChimp update you guys might be interested in receiving articles or maybe answers the questions and I actually want more than three groups so I can just click on add group here and I can basically keep going you can have a total of up to 60 groups in your list and that is your total groups not just for this group category but for everything combined for that list so I'm going to add a fourth line of video tutorials okay that looks good to me I'm going to go ahead and save this and the shows that I was successful and I have two options I can either import a document into one of these groups that means that I could for example have a CSV file that I download directly into the video tutorials group where everyone in that document automatically gets added to that group but for right now I'm just going to say I'm all set so now it's showing up here but there's nobody in the groups yet so if I decide I want to import I can do that right over here if I decide I don't need one of these anymore I can delete it straight from here and I can also send a campaign directly from this view but if I want to add people to the group what I want to do if I want to do that straight from my list is actually go back to the list and I know that this person this person and this person has contacted me and told me they are super interested in these video tutorials so I pull checkmark next to them and I'm going to go over here to action and from this drop-down I'm going to choose add to group like to receive video tutorials confirm that and now you see that they were added to this filled column here video tutorials and I can do that and a whole list if I wanted to get everybody I could just go and select everybody and out into the group okay so that's the first way to create your group and there's another ways that you can do that as well and that is going to be going to signup forms if you go to general forms you're going to see not only the group that had existing before I began this tutorial but the one that we just created right here would you like to receive and that is a visible option on the form right now that's why you can see it here but if I want to make it hidden I can do that but since I've already created it as visible in the other view I'm not able to do that at this moment but what I can do is I can add a new field here so if you recalled options are checkboxes radio buttons or drop-down checkboxes you can choose more than one we've already looked at the drop-down so let's go ahead and make one for the radio button I'm going to do a field label as interested in personalized nail chin help and I can choose to have that a required field so that people must make a selection before they're able to submit this form and I'll go ahead and do that because I'd like people to answer this question and this is really important if you want to make this into a group you're going to have to click here it's going to explain to you what's happening you are converting this into a group I'm cool with this so I'm going to go ahead and say I agree and then I'm going to come down here and notice that there's a couple of predefined choices so if your group happens to be something like what state do you live in or I don't know what day do you prefer to receive emails anything like that you could have some predefined choices here where it's just pre-populated it's really useful for the state so you don't have to go through and type in every single state or the countries these are you know already set up because all the options are there but for this I actually am asking basically a yes or no question so I'm going to have the first option being yes it's like an option being no and I guess I'll do one more since it's required and some people might not know the answer I'm going to do not sure okay so I'm going to go ahead and save this field and now I have my question here and if somebody goes and fills out the storm and answers it they will show up on my list in the group that they've selected so that's the basics of using groups and MailChimp it's really useful because if you want to go back into your campaign builder and you want to send a campaign to only people who are yes interested in MailChimp helped and interested in automations and list management you could go ahead and make that selection with your segments in your campaign and send to that specific group of people if you guys have any questions about how to set up your groups or how to manage them feel free to stop by MailChimp helpers calm and we'll try our best to get your questions answered for you thanks a lot guys have a good one

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  1. so basically you can make groups here in the sign up form area and in the actual list area. We can only make one sign up form per list on mailchimp right? It doesnt let us make 5 or 6… thats why people use services like contact form 7? I am trying to create 3 groups with subgroups ( three businesses) and i dont want people to see the other group options.. but i am forced to do this if i want to use one mailchimp account and segment it into three businesses. any advice?

  2. why would you hide a list ( no visibility) in what circumstance, and if you hide it, how can people choose?

  3. Is there a way to make a group that adds them to all the other Groups? For example an Everything group would add them to MailChimp Updates, Articles, and Answers to Questions in one click.

  4. Is it possible to have people who are already on your list choose to join a certain group? For example, they've gone through your first campaign and you want to direct them to other campaigns but only topics they are interested in.

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