Sesame Street: Song — I Love My Hair

a trip to the beauty shop ’cause I love what
I got on top. It’s curly and it’s brown,
and it’s right up there. You know what I love. That’s right. My hair! I really love my hair. I love my hair! I love my hair. There’s nothing else that can
compare with my hair! I love my hair, so I must
declare I really, really, really love my hair. Wear a clippy, or in a bow. Or let it sit in an afro. My hair looks good
in a cornrow! It does so many things,
you know? That’s why I let it grow. I love my hair. I love my hair. I love it and I have to share! I love my hair. I love my hair. I want to make the world
aware I love my hair. I wear it up, I wear it down. I wear it twisted all around. I wear braids and
pigtails, too. I love all the things
my hair can do. In berets or flying free,
they’re their perfect tresses, you see. My hair is part of me, an
awesome part of me. I really love my hair! I love my hair.

100 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Song — I Love My Hair

  1. I sure do wish I am black. That way I could just claim entitlements I don't deserve. Oh and yes, I can father many children with multiple women AND not take responsibility for any of them. Oh yeah, I could be loudmouth and disruptive in public. I just call like I see it. Have fun with your hair.

  2. my 1 yr old daughter loves this song she touches and try to shake her hair while dancing lol, thanks promoting natural hair beauty

  3. I’m so glad my little sister can look on tv and see someone that looks like her and is CELEBRATING their hair!

  4. how did her hair go from short to long to midlength to short again??? i guess science doesn't apply to you when you love you hair.

  5. Its sad how the world is just black and white. Blacks aren't the only ones with thick coarse hair. (About ppl in comments not sesame street)

  6. she's very cute deep inside I rather cry. thanks ms. person.youre so sweet and I got to tell my niece,amey just to be you and no weaves.

  7. Yeah my mom permed my hair at like 8 yrs old now I'm 22 and been natural for only 2 years, hair is healthiest it's ever been, no perms no dye, no weaves all natural like it suppose to be

  8. This is so inspiring.😭😭😭 You don't know how insecure you feel sometimes when people make fun of you for something being part of you. From friends to my own parents. I feel happy that videos like this exist.

  9. This song is so precious to me. I'm 28 years old and when ever i hear this song, i get a little teary eyed because I tend to have to defend my hair OFTEN. If we teach our little ones to enjoy their hairs then it builds confidence in them. It's precious to see kids love who they are. No matter what.

  10. Great video to show our kids to embrace their hair. We often receive many messages from society that our hair is dirty and not beautiful. We should want our kids to love who they were made to be, hair and all. Show this to our kids and continue to encourage them to embrace the beauty that is theres!

  11. This makes me cry every time I see it! I can’t wait to have a daughter and teach her self love. No creamy crack for her.

  12. Child do not need to be taught "diversity". I have a 8 year old and a 4 year old. They do not care what color skin, what type of hair, if they have nice clothes. They just want to play with other kids. Racism is a learned behavior. All this over correcting is going to backfire, all this is going to lead to is a different group being picked on or bullied or whatever.

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