Senior Stories: Dickinson College Class of 2019

– The class of 2019 is truly diverse, we come from all walks of life and we’re all so passionate
about so many different things. – So when I first got to Dickinson, I came as a recruited athlete
for the football team, but I quickly evolved
into much more than that. I joined the Admissions
staff very early on, to eventually work my way
as a student interviewer. – So, I studied abroad
in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I know it sounds a little bit cliche, but it honestly has been
one of the best experiences I’ve had at Dickinson. – My favorite thing about Dickinson has been working at the
House Divided Studio under Professor Pinsker
for the past two years. – My study abroad experience
in Tanzania was amazing. Getting the chance to
actually do on the ground field work was really great, and especially working
directly with professors, and being able to contribute
to their research as well. – I’m a part of MOB, Sigma
Lambda Beta, Res Life, Dream Catchers, and I
think that’s the best thing about Dickinson, that you can come here and they have so many organizations that you can be a part of. – This spring, I presented
neuroscience research in New York City with Professor Barber, and it was a great way
to work side by side with a faculty member. – I have really loved singing
with the Dickinson Infernos. We’re one of three coed
acapella groups on campus, and with them, I’ve
truly just found a family of the most generous and
genuine people I’ve ever met. – Definitely being part of the
women’s basketball team here. I was allowed to have
the best of both worlds with enjoying a sport and enjoying being in
the classroom as well. – I was recruited as an athlete and I expected just to be in that bubble of the football team, but you can really branch out to a bunch of different things. I made friends in all the different types of sports groups. I made friends who aren’t in sports. It’s just a great community
of people that you can just feel comfortable wherever you go. – I was able to intern at Project SHARE for all four years, which
is the local food pantry here in Carlisle. – I interned at Becky’s
Bites in New York City, which is a small business founded by two Dickinson alumni. I learned a lot about
marketing, business development, and about financing a small business. – This semester, I’ve been doing inclusivity policy research. Our research is called
“Bridging the Gap Between the Rhetoric of Diversity and Inclusivity and the Reality of Students Experiences.” And last week I had the honor
to present this research to the Board of Trustees. – I studied abroad in Norwich, England, and as an English major, there
were so many opportunities for study there, so that was
something I really appreciated and it was such a fulfilling experience. – I love working at ALLARM, which is, Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring, and I also really enjoyed
my studying abroad in Japan. – I’ve really enjoyed my
time working at the Center for Advising, Internships and
Lifelong Career Development. I’ve really enjoyed helping peers with their resumes and cover letters. – One of the most memorable
experiences I’ve had is working on Relay for Life. It’s an event put on by the
American Cancer Association. – I am on the varsity softball team, and this past spring, we won the Centennial
Conference Championship. – I participated with Dickinson’s Dickinson in New York program, where I took two courses
at a business school there, did an independent study,
as well as an internship. – Two highlights about
my time at Dickinson were studying abroad in Brazil, also working on the
Dickinson College Farm. – My favorite experience
is leading service trips through the Center for
Service, Spirituality and Social Justice. – In my junior year, I started
working in the cancer lab at Dickinson, which is under
Professor Mike Roberts. I worked at a computational
biologist in the lab. – I’ve loved being a part of
the Student Alumni Association where I’ve gotten to build
meaningful relationships with Dickinson alumni. – I was very involved with WIND, which is We Introduce Nations to Dickinson. I was able to help organize a lot of great intercultural events. – I’ve really enjoyed
building relationships with my faculty members, especially when you’re a
part of a small department like the Earth Sciences department. You really get to connect
with them on a personal level. – So, I was able to make my own animation with the Weiss Prize, which is a prize for the creative arts. – I’ve really enjoyed
living in the Treehouse, which is Dickinson’s Center
for Sustainable Living, a special interest house on campus. – One of my favorite things
about my Dickinson experience was my work in Student Senate. I got to work with awesome students. To be able to experience
that shared governance, and see the kind of changes
that students can make on campus was always really exciting. – Because of the Roberts Fund, I was able to do a Latin
tutorial at Oxford University through the ASE Bath Program. – I would have to say
it’s been studying abroad in Spain and living minutes
away from the beach. – So after Dickinson, I am going to go to the Czech Republic and teach English as a Fulbright ETA for the 2019-2020 academic year. – I’m going to go to a PHD program to study applied mathematics at Brown. – I’ll be joining Boston’s
Children’s Hospital as part of the administrative team in the Division of Newborn Medicine. – So I’m going to be joining
MLB Network this summer starting in June. I’m going to be starting
as a production assistant. – And I’ll be working
at Northwestern Mutual in New York City. – And I’ll be joining Bloomberg, the financial services company in their analytics and sales department. – I’m going to attend East Asian Languages and
Cultures program at Columbia. – I plan on working at IBM as an Enterprise Applications Consultant. – I’ll be going to Dartmouth to pursue a PHD in engineering. – I’ll be moving to
Virginia to start working as a human capital consultant at Deloitte. – I’ll be working at Vanguard as a client relations associate with the Retail Investment Group. – I will be pursuing a
research Fulbright in Brazil. – I’m going to Duke University to study Biomedical Engineering with a concentration
in Neural Engineering. – I’m going to be an acquisitions analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton. – I’m going to be working as an actuary at Liberty Mutual in Boston. – I’ll be attending Boston University, getting my Masters of
Music in Music Education. – I’ll be working at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, continuing
my research in cancer, where I will be an associate
computational biologist. – I will be working at Johnson & Johnson’s world headquarters. – I’m going to Columbia to get a masters in American Studies. – I will be a graduate student at the University of Michigan in the Department of Earth
and Environmental Sciences. – I’ll be starting a position as a small commercial
underwriter for The Hartford. – I will be working as an
environmental specialist for Triumvirate Environmental in Boston. – I will be going to Columbia University and try to pursue a masters degree in Environmental Science and Policy. – The class of 2019 has a lot of leaders, a lot of go-getters, and so, I expect us to really
go out into the world, change it for the better.

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