Sen. Palumbo’s Legislative Update – 1/27/17

(bright music) – Hello everybody. Here we are in week three
in session right now and I wanted to give you
another little update. As you can see I finally
dug out from the paperwork of the first two weeks. And I even got a computer monitor so I can actually do
some real work right now which is good progress here in the office. I want to talk to you about
a couple of other bills that I got out of Committee today. As you know, many of you know, I’m a very, very proud
small business owner. And the two bills I got out
today exempt yoga studios which are mostly women owned
businesses, small businesses, from some of the undue
regulations here in Olympia. And then I also got out a new bill for the Bill of Rights for Small
Businesses which basically just asks all the agencies to compile what our rights are. Very similar to a patient’s bill of right but for small businesses. I’m really proud that we got
those both out of Committee this week. Last week we spoke about responsibility. My responsibility to you the
taxpayers and the voters. This week I want to continue that theme about accountability and responsibility. So, we recently had a shooting
at Marysville Pilchuck as well as Burlington Mall. And in both those cases, it was due to an unsecured firearm. I myself am a gun owner. I believe in the Second Amendment and I have a concealed weapons permit. But I believe that that right also comes with a responsibility. So, today I dropped a
bill that I hope will move through the legislative
process in the coming weeks, which makes it a gross misdemeanor if your weapon is unsecured
and used to menace somebody and a felony if it’s used in
the furtherance of a crime. I think perhaps some of these shootings could be prevented with laws like this and I’m going to continue to look for ways to protect the Second Amendment but at the same time promote
responsible gun ownership. I’m very thankful for you
watching these updates and I look forward to talking
to you in a couple of weeks.

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