Sehr Taneja | Help Me Build A More Transparent Society

Are you concerned that we live in a
world where the media is forced to favour the powerful and policy works for the
betterment of a select few? Me too Today, I seek your support to build a
more just, egalitarian and transparent society for us to live in. My name is
Sehr Taneja and I come from New Delhi, India. I was recently offered admission to the
Harvard Kennedy School for the Master in Public Policy. Through my years in policy, politics and media, I have realised that the media has immense power to influence national action and spur policy development. But this potential is
not being fully realised due to a shift of focus to politics and rhetoric.
I aspire to build a transformational technology-driven media firm in India
that will focus on spurring policy development, enhancing policy
implementation and policy formulation. I need your support to be able to achieve
my goal Will you join me on this journey of building a more transparent and a
egalitarian society?

21 thoughts on “Sehr Taneja | Help Me Build A More Transparent Society

  1. The millennials can contribute towards an egalitarian society. Thank you Sehr, for speaking on behalf of the Indian youth and taking a stand.

  2. Guys i need your support to make my dream come true. So hit the LIKE button and share as much as you can. Thanks πŸ™‚

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