Secretary Pompeo and Sr. Advisor Ivanka Trump participate in a WorkForce Development Roundtable

SECRETARY POMPEO: Great. Thank you, Sheree. Good morning, everyone. Welcome. It’s awesome to be back home, and we were
saddened that there wasn’t a basketball game this weekend. We missed it by a couple days. (Laughter.) But getting down to business, I want to thank
Senior Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump for her work in executing President Trump’s
mission of making the American workforce and the American worker the best trained in the
world. I also want to commend you on the work you
do all around the world with the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative. It’s truly important work. We’re helping women all over the world prosper
in the workforce, succeed as entrepreneurs, and obtain greater economic equality under
the law. And as we do all that, my mission as the Secretary
of State is easier, because we build strong and stable nations. I also want to thank Dr. Utash for leading
the conversation, the business leaders here who are with us today. You’re not chasing me around for my parts
being late; this is a much better day. (Laughter.) I had a chance to work here and be part of
the air capital of the world for more than a decade. Anyone who has ever run a business knows you
can’t get far if your team doesn’t have the right skills and the workforce is not
prepared for the job. That’s exactly what the Trump administration
is focused on with our Pledge to America’s Workers. We’re maximizing America’s talent and
we are equipping workers – great hardworking Americans, Kansans, folks here from Wichita
– for good American jobs. And we’re growing our economy, too. For a long time, America ignored upscaling
our workforce, especially in the trades and technical fields, especially too in places
like in Wichita, Kansas. We were told these jobs were going to be obsolete. We told our kids they would have to go to
a four-year college. That was a mistake. We ignored economic realities. We discouraged talented young people from
pursuing the career paths that were best for them. We made America less competitive as a result
of that. But President Trump is turning the ship, or
perhaps the airplane. He’s turning it around. He is doing it in partnership with American
companies like Spirit AeroSystems and Textron Aviation and with great educational institutions
like Wichita State University. Just a little while ago, we had the privilege
to take a tour and meet some of the young people here, people who were graduated from
the Aviation Pathway program and some who are still here. And I saw young people who knew that they
had in front of them good jobs. I saw smiles. They all could see the bright future that
this institution and these programs are presenting for them. We need to keep it up. As Secretary of State, I can tell you that
if we replicate this kind of success at home, it will pay amazing dividends in America’s
strength and security around the world. Without a robust and successful economy, other
nations won’t respect us. We won’t have them in a place where they
want to be our partners. We won’t be as successful keeping Americans
safe. It’s also the case, too, that if we get
this wrong, we’ll be more reliant on countries like China for high-tech products, products
that Americans need. If we get this right, we’ll be able to sustain
the prosperity that funds a strong military and diplomatic corps, and I want to thank
all the companies who signed the Pledge to America’s Workers this morning. You’re making us strong both here at home
and abroad. I thank you all for being here today, and
I’d now like to turn it over to Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump. MS TRUMP: Thank you so much, Secretary Pompeo,
and it is my honor to be here in Wichita for the first time with you and your family as
our host, and Sheree, thank you for hosting us here at WSU Tech. You have been an absolutely vital and constructive
voice on our Workforce Policy Advisory Board, and it is amazing to be here in your home
and experience firsthand the great training programs that we witnessed a sampling of earlier
today, so thank you for hosting us. To Senator Moran, thank you for joining us
today and for your tireless effort to ensure that the American worker is trained with the
skills that are needed to thrive in this booming and robust economy. And Congressman, thank you for your great
support right here in your district of this great academic institution and your push back
in Washington for more examples like what we’re seeing here today to inform the work
that we are doing. I’d like to thank the CEOs who join us. Scott from Textron was actually with us one
year ago as Textron signed our Pledge to America’s Workers at the White House, and since then
and now with Spirit Aerospace [1] adding to these numbers over 350 companies, domestic
and foreign, have signed our pledge committing to investing in the skills and the talents
of over 14 million American workers. So we couldn’t be more proud to have so
many great American employers join us today and reaffirm their commitment to this country’s
greatest resource by far, which is our exceptional workforce. So with that, the most important people in
the room today are the students and the next generation of worker who’s going to keep
our country competitive and keep our country great. The President campaigned on rebuilding the
American dream and making it attainable and accessible to all Americans regardless of
age or background or level of academic achievement, and he has been delivering on that vision
time and time again. We see it across the nation as every demographic
is enjoying unprecedented success, the lowest unemployment rates. We’re certainly seeing it here in Kansas
with an absolutely booming economy, where the number-one challenge of employers is skilled
workforce. Well, that’s a good problem to have because
it’s forcing employers like those here today to get creative, to reach onto the sidelines
of the economy, to bring people into the workforce who may not have otherwise been given a chance,
and to equip them with the skills they need to secure not only a job, but a career for
themselves and their family. This isn’t some big government program. This is private sector innovation and private
sector desire to succeed, which workforce is a critical component to that. And it’s based on the fact that we’ve
put in place policies – incredible pro-growth policies, whether it’s tax reform or deregulation
– that have afforded us this economic boom. So it is all of you who have the grit and
perseverance and desire to achieve that are making these programs successful, and the
combination of demand-driven education, the demand coming from the private sector, the
education coming from great institutions such as we’re hearing – seeing here today,
and hopefully the amplification and the acceleration coming from us back in D.C. and at the federal
government as we look to bring these opportunities to more Americans, so that every American
who wants to work can find a pathway to a great-paying job, can feel selected, can feel
chosen, because that’s what this economy is allowing. One of my favorite statistics – and there
are many, many good ones that we are seeing based on the results of our economic agenda
– is the fact that over the past year, of all new jobs secured in our economy, an average
of 73 percent of those jobs were secured by people outside of our workforce, who are coming
back because there are more jobs and there are better-paying jobs. So we want to encourage that. I’m grateful to be here today and to hear
from everyone who’s going through these programs and filling those very much in demand
jobs and doing so by passing through one of the great programs out there and enabling
continued American dominance in aerospace. So really a great honor to be here in Wichita,
Kansas. And Sheree, if you want to kick us off, I’d
love to hear from the amazing students and workers who join us here today.

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  1. Glad to see you both remember I am in Alaska waiting to be called in defense of my bloodline,,,mr trump and family need not worry for I am getting very very strong,,,though I'm still trapped and the state knows binding me Grant's them power free me…333

  2. that implies she's increasing female slavery- she knows nothing about supporting workers while she gets wealthy exploiting women

  3. WTF is he doing as Sec of State tagging along with Ivanka, on business 100% unrelated to his position??? She, also holds no official position in the WH.
    They are FLUCKING and you know it. Its why he suddenly started losing weight. His Ivanka crush has been his best diet aid. He called her a Beauty and a beast?? (meaning beast like she , lol, works hard!)

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  5. First female US President Ivanka Trump and Vice President Michael Pompeo in 2024? be patient and wise, and great things may come to pass…

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