ladies gentlemen I have a secret to tell you pan well that secret is the fact that I am trapped in a lab and I don't know how to escape I need you guys to help me by leaving a like on this video because I have absolutely no idea what I'd do it we're good now let's put a little bit of a story to this video unspeakable how did you get inside this lab of goods probably leggings big well how'd you get in here how did you get trapped in here what happened well here the fact is was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I was just trying to make some tacos and I ran out of cheese found this place and it looked like a laboratory so I was like maybe they're cooking up some cheese I don't know walk in and they just take me they trapped me in this room that I'm stuck in right now and I don't know how to get out these guys this futuristic laboratory are holding me prisoner and here's the thing I'm gonna escape okay what's in this chess nothing this is my first night here by the way I rap I really haven't tried to get out of here because like no this place is like weird a lot of security but all digging notice there's vents here there's also another vent over there oh well I'm not gonna lie that you know they gave me a nice place to stay but you know it's time for us to go I think I can make it through this verified I got it I got it I got it I got it I got it oh oh all right don't tell anyone about whoa I just got out of my room okay let's uh let's make sure this that that's in time what what what I know the puny human I'm just a puny human do you guys put a six digit code here six digit code I don't have a six digit code oh my gosh okay what is this one two oh two three four okay well I got three digits where's the other six a what wait whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa how does that make any sense someone tell me how that how that makes any sense what how did what wait I am I am whoa whoa whoa mark whoa whoa wait my brain is getting really confused here what wait how do you walk around here the chest is there and you walk around this one and then there's weight and then you walk around this way and that what place am i trapped it oh that's number two ah we're good oh my gosh okay insert code name here so two three four oh-ho-ho-ho-ho two three four and then six seven eight two three four six seven a re is just gonna get me out of here put six digit code here there we go diamond elevators know what you know it's not that bad of a place you know I could probably stay here yeah what floor is this going to there's only one button in the elevator oh snap oh wow elevators trying to kill me what is this okay oh I will get that Oh flip oh wait what if I walk behind him huh what if I walk the guard consents you are too close to blocks okay wait so I just have to stay two blocks away from him oh well that's that's not that's not hard okay what is this oh snap let's go in here what is this that there's nothing in here what the heck I'm just gonna so behind you just go ahead yeah yep how am I supposed to get past them oh wait I know how to do it I'm supposed to sit in that closet yeah yep you go down there and I'm just gonna I'm just gonna okay they're gonna stay here and wait for him to go pass oh there goes flip okay these blocks are actually movable that is so cool okay so I guess we need to move one to where we can whoa whoa whoa too much movement here just just one there we go there we go and then we can move this one to where and do that uh-huh uh-huh we got three sticks ah we need to craft a ladder I guess four sticks oh we got a ladder oh just like slab is easy to escape put seven sticks here seven sticks you're eating all my sticks that's all my hard work thanks for opening the door I appreciate it still gonna check this room those are all crafting tables that's pretty much it some nice chairs nice piece I'm on it look how slick that bad boy is all right brewing stand a bunch of crafting tables what is this I'm scared oh okay I can't you can't wait to watch it okay hey all three bull's-eyes to lower the lava easy you think this is some sort of a joke there's one there's two and there's three like nothing all right this is the coolest lab I've ever been in and the fact that I have to get out of here is honestly kind of sad but you know I do have to live my normal life whoa hey someone ringing about whoa it's red up here there's some parkour going on okay well I did there's no way I can do parkour okay okay let's see about that okay okay you know what you're right you're right I might fall but I'm gonna get up and I'm gonna try again because that's what that's what Minecrafts all about isn't that whoa whoa what kind of parkour is this ooh I might not be the best bar cool minecraft player on minecraft but I know how to do some jumps okay so get rekt robot who favorite are you never get past Jerry Jerry what what so what's so special about Jerry over here what does Jerry do eh Carrie hey Carrie hey buddy hey buddy Jerry he said I couldn't get past you but I just did alright there's another vent up there there's also another vent down here okay let's try to go through this one Oh Flip Jerry's coming in okay cherry cherry you just need to stay over there and let me do my own stuff I'm trying to get inside this vent here yes there we go okay I'm in the vent come on keep going there we go okay all right Wow wait did I just get teleported back here wait human it's just crawling through the air ducts yeah I am are you cool with me crawling through your air vents cuz that's about all I know how to do okay we're in we're in the next air vent okay all right where am I going now there's multiple ways to go okay so there's not multiple ways to go there's only one way to go fall down here again can I not like jump across oh I can all but there's nothing over here okay and I guess I have to oh wait the heck are we now there's never anything in any of these brewing stands you know you feel like if they were in a lab they would be cooking up some potions but know the people that work here are pretty lazy so they have to hire people like Jerry to watch the place like Jerry come on Rosie isn't it confusing isn't it no not really honestly I'm just going through every air vent I see where are we gonna go now minecraft what what am I supposed to do at this block oh do I have to push it all the way oh my gosh I think I have to go all the way down here with it all right come on buddy you're gonna be my best friend for today just keep going just keep swimming what do you do when you swim you don't breathe I guess I don't know okay there we go and that was for the ladder now we're out in Chinese it's a classic minecraft puzzle a classic minecraft puzzle that's what it is okay where am I supposed to get this thing easy so easy you're under estimating the Unspeakables I don't think I don't think you realize who you're messing with what am I supposed to do with this how am I supposed oh I didn't see this one there we go okay uh-huh uh-huh that one doesn't reach so here's what we got to do we got a we got I don't know what we're supposed to do actually how am I supposed to move this that doesn't even how are you sure let me reset it hold on maybe I just goofed something up can I go around this way I can't no there's no way I have to go through this way oh snap okay I'm supposed to do that in the reverse order and then this one this one grabs it and then this one grabs it and then this one pushes is out and this one pushes it then this won't wait now I got to do this one this one and this one grabs it and then swipe pushes out there's this one grabs it on this this one grabs it in this and then you want it and then and then this one and then that one and then we're good okay sweet a classic minecraft puzzle that's what it is now classical classical classic okay we got another vent here aways this we're gonna take us not this way not this way now wait did we come from that way I'm super confused not this way wait maybe this way nope it loops back around a sphere okay well it looks like we're stuck in here wait have we already been here oh come on this better be a different part of the map I swear if we've already been here I'll be mad if that if that vent just like reset no no we have not been here okay whoever liked Gerry anyway my best card is Genevieve Genevieve okay well here's the thing Genevieve you're not gonna see me cuz I'm still poor fast like lightning like lightning at all gosh there's two Genovese got Genevieve number one and all Geri ain't no match for Genevieve and they happen up these leaving these deputies did it oh okay okay okay is this this part of the map is a little bit more difficult the lab has recently got in new funding so you know they're they're spending more money on stuff and that's that's they're spending a lot of money on Genevieve five it's gonna walk past the door first Genevieve number one or two up I think that's number one okay Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco right when he passes goal what that is a bunch of baloney and you all know it Genevieve Genevieve is good but not as good as unspeakable there's no way there's no way you go there you go there you go we made it we made it we made it okay oh my gosh oh my gosh the computer bossfight I have to fight the computer that's been taught oh great the whole time all of my guards thank me I guess I'm going to have to finish the job this should hold you off where's that a parkour course really a nice little set of you know Paco oh you put in for block jumps in there you can spice you up in here when someone puts four block jumps in a parkour map you know they're getting serious that's all I'm trying to say and it looks like the robot is getting pretty serious but honestly I feel like I'm getting more serious you are no match for me robot you are no match for me I press this button ouch you can't defeat the parkour this is a this is a bug oh I get it's a bug cuz it's a computer that's great that's great but the thing is is the bug is on the other side of the wall buddy back up you're not you're just gonna die the new software update is going to completely wreck you and I am Here I am the software update yep you've opened up my electronics yeah oh wait what is this can't break wool is there any wool in here now your computer you don't use a wool what is this whoa is this a maze oh-ho-ho now we're talking hahaha I've escaped I'm free I'm not trapped in a lab anymore oh now I can go and finally find my cheese for my tacos do you know where my cheese is for my tacos see this is how I end up in situations like trapped in a futuristic lab because I talk to everyone I love you so much does that mean you have cheese looks like I have escaped yeah but I'm on the hunt for my cheese so if you guys want to help me get my cheese all I need you guys to do is leave a like on this video but I don't want to thank you all so much for watching if you guys did enjoy of course be sure to click that subscribe button as well so you can be notified when I upload all my future videos I post videos almost every single day on this channel so you do not want to miss out and especially tomorrow's video because I might find my cheese maybe not thank you guys so much for watching stay safe stay awesome and of course stay unspeakable


  1. Unspeakablegaming if he is trying to trap you find him and trap him then he…CAN NEVER TRAP YOU!!!

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