Secret Cyber Hacker Group You Never Heard of Steals Millions of Dollars

When you think of famous robbers a few names
might come to mind such as John Dillinger, Jesse James, Baby Face Nelson, and Butch Cassidy. But the amount of money they stole is nothing
compared to a man you’ve probably never heard of. His name is Maksim Yakubets and he started
and heads the hacker organization Evil Corp. Let’s go on an adventure down the rabbit hole
that is Evil Corp and see how they stole hundreds of millions of dollars from people all around
the world. Imagine you’re a hacker. It is just a regular day, you’re minding
your own business, stealing credit card info and social security numbers. Business is good. You have just decrypted the password algorithm
for the servers of a social media website’s client list. You now have free reign over their clients
info and accounts. All is going according to plan when suddenly
your computer screen goes completely black. You check the power and connections, everything
is fine. Then you notice a neon green cursor blinking
against the black background of the screen. That’s odd, you think. You hit the escape key. You try to force a reboot. Nothing works, it seems as if you have lost
control of your own computer. Then a message begins to type across your
screen in green lettering. “Hello Hacker. Your work is good. Would you like to become a part of something
bigger?” Bigger? you think. “What is this? Who is playing this joke on me?” you ask
yourself.Then, as if the screen were listening, green letters scroll across the blackness. No joke. Your future lies with Evil Corp. Join us and become richer than your wildest
dreams. Refuse us and your life will be destroyed. The screen goes completely black for a moment
and then your computer screen flashes back to what you had been previously working on. The list of the client info you stole remains
right where you left it, like nothing had ever happened. “What was that? My future lies with Evil Corp? What is Evil Corp? And how did an innocent hacker like me end
up on their list?” you say out loud. More importantly, do you really have any other
choice but to join them? You certainly don’t want your life to be
destroyed- do you? The next night you boot up your computer and
wait. Suddenly the screen goes black and the neon
cursor blinks. I’m in, you type. You have now been indoctrinated into the cybercrime
syndicate of Evil Corp. A hacker organization led by a man named Maksim
Yakubets. Like all hackers Yakubets goes by a pseudonym. Online he is known by the alias, Aqua. He had started Evil Corp almost a decade ago
and had been stealing money from businesses around the world ever since. All in all cyber crimes over the next five
years are estimated to cost businesses between forty-five to six hundred billion dollars
per year. That’s billions with a B. Once in the organization you are given their
most powerful tool. Aqua, or Yakubets in the real world, sets
you up with two of the most powerful malware viruses on the market. The programs are called Zeus and Bugat. Both can be used to steal bank account information,
so that you can hack into an unknowing users’ account and transfer cash to “money mules”
in different parts of the world. The way the malware works is simple yet effective. A link appears via email or a webpage of the
targeted person. You, the hacker, would monitor the links carefully. When someone clicks on the link the malware
is released onto their computer, which gives you free reign over their passwords and account
numbers. You are living large with Evil Corp. You have the power of the evil organisation
at your fingertips. Once the malware is installed a keylogger
unlocks and sends you all of the target’s passwords. The malware then does something very tricky. It creates fake banking pages prompting the
person to voluntarily put in their credentials, thus speeding up the process of obtaining
their information to a few keystrokes. You are now able to access all of the target’s
accounts and send their funds to the money mules hired by Evil Corp. These international money mules then launder
the money. They have been recruited by Evil Corp via
work at home job postings through regular job search websites. Who’d have thought it’d be so easy? Evil Corp then gives each mule trivial tasks
or busy work for a few days prior to being asked to handle the money transfers. They do this to weed out the slow pokes and
people not taking the money laundering business seriously. To be fair, most of the money mules are misled
and are unaware they are doing anything illegal. You can’t help but sit back and smile as
you send millions of dollars of stolen money to the unknowing employees of Evil Corp. It is almost time for your payday. And then something surprising happens. You see your boss on the news. He is on a F.B.I. most wanted poster. Yeah you knew Evil Corp was well, evil, but
you had no idea how evil until the report came out. Evil Corp had apparently stolen over one hundred
million dollars from businesses around the world. But here is the thing that makes you question
your allegiance to Evil Corp. They had stolen millions of dollars from schools
and religious organizations. Is this who I am? you think. You were honestly just in it for the hacking
and stealing of rich people’s money. Kind of like a modern day cyber Robin Hood. But stealing money from children and nuns? That is messed up. To make it worse you then see videos of your
bosses at Evil Corp racing down the streets of Moscow, doing donuts around neighborhoods
and parking lots, and even tempting the cops to chase them. They are doing these crazy acts in cars that
are worth well over one hundred thousand dollars each. You learn that Yakubets also works closely
with other leaders in the organization, Igor Turashev and Evgeniy Bogachev. The latter being the mastermind behind the
powerful malware that Evil Corp had given you at the start of your hacker journey. All three of the leaders are wanted by the
F.B.I. What is even more astounding is that the cash
rewards for information leading to their arrests are all over three million dollars. Yakubets himself is worth five million dollars,
the largest reward ever offered for a cyber criminal! After doing more digging you find that Evgeniy
Bogachev, along with other members of Evil Corp, used the malware not just for stealing
money, but for more insidious purposes. The team of Evil Corp hackers used the tools
of the organization to search for classified information from countries that were of special
strategic interest to the Russian government. Evil Corp was meddling in the stability of
the world by stealing classified information from Turkey and Ukraine on behalf of the Russian
government. This gives you pause. Maybe you had been going about this all wrong. You could be a millionaire and a hero just
for providing information about Evil Corp to the Feds. But what would Evil Corp do to you in return? There had been stories of people being let
go from their jobs, having their identities stolen, or their lives ruined for getting
in the way of Evil Corp. You definitely do not want any of those things
to happen to you. Besides it is nearly impossible for the United
States or any other organization to get close to Yakubets and the rest of Evil Corp because
they are all in Russia. It goes without saying that the U.S. and Russia
have not always seen eye to eye or gotten along. But this is even more the case when it comes
to Russian hackers. Whether they work for the government or for
an entity like Evil Corp, Russia passionately protects their cyber hackers. In fact, Yakubets even obtained a license
from the government to work with Russian classified information in 2018. That is a lot of trust to put in the hands
of a hacker who’s organization has stolen tens of millions of dollars. The longer you work for Evil Corp the more
sophisticated and evil things get. The head programmers of the hacker organization
modify the malware. Now when the victim clicks on the malware
link, Evil Corp sends them to a modified web page for their own bank. This webpage displays a phony customer support
number. So Evil Corp has all of their information
and passwords, and when the victim seeks help they are calling a fake customer support line. What won’t these guys do? You slowly start to lighten your workload
from Evil Corp. You know you have to somehow disappear and
get away from the villainous organization. You start to deactivate your accounts, change
your usernames, get off the grid. You still keep tabs on Evil Corp just to make
sure you aren’t on their hit list. Things are quickly getting out of hand at
Evil Corp. Pictures of the leaders of the organization
with arms full of cash are being sent across the internet. They post a video with a pet lion cub they
bought on the black market. They are untouchable. The F.B.I. and other international agencies
are still looking for ways to bring Yakubets and the members of Evil Corp to justice. It does not seem that the organization and
their associates will be stopped any time soon. Evil Corp is still a functioning entity and
still stealing millions of dollars from people around the world. You are glad you got out before they do something
that could lead to an international conflict. All you know is that Evil Corp truly lives
up to their name. They are evil. You might be a little hesitant to click on
any links after watching that episode, but we promise if you click on this video here,
or that video here, the only thing we’ll be stealing from you is love! So click now and keep the watch party going
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100 thoughts on “Secret Cyber Hacker Group You Never Heard of Steals Millions of Dollars

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  2. Evil Corp sounds baddass , to bad I'm only a beginner when it comes to coding… I wish there was some kinda of hacking school. Like Hogwarts but for hackers

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    you cant just get a virus from visiting a link…..
    you HAVE to download and open something for it to be able to infect you…….

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  18. You can always use google Chrome, even if you have a cutting edge laptop, there will be no RAM left on your PC for a single malicious (or benign) script.

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