Seasons 19 – A How to Guide – Lets Clear up the Hay or Grass Debate

so guys in episode 6 of the seasons how-to let's play series but we've revisit grass I've seen lots of questions on the farm cent forums lots of questions asked over at the willabus slack and lots of questions in my in my videos related to graphs and well people getting results that they weren't necessarily expecting and the reason they were not expecting those is because well it's different than the standard based game and it's different than how it was in farm some 17 with seasons back then let's go over this one more time and I was kind of hoping that we would be able to get some rain hit some rain dances and I really couldn't get rain to consistently come to get the results that I wanted to get but we're just gonna pick up here and maybe we will be able to kind of touch up on what wet grass is at a later date so let's take a reading here and we can see that we have grass that is at 13 percent moisture this is really nice dry grass eight percent grande moisture but that's not as important as the 13 percent crop moisture now let's take a look at our let's take a look at our seasons menu and the weather so here we are today got nice sunny skies all the way through to tomorrow afternoon it's a little more uncertain the further we get out but it's thanks we've got sunny weather all the way up till Wednesday where we have snowy rain we are in the first day of autumn first day of autumn second day of autumn third day of autumn first day winter second day winter third day winter and here is spring already look at the wind we've got some high winds this afternoon and evening and that results in very very good drying conditions that's good drying conditions all the way up through really tomorrow afternoon where we see detailed weather forecasts we can see the wind is tailing down into tomorrow so what better time to make hay than right now so what I've got over here is I've got the I've got a wind rower set up right swather set up we're gonna use this as I was asked the question is – if brass will dry on its own if you use a swather so we're gonna use one and find out now what we're going to see when we cut this grass is it's going to come out and garden if that does not look like a right turn nothing awful darn it if that does not look like hey right well a little hand tool he doesn't read that so well but let's go over here and get our baylor baylor it's got a little bit of hay in it really wish we could unload we wish we could unload a full Bale a partial Bale so let's know a little bit more okay and then we will output that hay bale and then we will output another Bale and we'll see what this really is it's going to know one round here not going to be super careful about getting every little bit of grass we were just want some demonstrations here what we're really seeing here is we're actually seeing a new feel type that is known as semi dry grass okay if the grass is below 20 percent moisture the need is classified as semi dry grass if it is above 20 percent moisture it is classified as wet grass what grass will look like the stator farm sim 19 brass semi dry grass will look like a from farm sim 19 base game a let's go ahead and just empty this bale out then we will be able to get another Bale and one of the other reasons why I am doing this video you see down here the fill type that says grass how can that be that is hey well that's hay without seasons that's technically grass with seasons that is the semi dry grass so one of the other reasons why I'm doing this video is after I did episode 3 I guess which was the episode related to where we showed off the grass dried I made a comment to where that I honestly had a hard time telling the difference between semi dry and hay because semi dry was was a shade I guess between a and normal grass but what realness did is they went literally at the eleventh hour the day before seasons came out and he changed the fill types around and what we have now is not what we had back when I did that video which was using a pre-release version of seasons so what we have now is wet grass is is the grass coloration from the standard game semi dry grass is supposedly the hay coloration from armsan standard hay is now a lighter color entirely and is a totally new shading totally new texture and then straw is – same as it's always been so what I've done here is I've won going through and I forgot completely when I did the other video I had installed way back in December custom bale textures stuff going in and I've removed those so we're talking about regular standard Bale textures now but seasons should override those anyway so we've made ourselves a few graphs bales just going to leave those B for now hey go over here you use our and measuring tool on these will see it says grass 4000 litres okay let's finish up the mowing here then what we're going to do is we're going to let time pass what I did in the first video is I basically get a cut from semi dry grass to hey what we're going to do this time is we are just going to speed up the clock and when we speed up the clock we're not going to cut it's going to be no editing other than just speeding up the clock a bit and we're gonna watch and see if we could see when this semi graphs semi dry grass turns into a but I've been told is it's about six hours on good drying condition days and we can't have any better drying condition days and what we have here in game it's moment I winced clear skies warm weather be able to make ourselves lots of hay without any issue whatsoever one more pass you may actually see the new pay texture here this is a little bit of bits that have but not been not been picked up for the last time the mode they didn't rot away because well just had Bry weather since last time I mode but really there's been no opportunity for that hey you've brought away here and you know what let's let's do a little teddy okay go to Tedder here from this pack it's Ted a little bit and see what happens [Applause] see the texture is not changing one bit Hey that is because you can't advance semi-dry brass into a attending but you can do if you can convert wet grafts into semi dry grass if you Ted it but the grass basically needs to be at a any condition where it can dry basically the the wet grass which is cut above 20 percent moisture it needs to be in a condition where it is able to dry and it can convert do semi dry grass you can see we have grass in the baler we just ran that through a Tedder okay you may be skeptical if you've never used that particular mod before that that is a Tedder let's go here take a look let's go to Tedder's and you'll see we have one with one of those there it is okay this also has a wind rower see we don't have any of those and the wind rower is identified because it has this side plate on it right here what we had didn't have that so that was a tenner you're in simple and it has no effect on semi dry grass that is because semi dry grass has to dry on its own the way it will dry is to have good clear skies no rain and a little bit of wind it's going to go a long way in helping it ride make one more grass bill here let's go over here to the hand tool still four thousand liters okay let's advance time a little bit but it's three o'clock let's load the clock down its hey what am i doing that is a hay bale horse that's gonna not change here is our grass bill that is now 3995 litres let's go over here to the first grass bale that we made up 3995 last grass bill we made is 3995 let's move forward a little bit more here where it could see our semi dry grass will go to 3:30 and we will slow the clock down right 3995 okay Vance the four o'clock now this take a look see the way our clouds are moving seasons the clouds will shift direction on you you're not paying attention it's four o'clock 3990 liters and see our grass veils are losing volume that is because as soon as you start to bale grass it will rock it will start to rock the only reason to bale grass is to wrap it the act of wrapping the grass will stop its permit 84 minting fermented so the only way to stop grass from firming are from rotting is to wrap it at that point then it starts to ferment as opposed to rock grass pills will could wrap brass bales will convert to wrap silage bills over the course of on seasonal transition I've said before and that seasonal transition is basically the number of days that it takes you to move from one stage of the season to the next so we are playing three-day seasons on this demo map it's basically one day 24 hours for six days seasons as we've said in the past that is two days to transition so it will take 48 hours for grass bales that are wrapped to convert to silage nine-day seasons three days 12 days seasons four etc and while we're talking about brass and bales and silage there are brass missions obviously in-game some of those missions will require you to know the grass and then Bale it and then wrap it and deliver those to the barn have any looks right here we've got a baling mission right here field one mow the grass bale it wrap it and take bales to the barn we're going to accept this contract because I want to demonstrate this to you 9:1 infield 9 I think field 9 is closer and sealed one yeah so let's do that let's do field nine we're going to accept that contract [Applause] and I will I will use that to demonstrate some other functionality here [Applause] we get these graphs pills rep basically right here there that is the difference so that is semi dry grass that is hey hey semi dry grass and of course wet grass would be the normal grass color of the darker green do you do any wet grass at the moment because the ground has been weather has been to dry to produce rain comes in the brood produce wet grass conditions for one press now go over here use our hand tool see that we have thirty thousand nine hundred ninety liters of grass but we have 24 hours to go before it converts the silage just wrap this one it has point zero two point zero two fermented okay [Applause] remember this is Hey [Applause] can't rap baby pretty standard [Applause] all right yeah gonna do is we're going to go ahead sit here speed up the clock and we're just gonna watch and see if this converts to Hey and what it does hey remember we mowed this a little bit after 2 p.m. it's now almost 5 p.m. let's now been three hours what I'm going to do now is I'm going to basically speed up the recording in the editing process to basically make the clock run a bit quicker I don't want to move the clock any faster than 120 in worrying about it maybe getting out of sync so we're just going to run at 120 Here I am going to kick up the recording playback in post edit to make the clock run a bit quicker all right well honestly I didn't have to do that it is now hey saw it convert right in front of your eyes is now 622 that was basically about four hours after the just check this was about four hours after we moved this pretty pretty good Bryan conditions I'd say be able to go for hours then get converted into hey let's prove it then there's Phil type it says hey and the baler that is awesome that's got to be one of my most favorite new features of seasons is the auto drying of of basically grass if the conditions are right again let's summarize if the grass is higher than twenty percent moisture if you mow it it will be classified as wet grass wet grass cannot dry on its own and convert to semi dry grass it needs to be headed the active Teddy wet grass will convert it to semi dry grass as long as that wet grass isn't overly wet ok if we cut grass and the grass moisture is below twenty percent then that grass will come out of the mower and it will look like bass farm sim 19a but it isn't is a new field type called semi dry grass semi dry grass will dry on its own and convert to hay time it takes depends on the conditions you saw this video editions must have been very very good because it converted a matter of about four hours if pay or semi-dry grass gets rained on depending on the amount of rain that happens both of those could revert one state okay so what I'm saying is if we left this hay on this field overnight and it rained overnight you could get up in the morning and we could find this hay and reverted back to semi dry grass if it rains on that semi dry grass for enough it will also revert back to wet grass once it's wet grass we have to wait for it to dry out a bit this is we have to wait for the proper moisture just in general to dry up once the wet crop icon up there at the top goes away we can then basically Ted that wet grass into semi dry grass then we have to wait for it to dry on its own back into hay or we can bail it and call it hey of course at any time bit bale wet grass or semi dry grass and make silage bits remember anything that is grass wet or semi dry if you bail it it will immediately start to lose volume run at a clock speed greater than 1 X the amount of time that it takes out of real time that it takes for that grass to start losing volume is going to depend on how fast your clock operates you saw clearly that we were losing about 5 liters every game hour I believe I don't think it was every 30 minutes I think it goes every game hour if you leave hay on the field as long as it doesn't get rained on pay will not rot flying on the field leave it on the field for days on end wouldn't ride long as it didn't get rained on the act of raining on it hey will convert it if it's rained on enough to again semi dry grass now if either grass type semi dry or wet grass is rained on then of course it has a chance of reverting back wet grass just gets wetter and leave grass on the field or one night and it will be fine if by the time the second night comes around if it is still on the ground and it is still grass it will likely start to deteriorate and some of your grass will go away basically overnight the second night okay so I hope that kind of clarified these some questions is some confusion around a grass concept remember we have a totally new fill type all semi dry grass and we have a totally new a texture with seasons okay we're gonna take a little bit a break I'm going to move this stuff over to field nine and I want to demonstrate something to you guys that came up in testing and it's pretty slick while this is a little bit off subject I thought bringing up on driving over here see this big field of beets there's a fair number of failed germination spots in this field so you can kind of see what it would look like on a field that has some pretty bad a failed germination right there you just have some kind of spotting this going on here that to the field over here field 11 it's pretty darn good I don't really see a lot of failed germination or dead spots on that field whatsoever for here that is a different story field way across the way see there's some spots so if you see that happening to your field those are failed germination areas they are likely the result of up the ground being too dry ain't you seated or the ground just being too dry right after the plant germinates and starts to sprout all right so what we're going to do here is get follow me set up we're going to go ahead Baelor running get the baler ready except following me back up turn it off this up offset of two and a half meters I think I have that go in the right direction this way we can basically no bail and wrap the same time just make sure we've got that all set set correctly and suck I don't need to set that the other way it's control and let's take it down a notch to 6 miles per hour so what we're going to do is we're just going to bail a few bales maybe maybe one trailer load on a Torsen trailer load and we're going to take that over to barn and you may say oh look the contract here is to mow the field wrap the grass and sell silage bales what we just said earlier in the video that's going to take one transition to convert grass into silage and at three days seasons I should have to wait until 6:30 8:00 tomorrow evening to sell those silage bales right well not quite I ran into this situation in testing seasons and imposed the question to the team they said that if if a player takes a player takes on a milling contract where they have to make silage bits but then they're gonna have to wait an entire day are they gonna have to wait an entire transition which could be as many as eight game days if they are playing 24 days seasons to basically sell those bales and then clear out that contract are we really saying that players are gonna have to wait and not do any contracts for eight days potentially if they make the mistake and take a grass contract with 24 day seasons because I mean at that point it sure it sounds like it's a mistake to me because if I'm not gonna be able to take on any contracts for eight game days that is potentially pretty detrimental to my to my plan to maintain profitability so there is a special exception that's been put into place for silage bailing contracts that will allow the barn to accept wrapped grass so we're gonna demonstrate that here in a little bit once we get to get a few more bales I think we'll just do one round of here then we'll go here at a bale trailer and then so whatever bales though are those are and you just demonstrate for you but that is indeed working the way it's supposed to something else that's supposed to take effect is grass contracts are supposed to be a little bit more profitable than they were in the base game but also brought up that you know what these brass contracts are a lot of work compared to fertilization contracts or even compared to harvest contracts being a harvest contract all you got to do is drive a harvester across the field one ton unload it eat two trailers and then transport trailers however many times you need to the supplement but a mowing contract you have to mow the field so it's one trip across the field you have to windrow the field potentially so that's two trips across the field then you have to bail the field that is three trips across the field if you don't have a combo baler wrapper then you have to wrap it that's four trips across the field then you have to pick up all the bales and transport them to the barn in those brass contracts need-based game they don't pay out near enough for all that effort compare that to the fertilized contracts that pay out some serious money the amount of effort that you put into it so seasons I think they went in and I think they said they made the contracts maybe 50 percent more profitable should see the grass contract more profitable the seasons than it was without we're not going to complete the contract I'm just going to bail on it once we demonstrate how this works then other way [Applause] come over here we'll pick up this one bail that we this is a hay bail is that done it's a bail [Applause] but there is a veil that doesn't exist yet [Applause] that is 4000 litres silage bale cuz we bailed it right away alright I want to go get a bale trailer and load up these and I'll be back with you as we are taking them over to a bar I'll bring you guys back is that just really like these Bale trailers I know what your all's opinions are on the Anderson DLC but I thought it was pretty cool I love these Bale handling equipment single bail wrapper spell trailers they're all pretty cool my opinion so all the way over here I was I was thinking that didn't I see that this contract was gonna give me $20,000 and I looked it up indeed it is this this is gonna pay out 20 grand mailing contracts are definitely profitable now that's compared to base team I don't remember what the what the contract was for this field in the base game maybe you guys can remember to put in the comments that'd be cool so what I'm going to do is we're going to fork this one so you can see this one says grass so this is a wrapped grasp it still want anybody saying while wheat you when you went and when you wait to get that built really you converted them all to silage or something still pink wrapped keep I peak bales in the the shop go in and hack the game make the bales pink in the shop there seven brass bales here that are wrapped be silage bills until tomorrow 6:45 p.m. I'm not going to cut the video I'm just going to speed it up I'm so driving down to the barn isn't mind-numbingly slow the video itself is already long enough all right so here we are at the barn remember we have a grass bale in the front put that here the trigger it says 1% transport it to field 9 so we're 3% now let's go ahead and unload the rest of these bales our wrapped brass bales dropping them off short of the trigger on purpose again I want to demonstrate grass grass rats JC they're all grass we have 11% transported from field nine well the contract so there you go if you don't shy away from bailing contracts because you think that you're gonna have to hold out for one two three four eight game days depending on the number of days per season because there is a special exception put into place specifically for bailing contracts hi guys so I hope that cleared up some questions than having related to brass work and seasons again I wish I was able to demonstrate wet grass but weather just would not cooperate with me do you have in the forecast some possible rain in the future maybe maybe I could demonstrate wet grass and the inability to Ted what grass when it's too wet and the ability to Ted grass what grass let's let's try it out a little bit as well as the inability for white grass to ever convert itself to semi dry on its own and then I really wanted to also demonstrate the reversion of a back to semi-dry graphs and from semi-dry grass back to wet grass but did my rain dance and rain ever team the best we could do so next time happy for me oh and hold a hole to hold it I can't end the video there just remembered you should talk a little bit about grass and hay and straw rotting we're talking about that at all okay so if your hay bales are outside they get rained on they will begin to rot or they won't rot completely away simply because they were rained on once what they will do is they will lose volume depending on the amount of rain that they are exposed to leave a bail out a hay bale out over several rains conceivably it could rot away to nothing but more than likely it will rot some a portion of its volume away if you leave a on the ground and it rains well it will convert back as we've said before to semi dry grass if you leave semi dry grass down on the ground enough it will start to vanish on you after I think to full game nights if you have straw on the ground and it gets rained on it will start to rot away you have a straw bale out on the field and it starts to get rained on it will start to lose volume it's just like hey it will not rot completely away until it has been rained on a lot of times so a and straw rotting her only on maps that have semester it's important to know if your map does or does not have a snow mask with that that's where we'll end the video until next time happy farming be sure to LIKE subscribe and click that notification bill you

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  1. So silage contracts let you “sell” wrapped grass bales, but what about hay contracts. Does it let you “sell” tedded dry grass bales or do you have to wait for it to turn to hay before baling it and delivering it.

  2. Farmer Klein, Thank you for confirming on not being able to wrap hay as in FS17. Wish they would edit that out of their help section since it isn't applicable in FS19. Honestly going to miss the feature, but it is what it is.

  3. Would the texture color be different with colorblind on or off or is it the same either way cuz hay looks like straw to me?

  4. I love that you don’t get instant silage when wrapping grass, it takes roughly 40 days depending on how hot it is in real life which would be 1 transition in FS19 seasons

  5. So for a silage bale contract you can deliver a wrapped grass (that was confirmed on the Giants forum when I asked it a while back, and again in this video). But I'm going to assume that a hay bale contract needs to wait for the 4(ish) hours for the dry grass to become hay, and that you cannot deliver dry grass bales(??) And that you cannot use an Xtractor to wrap grass, then unwrap it immediately to move it to the delivery point for a silage bale contract(?)

  6. great informational video as always buddy i do have a question on, i think i know the answer but just want to clarify, so u do the baling contract and complete it and u have those extra "bonus" bales leftover… will those bales sell as silage or grass?

  7. Question about animals. Can cows make solid manure and slurry at the same time? In the seasons blog they made it sound like they couldn’t make both at once which is unrealistic. So I’m just curious

  8. Probably the thing i have more doubts about seasons 19 is crop rotation, like per example we get 1 free fertilizer state when sowing the right crop right? What if the sower also applies fertilizer? We get 2 states? Only 1 state being that we loose fertilizer?

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