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judges means different things to different people understand what money is not about the money yeah but our man unless you can touch that’s what it means to me i don’t know what basically a lot has changed and like you said i’m dropping contract the first problem and I was always the way for a while because I wanted like some space the color is a creative space illogical if you just go away for a while and you know go after the first branch are you trying to go from here and shut the team of all nations ok we’re trying to go from here what kind of need you want to start making and I love music so much I want to try also sounds sort of generally so what new album you can hear different song different sounds different southside to RIT like all kinds of sounds like I’m just trying to we’re not like should i use what experiment or I’m just about good music basically but this new shit is crazy like is Abdul I’m not even trying to break for real magic of my glasses that look into my eyes and tell me from lying on the state next EP just crazy it’s really really is my friends be my friend able your medical needs my friend before business like we’ve been working a long long time way back way back 2008-2009 I was when I met you I was used to be in a group of three was going to marry details anyone’s going to know what about to you I think this bush or choose a bride named Bobby really depressing so now that i started working at remember we did a song together way back called oh the same time I icebergs name a man is very long time and we had a remix to the song oh and that so it’s way beyond come on we could be good friends we could and that I was gonna be forever young forever basically the contract is over this way to move on engineer track to treat my own thing and trying to get other people to it’s critical cream uniforms and then sometimes just thinking out loud to go meeting go to explain sand it’s not a lot but we appreciate we try to make something out of every time we get to spend together with every little bit of money we have another video wouldn’t have too much even if you have to worry like yourself as i go to studio they don’t have money like 30 to 50 to kill me I’d like you I can’t go back home without making something at least assault or two we have to create something and sometimes when it’s kind of hard to create what they started like you know buddy go up you at work yesterday you have the creation and sometimes just wake up in the mornin entry music at night whenever as long as we together and he comes in on the right into like a local google local traders let’s try this way you know and maybe that’s why I say just waiting on this next EP my life as their wedding already tried because my people be like so we can do that so do you know I just do something except that you want to do something exceptional because with the first time it was definitely spent like you said you know you can actually take you to that peak to the ice let’s see you do it so I think that’s all you begin with the thing is i think people just need to take time to digest much weight and you don’t think about probably before some people don’t even get to the truth just like now now now one talk from one person to another before i read from it too but I don’t change didn’t want to look at something we just look at Eddie short version is better than anyone and no don’t want to take that chance to listen to the song and I just want to criticize you and you know which means i have right in my opinion I wasn’t trying to criticize or damage it does work or something but for real mom actually put work in me and I was only saying i think is that we start appreciating ourselves Africans that people and that’s the only way we can appreciate music and then only we can grow because i remember when the Sun came out there was a huge billboard like everywhere transform or this same song it is filled and I tell you can do better music in there but it was he will come from that’s that you know feat pop but we could listen within twenty understands me and I think everybody is actually working towards making that kind of music not good news about color close to the rest of the world and I think we’re doing good something from the fridge and makeup about my job never let you go we’re gonna see people about a year or more now because some songs were recorded 2015 2016 and we’re just like you it’s for the EP has all the songs right now the whole lot of songs and we decided to put everything out the same time like 20 tracks 17 tracks or something whatever like you I think it’s kind of awful people like digest songs these days so use less too much sounds like you let’s split it let’s give it six or seven seven seven and you know that would use for my friend to digest ok that’s all working away download the full planets to you know take the brand to another level basically that’s what working to work and make it a it’s not even about me it’s about a team basically about enable you know everybody’s trying to grow just want to you know bring your body as well i got my clothing line coming out pretty soon as well it’s a lot and we’re going to be going back to my state know trying to give back to society you know couple of schools a couple of communities you know dewatering and and desk and chairs to couple inner like make life better for people so it’s way beyond the music 472 anticipation yeah yeah yeah i just want to keep doing what I can do with that’s what’s that it’s not even about me it’s about other people you want to blessed because you know such as means different things to different people you understand that even like what monitor is not about the money you have about our man unless you can touch that’s what it means to me so so you know we keep keep spreading the gospel

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