SD75M helper set coupling to ES44AC DPU

45 thoughts on “SD75M helper set coupling to ES44AC DPU

  1. Its kinda funny looking back on this cuz it was the first video I ever shot and it has the most views of all my vidoes.

  2. Nah, pretty typical.This is almost constant. Tryin to keep up 60-80 trains a day. About half of them need helpers.

  3. @CSX2665 Yeah. Ya don't need them. They are separate units running on radio fequencies. Its not letting me post links. In my videos look for 2 BNSF helpers uncoupling from 2 BNSF DPUs.

  4. @CSX2665 Those are run off of radio control and they uncouple on the fly at the top of the pass so the whole train don't have to stop to uncouple the helpers. I have a video of them on here uncoupling on the fly. I'll find it and post the link for ya.

  5. It's amazing that they can't come up with auto-coupling for the air-brake line and any other connections that have to be made. They could use miniature cameras that are everywhere these days, there could be an automatic sequencer so that as the engineer couples to one rail-car his view would automatically toggle to the other end of the car he just hooked up to, and repeat. and so on and so on. An Engineer and Conductor could work much faster that way,and stay out of the weather too.

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