this is teeny an Oracle forecast for love as well as relationships for the months of July to December 2019 we have a look at the energies that will be swirling around you it will affect some of you the whole story others of you only certain aspects of it will touch on your life so if you like a personal private reading that incredible soulmate reading or even to subscribe to the weekly style sign up date so that it can help you navigate your way through challenges or situations or even take a peek into your future to see what happy occasions are going to turn up for you then please contact me via the link in the description box below that is via the website you will see you can purchase and order your readings there so Scorpio first we're gonna have a look at the tea leaves let's stay behind in the cup of tea I made for you and we'll read the story he'll relationships for the rest of the year and then we'll have a look at the oracle cards so the first thing I see is an arrow pointing towards a pen and a flower and a bird in flight so I think happiness will come later in this year through jobs and career and it'll be via news that comes it now remember what you do career-wise what you do for your projects your job whatever it may be always affects your love life we like to think all these things are in their separate compartments but they not because how we feel affects all parts of our life so if career-wise you're going to be happy later in life or later in this year shall we say it's going to have a good impact on your relationships I also see a bet and I see another bird in flight now what this can mean is and then I see someone smiling and really happy like a clown face so maybe the message that comes in alleviates some kind of forces that were working against you or life seeking seeming to work against your people working against you this news changes that and this huge happy smiley faces on the other side of this and you can finally find the space to be happy and of course this will impact positively on relationships both in existing relation and in relationships you want to draw into your life I see number 31 which would no doubt be a date and the number 11 with it so 31st of november seems to be a key date where relationships are consumed I also see the number 21 and next to there no you know what 12 and arraigned eeeh I take that back that's a 12 with a reindeer next to it so in the 12th month in December I see an arrow pointing upwards and I see a bird in flight so once again there is this next level of improvement in relationships you find you by the end of the year you really in the right direction where relationships are concern you get the kind of news the kind of messages that elevate your relationships in December or definitely by December month but definitely in December it seems to be the case so there is there is upward movement there is improvement in relationships in the second half of this year by the looks of things if we have a look at your oracle cards you get blessed you get the face you get here and now and you give me the ending story which really rhymes well with what is just shown up in their tea cups with blessed says some kind of blessings come your way where relationships are concerned this year the universe delivers lessons for you some things you might not have anticipated things you might not have expected things you possibly don't even feel like you deserve at this stage in life come to you in your relationship wrong fate steps in also normally has that kind of feeling where you didn't really prepare for it you didn't really plan for it you didn't really work for it bad steps in and brings you those things there's a focus on the here and now say in other words the next six months you're not living in the past you're not living in the future keeping your eye on the here and now in relationships as well is that the never ending story says you start telling yourself a different story so maybe up to this point things of nothing going as well as you expected maybe they've even been going badly maybe they've been okay with they haven't been great whatever the case may be where relationships are concerned love relationships a new story starts unfolding and you start telling a different story so whereas before you might say oh you know relationships have been going well about going in the wrong kind of people yada yada whatever the case may be you now start saying you start looking with optimism and you start telling yourself a different story you start saying well things will definitely improve they're on the upward maybe I can attract new kinds of partners into my life that are really gonna suit me and I'm gonna have a good time with him so there's a shift in energy a definite shift and you know Gina comes from you firstly the blessings the news coming in the career side all helps to make you feel better about yourself and about life in general and this definitely also shifts the energy and that's also I think when the universe starts bringing you these nice surprises these nice things these blessings that you practice that you expect or anticipate and that all shook so that you can start telling yourself a much better story so you can start repeating a much better story as well so that is good news overall Scorpio things are definitely on the up and improvement where relationships are concerned for the rest of this year I hope that you enjoy – they're treating if you would like any of those readings I offered at the beginning the personal private soulmate or subscription to weekly updates for your star sign please contact me via the links in the description box below that is via the website I want to thank you for watching this new commenting liking subscribing and for those of you that share this video I truly appreciated those of you that comment I read every single comment thank you very much

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