Science and Society in Made in Abyss

There’s a lot of anime out there that try to be intelligent and careful with the crafting of their worlds. Full Metal Alchemist is one such world, a setting that has an actual past tied to its present. Wars and decisions made up to the series’ beginning result in a landscape that Ed and Al have to make their way through on their adventures. Cowboy Bebop is another world, this time a solar system full of different cultures entirely with humanity spread out across rocky moons and planets. It’s a true Wild West and one of the key issues the crew of the Bebop faces is that their past always come back to haunt them. A solar system, a world, a continent, even an island. As long as the surroundings the story takes place in feel lived in, with politics and history that extend beyond what the protagonists we follow face, there’s a certain sense of connection as the suspension of disbelief kicks in that you’re seeing another real breathing world, not just an excuse for the story to exist. What all of this brings me to is the world of Made in Abyss, small though the anime setting is, being set on an island with a giant hole at its center. History exists here in this tiny segment of the world, visible not just in the exposition of the characters but even the visuals displayed in the animation and backgrounds. As we can see, a society flourishes around this huge pit. But the reason this massive city exists is one we as a species can connect to in the same way that so many did to the mysteries of our world prior to its exploration. The same reason we look to outer space and the deep oceans of our planet: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. Most of you may recognize my words as belonging to a series set in the outer reaches of the galaxy: Star Trek, a show with an idyllic society bent on finding out what’s beyond the galactic bend. And while the society displayed in Made in Abyss is not quite the utopian culture of Starfleet, the drive to discover and science the shit out of things we don’t yet understand is exactly the same. The only difference is the source of this curiosity. The world of this anime is a dark mirror to that sense of optimism and fellowship that Star Trek seeks to provide. Scientific discovery is the goal in each of these series. But while Starfleet does so with the absence of needs thanks to replicators and other technology they’ve created, Made in Abyss still very much embodies the greedy underbelly of the human psyche. Food, medicine, shelter. All things provided in Star Trek are just a possibility and around this abyss in the center of the island a slim one at that. According to Nat, the people who live in the slums around the Abyss often died due to the pollution and lack of resources with far too many of these deaths comprised of the young. These people resort to picking rags to turn in for some monetary or sustenance gain. The weak and infirm are cast aside by the society that values only the strength of one’s grip and the ability to pull more bounty from the depths below, as Leader demonstrated when speaking with Reg during his attempt to gain entrance to the orphanage. While scientific minds are welcome and even encouraged from a very young age judging by the schooling provided to the orphans, every ounce of this society’s focus is exploring, discovering, and ripping whatever resource they can out of the Abyss. While Star Trek’s universe is motivated simply by pure curiosity, Made in Abyss’ science is motivated by greed and with certain amounts of greed comes less concern for human life. Perhaps at first this was simply corporations and countries vying and jockeying for positions of power with the incredibly dangerous and useful artifacts that come from the Abyss. Sending willing participants, employees and desperate souls alike, down to pillage the Abyss’ mysteries. But with people come need for shelter and when people gather for long periods of time over several generations, comes new life. These new lives might have at one point been allowed to leave the island, to return to the countries of the parents’ origins. But over time, the potential use of these new recruits and the ever burning desire to plumb the secrets within the Abyss apparently became too much to bear, letting them go. Whether encouraged by their parents or the countries and corporations, children of the Abyss divers began to become trainees. With the high rate of death of those who go down into the Abyss, many of these children became orphans. And while orphanages should be given donations to care for these children, I suspect the remote location of the island the Abyss is located within and the need for all resources to be devoted to mining the artifacts combined to allow the use of orphans as first-level cave raiders to pull up the easier and more accessible artifacts that, while seemingly useless to our characters in the show, are still worth a pretty penny to the collectors that fund the current society. Over time, the frequency of death seems to have had the society around the Abyss become inured to such unpleasantries giving rise to a cold logic that death is simply something that happens to all who desire to delve deeply into the earth. It’s simply a fact of life to this culture of abyssal reverence and especially to the kids we follow as Nat calmly explained how he would have most likely died in the slums if he hadn’t been allowed in the orphanage. This cold sense of logic is further beaten into these kids by their education which seems to have become more scientifically bent than anything our own society endeavors to teach with much less focus on puritanical religion as a result. Instead, if there is a religion at all, it is based in the accomplishments of the White Whistles who travel the furthest, explore the most, and eventually give their lives to the Abyss in pursuit of this insatiable curiosity and greed. There is a suicidal hero worship drilled into every aspect of the culture. From the praising and hailing of the White Whistles as heroes and even messianic figures to the point that parades and parties are thrown in their honor discovering a White Whistle’s death or White Whistle itself, which is assumed to be the same, though I do have my doubts that’s the case for Riko’s mother personally, to the fanatical wish to eventually become a White Whistle by almost every character we’ve met so far in the series. All the cave raiders we’ve met aspire to become the next Lyza the Annihilator, Riko most of all. And with this wish comes the embracing of certain death. This isn’t just the acknowledgement that we will one day all die due to old age as our bodies and organs begin to give out, but to a relatively young death as the Abyss claims a White Whistle that goes too far forever. After all, upon reaching a certain point in the Abyss returning to the surface is impossible and only White Whistles who have mapped the lowest reaches this society knows of have gone to those depths. Reaching the bottom is tantamount to suicide because of the extremely high amounts of dangerous beasts and the overwhelmingly unwelcoming environments. With such a horrible place to live in, reaching old age at the bottom of the Abyss is incredibly improbable at least from what we’ve been told. In addition to this hero worship, there is a sense from Habolg that the society around this Abyss might revere the Abyss itself in a way, as the strange logic Habolg and Riko both mentioned about this mysterious netherworld always selfishly taking back what was once within it demonstrates. To everyone who enters this foreign world, it is their grave and they revere its almost ominous will as if it were an actual entity similarly to how elves view forests as having wills of their own in fantasy. But to return to a previous point, I want to talk about the seeming lack of puritanical religion in the world as well. In my opinion in our world, science and religion are at odds with one another with facts and measurements being the antithesis to faith blind or otherwise. And while there are some minds that can fathom that facts and measurements in this reality can somewhat coexist with faith in higher power, the fact is this is a rare circumstance for most people, let alone entire societies. In Made in Abyss however, science seems to be more important than the puritanical teachings we are familiar with in Christianity or Islam, for example. And I cite the lack of embarrassment with the naked body in the core of my belief in this theory. Riko specifically measured, poked, prodded, and sketched Reg’s body in its entirety. And while it could be argued that she felt no shame in doing so because she views Reg as a robot rather than a person, I believe there’s less focus on the concept of the naked body being a horrible thing to avoid like it is in the church culture of the United States, for example. This is further reinforced by the society in Made in Abyss handing down the punishment of being strung up naked for the entire orphanage to see as one that is not only not worthy of having CPS called on the orphanage but just a normal punishment in this society. In addition, Riko uses the word “penis” without a sense of embarrassment, using the word “chinchin” specifically. And while this is considered baby talk from my scant research in the world through the internet, I suspect it works clinically among these children given their young age. But its vulgarity to clinical ratio is ultimately unknown to me because my knowledge of Japanese is extremely limited. Either way, it didn’t seem to be intended as a vulgar way of saying it rather than just the vocabulary the creators chose to go with for the young children in the anime. I’m not sure how the manga handles it, but regardless of what it is, it’s interesting to think about at least. In addition, while the series isn’t necessarily set on Earth, it does seem to follow Earthly principles in everything but this strange abyss. So it’s logical to assume religion exists in the wider world, as it does in almost every other story in existence. However, there is no mention of religion beyond what I’ve covered previously with the reverence of the White Whistles and the Abyss itself. So either my assumption that religion exists is wrong, which I find unlikely, or it’s simply not important to anyone we follow in the story so far. Finally, the maturity and logical thought processes of Riko and the rest of the cast, aside from ironically the robot Reg, seem to focus on working through problems rather than letting them fester or worrying about what can’t be fixed. There’s an almost Vulcan way of looking at the world, to borrow from Star Trek once more, with emphasis on the scientific method in doing what needs to be done. More important than the emotional responses most of humanity would have in the types of situations cave raiders and Riko and Reg specifically are being exposed to. Regardless, this show juggles a lot of concepts in its extremely well-crafted world. I’m certain there’s more to be said about this society and much more to the concepts the show tries to introduce that I didn’t mention here. And I hope others and you viewers decide to take those thoughts and make videos or essays out of them, but for now this is the extent of my thoughts on the society. Science and greed lies at its core and unlike the utopian Star Trek, Made in Abyss is a much grittier realistic turn on the nature of humanity. If you found this sort of concept interesting, let me know in the comments below and I’ll trend more toward these types of videos. But if you prefer the more comedic videos that I make, tell me that instead. Either way, I’ll probably do whatever I want to do, but I may trend toward one or the other depending on what people want to see me do. Should you wish to speak with me directly, you can contact me on Twitter whenever you like. I’m also often on Reddit’s r/anime so you can find me in the episode discussions there as well. And if you like my content, remember to subscribe and hit that notification bell to know exactly when another video of mine goes up. You can also find a link to what I use to record and links to my other social media in the description. Whatever you decide to do or whatever you believe, remember to always enjoy the way you watch anime. Because as long as you’re having fun, that’s all that really matters. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Hearing different takes, now including yours, on the society in Made in Abyss has been one of my favorites things this season.
    And I very much appreciate the comedy side of your channel as well, especially how you described a few of Trigger's anime.

  2. interesting yet mostly wrong due to being made too early, most of your speculation gets thrown out of the window by later chapters of the anime( and in the manga the extra chapters and following arcs )

    good try i guess.

  3. woah, amazing video from such a small channel. If the YouTube platform is not as broken as I think, I believe your channel will grow a lot. Here, your like and sub.

  4. You'd know alot more about the concept of Abyss by the end of Season 1 😛

    Sigh, 13 episodes is not enough >.<
    Should make it 18 episodes to cover something more important QQ..

  5. I keep getting the feeling that the society in the show/manga is just an alternate version of the code of work in the industrial age. Just replace the abyss with factories. And the heavy reinforcement of Christianity at the workhouses with again, the abyss. Like the the line that was spoken by human Nanachi and the white whistle Ozen.

  6. In the first episode Riko finds a man who died in prayer , and if I remember correctly she says she's sorry to disturb him.
    So I assume they have some kind of belife system or at the least an understanding of it , maybe the religion is even based on the abyss, considering the skeleton was found on the higher levels ,it looked human and was praying to the artifacts they collect.
    The abyss reminds me of all the stories about trasversing through hell, like how they become deformed, once you get too far you can't come back and the hideous monsters.

  7. I am getting surprised by the amount of well done essay videos on youtube lately. Maybe is related to the explosion in popularity from Wisecrack and Nerdwritter and maybe even Game Theory. Either way, this video in particular is really good. It helps that is one talking about made in abyss, one of the best shows of the season. But just to add something to it. The Abyss might be an actual entitity it appears. Not only for the raiders but for the ancient civilization that lived in the abyss. Remember that all the skeletons that are found always are praying in the direction of the abyss. And this might even be related to that strange curse that kills the children in their birthdays.

  8. Made in Abyss series has truly trained my brain beyond those of soldiers. I can literally stare at a kid gouge his own eyes out and eat it without being fazed after what this series had me bear witness too.

  9. I agree that the origins of the system of cave explorers was largely driven by greed but when you look at most white whistles or wannabe white whistles we've seen so far (in the anime at least) they seem to be driven by a sense of exploration, adventure, or scientific curiosity, not greed. The money is needed to continue the functioning of this society & I'm SURE many lower level whistles are driven by greed, but there's a sense of frank mortality in those aspiring to white whistle-dom. There are sayings that reinforce anti-materialistic views "All things return to the abyss" (Riki losing her artifact rather flippantly in the 1st level)That's one of the things that characterizes Riko & is precisely what makes her so engaging. She's a dorky airhead in Orf (as her mother was) but we see a change once she descends. She has A LOT of knowledge, and we have been shown she has a drive to observe, take notes, & learn from them. Of course she is affected by the environment she was raised in, but besides wanting to find/become her mother, she really does have a strong sense of scientific drive & curiosity that makes her capable of succeeding. Reg is what often keeps her alive physically but it's clear that without her he doesn't understand the intricate web of the abyss. She has a lot of the knowledge & skill that aided their descent. That's why their partnership is so notable in anime- it's an ACTUAL partnership. 2 different yet capable people with different skills & weaknesses working together for a desire to know MORE. Whether it's to know more about the abyss or their own origins. Lyzza herself has so far been characterized as a great warrior & ultimately by her intense wanderlust that pulled her away from her 2 year old child. Her passion IS the abyss, the adventure, not the money. She only benefits from the money in Orf, where she isn't very often.

  10. Imo, the society in MiA has similar trait to 17th/18th century when discovery of unknown, either scientifically or geographically, brings both fame and wealth to a person.

  11. I am also interested in the way the characters talk and behave based on the society they live in. The points you made on science, religion and the suicidal hero are relevant. Made in Abyss definitely has a well crafted world and not only on a shallow level.

    Overall, great analysis video, I really like this type of content.

  12. Science only casts into doubt the physics-based components of religion (e.g. geocentrism), not its spiritualism or theism (metaphysics). Science only extends to the universe with raw facts and truths formed from them. Religion still touches everything else with faith and belief. I'm an atheist and I understand this. It's frustrating to hear someone reinforce a "fact vs. faith" narrative when it is a false conflict when it comes to science and religion. Science is not atheism, and vice versa.

    Made in Abyss shows how science and faith mesh together because the diety worshipped, the Abyss, is PRESENT in the universe. There was no church to control a narrative about it and no ecclesiarchy to define the truth behind closed doors. It became a communal worship of something that can be observed. To engage in a relationship with such a diety, therefore, is a lot more straightforward. Considering that, science is a form of PRAYER. You learn about the diety and their works through the scientific method, and acknowledging your findings brings you closer to them and deepens the wisdom of your faith. The same could easily apply to real religions with regards to revering God's work, the universe, and demonstrating our yearning to know Him better by learning and exploring more about that grand work.

  13. there's clearly a religion here, they worship the abyss, the white whistlers messages reaching the surface are like new wisdom and true for the people and they become heroes like saints with superpowers among other humans, may explain why they just let kids persuing their deaths, as an meaninful thing to do, to know the abyss or whatever

  14. You have a very poor understanding of religion in the real world and even in made in abyss. Work on that before commentating in it

  15. As you already mentioned the science in this story much heavier than implications or mentions about religion. In fact the mentioning of god in this series is somewhat vague. Certain characters questioned the main characters about the nature of the Abyss, because it is still so very much unknown terretory and later characters seem to have a certain believe of the Abyss. The couriosity of the Abyss is the same as wanting to know what lies in the depth of our oceans. Viewed as that it realy seems like there is more science behind it. It's not like the wish to believe shoudln't be there at all. Not at all.
    There are characters that do believe in a god – in the godly or godlike nature of the Abyss. It's like looking up to the sky but instead they face downward. A certain feeling of possiblie religion? Already viewed in the first episode, yes. But with Riko as the main protagonists this aspect is kind or washed under the table at first, because she seems to have a scietific view on her world. PS: The animation is 1=1 to the manga. It's questionable though if there is going to be a second season.

  16. the word "ochinchin" they use, is like saying peepee. or tummy or footsies. you wouldnt use it as an adult, unless talking to a child, but it's casual and anatomically precise. it itsnt baby babble or vuglar.

  17. They mention God in the anime, and talk about how there is very much a religion around the abyss, or rather the unknown. So yes religion is a thing in this world.

  18. I'm actually interested in some of the Lovecraftian aspects of Made In Abyss. I mean, the Abyss, despite how much of it has been explored, is still mysterious and unknown and it contains a sense of Lovecraft's philosophy that maybe one day science will discover some things that are perhaps left untouched and we will possibly go mad from the discovery or retreat back to a new dark age. This would explain why a lot of the White Whistles, apart from the effects of ascending the Abyss, stay behind to continue exploring or conduct experiments. I might make a video on this aspect of the show myself, but, that depends on how far I get with my current projects. Anyways, great video. You've earned yourself a new subscriber 🙂

  19. ya know i just realized

    why doesnt anyone just skip the first few layers by jumping in with a parachute
    i mean you might get fucked by the winds in the upsidedown forest part, but maybe you could land

  20. beware: spoilers

    I think it's interesting how everyone believes there is something mystical about the abyss and call it a curse but near the end Nanachi demistyfies it with an although unprecise but still more plausible explanation than it just being a curse.
    It reminds me of why people invented religion in the first place, to fill the holes in their understanding of the world.


    it's revealed in the manga that Bondrewd The Novel, the only current antagonist in the series, is from a different country to the Town where Riko comes from. it's revealed that he was a criminal in the other country and escaped from the authorities by becoming a white whistle. Nanachi is also implied to have come from the same country as Bondrewd or a different country and town all together

  22. A share all your word in this video ^_^ I will take a time to translate it in my language – Brasilian Portuguese.

  23. If possible, take a time to write the video's english subtitle by your self, this will make the text correct, using the youtube's auto subs will create wrong words several times. I will try to translante using a captured english text from this auto translate, But since the transcription of the speech will not be accurate, I will have problems to translate, I will need to focus on your speech as well.
    without being able to manually add the transcription of your speech to the video, whenever someone wants to translate, you will have a reliable source of text to do this. For exemplo, you says, – there's a lot of "anime", I need to hear it several times to understand this. as well as the auto translation, the first time I understood is – there's a lot of "enemy", but no fear, I will do my best. sorry my lame english

  24. Uhh the manga handles the sex and nudity in a non diagetic way. Quips outside panels about lolies and shotas being described sexually often accompany fetish like treatment of belly buttons, having to go to the bathroom "in one particular case where riko comments on a toilet with a mouth and tounge that wipes her too much" And everyone being interested in regs ochinchin. Its weird shit but in the anime I think you're correct that it's used as world building and i believe that the fetish material of the author is used as world building transformativly by the anime staff

  25. When you talk about the festivals given to the White Whistles, when they are reported as dead or their whistles found, Liader asks Riko if she does not go to the festival of the mother's resurrection, apparently after a long time, a White Whistle is considered dead because there are no news of him, but when news comes of his existence, or new discoveries directly informed by them, like the documents left by the Lyza, the festival is called Resurrection, for the White Whistle, previously given as dead, "came back to life " by the existence of material that proves that it came from him/her.

  26. Actually tartarus might be a good reference aswell. In greek mythology it was the first thing the was made and had different levels of light i think. It held everything that went against god so maybe religion will play a factor at some point?

    Also the feel of the abyss being an actual thing also gives hints to tartarus, as it is not only a place but a primordial being like day/night/ time.

    This could also be the explanation of riko. There was a child made by gaia(mother earth) and tartarus the abyss. although I beleive that child was actually imprisoned in tartarus itself later on….

    Science has played a vital part and there hasn't been any real hints toward religion, besides the possibility of it being tartarus but it seems like it has taken parts of mythology AND reality. The monsters of course and the title made in abyss and riko was made in it like the child of tartarus. but the symptons of ascending are much like real life ascending from deep sea. the bottom being unknown much like most of real ocean life. But i wouldn't be suprisd to see mythology references down the line.

  27. For me it’s the worldbuilding if this show .I thought it sucked to be honest .People are gonna kill me for this .How the fuck are people making videos for this shit .No offense.I’m shocked that happened to my hero academia

  28. But why when Reg found the black whistle he tell hims to say something to "lider" if there isn't supposed to be a way back to the surface??? I need to know!

  29. There is an Abyssal Faith. They do use plenty of science, but they are "puritanical" in their own right.

  30. Really interesting; I always love to go deeper in every fiction / film / book I read. Tbh, I didnt even think about this topic, so please, keep making these! :))

  31. do as you please but i like a mix of both though i lean towards more serious. i do have to say i really appreciate your take on the society presented. its refreshing to come across a commentary that actually understands the dramatic differences between our society and that which developed around the Abyss and how certain things we would condemn are rather normal for them. a lot of our society is arrogant in thinking how much better we are than what is presented in MIA and seem rather ignorant that it wasnt that long ago for some nations that children were regularly sent to their deaths in dangerous jobs and that it still happens all over the world.

  32. This was very well thought out, and interesting to listen to! I just recently finished this anime, and, while I don't feel smart enough to break it down myself, it's satisfying when someone can. Thanks for making this video!

  33. the manga, being a manga, handles it the same even having less censorship. However the anime is basically exactly like the manga, minus some information being taken out. Like, if I remember correctly before Riko's first on screen appearance there were some other pannels before that, I do not remember exactly after reading 45 or 46 chapters in (caught up last time I checked, but that was a few months ago so I'm probably behind now.) Still, the manga sets up in a nice way, so does the anime. However, I will say this, it only gets worse from when the anime ends (I have not finished it, but I know it won't get to where the manga currently is until probably season 2, I am literally watching the anime right now on episode….4…or 5) So, be prepared for what's to come. However it is spot on, normally when there is an anime adaptation of a manga they change stuff around, but Made in Abyss has stayed true from what I have seen so far, and that actually makes me happy. The manga is simply amazing (and one scene I can not wait to be animated is going to be simply amazing, and terrifying…let's just say it's a fight scene involving Reg and someone else. which I honestly dont know if the anime got that far yet or not I haven't seen it so hopefully it is already animated). The world building in the anime/manga is so intense for a smallish area, small as in compared to other animes. Like FMA goes cross country and even to other parts of the world with some characters, heck even high school animes can be perceived as larger in the sense they show more of the town and what not. It does an interesting and amazing job though. It is so mature, for being what it is. I mean this 12 year old girl and this robot, goes through literal hell, and like five minutes later they can be laughing or joking, as if it's all okay, able to hold themselves together better then most grown anime characters, but they still remember the past and learn from it and move on, again better then some grown anime characters. I could keep going but I think you get the gist. IT'S AMAZING

  34. I really enjoyed this video. Deep dives on societal issues and how different cultures form is my jam. 🙂

  35. I watched this show and I did notice too that there really want a religion per say but there mentions of God and the depths of the abyss  was considered god or some form of it

  36. A society with little to no religion sounds like my kind od place…

    Dont start an argument with me it will get none of us anywhere

  37. After reading the manga, i wonder how many white whistles know what they are… the abyss is dark, but some of that darkness isnt made in abyss, merely by humans.

    Btw in the manga the white whistles are the bodies of those who are cursed with losing their humanity. The god damn moment i realised.

    Spoiler: and dont say i didnt warn you

    Rico got a white whistle, but not before learning that that whistle was the heart of her newfound friend. But the abyss didnt claim her. It was human greed that put her in an eternal state of suffering

  38. While I love the worldbuilding and mystique of the Abyss, the latter half made me physically ill on multiple occasions. DO NOT watch the Mitty scenes if you are drinking, short on sleep, or just emotionally sensitive.

    In short, Lovecraftian horror done right.

  39. A very well funded video in terms of speech and overall idea.
    I had my fair share of struggle with the open display of the human sex, not in terms of me being shy but rather being the fact that children are displayed. At some points the scene's just felt very weird and one part specificly is highly unnecessary imo (the lake, last episode – it know it was for shits & gigles). What you said about the world and the human body seen from a mostly scientific POV creates completely different mindsets for everyone living there. You also see this in difference in Riko & Reg for example. While she's not bothered for second, running around butt-naked in front of other people, Reg has this feeling of being ashamed like our society has. Show's that he's probably from a civilization 1) living in the deeps of the Abyss, having religous ways, similar to ours or 2) Being from ancient culture that lived long before the Story takes place. So many questions. So many episodes to fill. I'm really looking forward to it!

    Great video man, keep it up. =3

  40. What if there is something massively radioactive at the bottom. That would explain the weird looking creatures, weird environments, and why people on the service slowly die. It would also explain why you’re symptoms get worse the further you go down. And why some people “lose their humanity”. Or of course die. Their bodies might be used to the radiation to a point, but the moment they try to get out of it— they can’t because it’s too strong, or their bodies switching back to “normal “ too fast could be to taxing. Idk— just a thought.

  41. I do not disagree they are driven by greed, but using the footage showing the master of the orphanage is just misleading. She isn't driven by greed but the well beings of the orphans and their ability to earn their own living in such a dark world. Policies ,guidelines and education are set up so that they can have the skills to survive when they grow up, contrasting the slump where children aren't educated and taught to make their own living where they are fully capable to do. Money received from selling the artifacts are in turn used back on the orphans, the master's room aren't filled with luxury items but just practical things that are used. Her punishment on Riko for hiding artifacts is only fair because those are supposed to be sold to support all orphans and not personal interests.

  42. I love how in the most recent chapter we get to see the abyss how it was thousands of years ago, and how it follows the suicide squad from the sea all the way down into the sixth layer.

  43. It's interesting you comment on the utopian society of Star Trek. One of the silly things about it (which was not present in the original series) is this resources free and infinite for all. It would never work, not because the obvious reasons that infinite resources are an absurdity in itself, but because people simply DO NOT work for free. Never did, never will. Some sort of material compensation must be provided to move most if not all people to work. That for me makes the society of MiA far more convincing and interesting.

  44. The artist of the series is wicked into loli porn. Look up all of his art. This is why he has no issues with drawing young naked characters. It's not a commentary on their culture. It's a loli artist drawing loli smut.

  45. You seem to gloss over the fact that reaching a certain point in the Abyss means you can never go back up without dying or losing your humanity.

  46. There was a lot of reaching here bro. Although this is an interesting critique. I wholeheartedly disagree.

    You're overthinking it. It's not Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is a story of adventuring into the unknown. A story of bravery, friendship, etcetera.

    A story of someone willing to risk everything in order to make it to the end of the journey they created themselves. That being the main protagonist and wanting to see her mother again and in doing so would lead to her never being able to see her friends or coming back up to the surface again because it would lead to her death.

    As for the whole corporate Espionage of the Abyss itself. Sure people would probably try to profit off of it some more than others. But you kept bringing up this idea that there's other countries if so they would just take it. Why the hell would they pay for the abyss secrets.

    You yourself said that this culture built around the abyss. But those living above it are weak at the moment. They do not have the Manpower nor the supplies to stop a war. Any country could just take it over enslave the people that know how to procure whatever artifacts they are wanting.

    2nd isn't it pretty much shown that the community has dwindled down because most parents work the abyss. Therefore with the massive loss of life that would entail. And the fact that once you breach a certain level of the Abyss you become essentially stuck there. Because if you go back up you wind up going insane and eventually die. Would indicate to me that a majority of the economical and social standards that the people live in we're done by their own hands.

    I mean I guess you could say there's a evil corporation doing experiments on these children we know that. Although the experimentation that is being done does seem like they're trying to create something here just two ideas.

    One trying to create someone who can go up and all the way down into the abyss (essentially in a elevator) without dying or becoming insane.
    The other possibly trying to push Humanity to some evolutionary point. One where everybody can stay in the abyss without ill effects.

    I mean you said it yourself pollution is an issue above the abysses entrance. So if you're running out of resources up top and you can tell that there is a bountiful amount of resources Within the abyss. Resources that would be able to save your civilization, your culture, and Humanity's eventual Extinction.

    Then no price would be too high and you would be willing to do horrible things to your fellow man in order to ensure its existence.
    So in that case they feel justified in doing what they're doing because eventually it would be for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

    Also it doesn't have to be from an outside source controlling the situation. It can be from the inside as well.

    It just makes more sense when people heard of the Gold Rush what did they do they ran to the area trying to become rich. They went through plenty of trial and tribulations of Their Own. Like death, hunger, and obsession, etc.

    They didn't do it because they were uprooted and told to do it they did it because they were wanting to better themselves. We as a society are fascinated by treasure and idea of the glory and riches it can give if we can just find it.

    I can go on but I'm getting tired. my point being is there is a multitude of theories one could have about the story especially when it's not complete.

    Some could look at this and say it shows you what happens when people choose science has they're deity and do whatever it takes in order to advance it.
    others could say the same except use religion as the date oppressing scientific ideals.

    Overthinking it like I said I think it's just an adventure story about a robot boy and a girl that wants to see her mom. And we're just lucky enough to be along for the ride

  47. About the religion in this world. Anime characters often refer to the Abyss as if it was alive, conscious maybe. In Shinto (Japanese traditional religion) everything can have a spirit. So the anime is very shintoistic I think.

  48. to everyone reading this comment you can watch the full season of made in Abyss for FREE, on any device, and in any country with prime SO GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hope you in-joy it as much as i do

  49. The manga delves deeper into this. Not by a ton, but there are references and characters who ascribe to some sort of religion in later chapters.

  50. I like the idea of Dune, where the masters of science don't try to disprove religion, but are in fact the deliberate creators of those religions by putting myths and prophecies into people's cultures thousands of years ago so that they enact them out to help them in the future and see their agents as messiahs in the present.

  51. some important characters are religious: nanachi and bondrewd for example, nanachi wiches to join meethie's soul at the bottom of the abyss

  52. Has any of you ever thought about what the abyss actually is? I have my own theories;
    The abyss could be an earhole of a gargantuan beast that is either in a deep slumber or has died of a long time ago.
    When i saw the map of the abyss i could not stop thinking about the landmarks of the bottom layer and the top one, but also the Goblet of giants area.
    For starters; the top one looks a lot like the outer ear of a bird or a reptile.
    The goblets could possibly be fossilized and overgrown, after many years of being layed down, raincollecting, eardrums.

    The walls of the bottom layer look like earphones and the walls the very furthest down have hair-like growth on them, like the sensory hairs inside of the earphone which transport the vibrations to the brain for coding out sound from those vibrations.

    But who knows, the abyss might be an old crater of a permanently inactive volcano that was created when the titonic plates of the planet's crust moved aside and made the soil furtile from the volcanic activities, kind of like how we humns first made growbeds by burning the soil, and so plants and later animals could create an ecosystem there. Kind of like on Iceland.
    Or maybe it was the force of som powerfull ancient relic that caused it, MAYBE A SIMILAR WEAPON TO REGS BUT WITH EVEN GREATER FORCE.

  53. My theory is that every 2000 years, the bottom of the Abyss, which is actually the mouth of a unfathomable creature, starts to burrow deeper into the earth, causing a miasma as it breathes that kills the humans living on the top layer. The creature's normal breathing is responsible for the Curses but the huge exhales it makes while digging are what cause the massive deaths we've seen.

  54. That greed is viewed in such high regard by Riko and her mom though, even though they put others first. Seems like it's okay to me, whether curiosity or greed

  55. I don't know how you missed Nanachi being deeply religious. The Abyss itself is the center of a religion in other countries.

  56. Im glad you wear it on your sleeve that you'll do/make what interests YOU. Theres nothing worse than someone who just goes with the flow. I'd suggest doing video subject polls when your following gets big (and it will <3)

    I personally like your serious topics bc I never considered your takes on the show.

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