Schiff: Kupperman’s Failure To Appear Could Warrant Contempt Proceeding | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Schiff: Kupperman’s Failure To Appear Could Warrant Contempt Proceeding | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  1. Throw them into the jail. They put Susan McDougal in jail for at least 18 months when she refused to testify against Clinton. I don't see what they are waiting for.   From September 9, 1996 to March 6, 1998, McDougal spent the maximum possible 18 months imprisonment for civil contempt, including 8 months in solitary confinement, and she was subjected to " diesel therapy," the practice of hauling defendants around the country and placing them in different jails along the way.

  2. The 9 witnesses that sowed up are patriots and heroes, Those who refused to show up are traitors and cowards and definetly it says that they have something to hide otherwise they would have shown up.

  3. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY ! We the people OWN this country ! NOT DONALD TRUMP ! it is time to get tough with TRUMP and show him there is no king in AMERICA and NO Royal FAMILY and NO GRAND Parades ! TRUMP — TRUMP PEOPLE — TRUMP family — JAIL !

  4. Trump Pirates, All of this administration and the GOP republicans are to me fit in the category of "PIRATES." Just like pirates, the first thing Pirates do is try to take over from the country they
    intend to “PLUNDER”, finances, disregard for the laws  Government of the county they are trying to “PLUNDER”.You may as well call them, pirates. If we, us, the citizens’ of” the United
    States of America” If we Allow this to go on”. We will lose our country.

  5. The Deep state has no motive to be Democratic. Republicans have the Huge international Conglomerates and oil Conglomerates on their side… THAT is the Deep state, that has always been the deep state and always will.
    We are not talking about millions of dollars but billion and Trillions of dollars at stake and if anyone thinks the Democrats wield that kind of power please see a clown to laugh uncontrollably face to face.

  6. Could warrant a some bad kitty language! Newsflash! The Democratic party has no balls and even less power to express themselves. Here is the thing, all of these fools work together on a daily basis, these theatrics are serving nothing save the delusional fools whom actually think this government functions properly on either side. A politician shares the same common foe as those in law enforcement, the people are the enemy keep them dimwitted, docile and uninformed and everything will flow as usual.

  7. The White House is obstructing justice by trying to prevent witnesses from testifying. To me that's as big an issue – if not bigger – than the initial accusations. Trump and his loyals are out of control and need to be STOPPED.

  8. It always looks like someone is stepping on the back of lying schiffs long neck when he talks, making his eyes bulge out of his head ..Such a cowardly little weasel..

  9. She can just plead the 5th i don't think they can arrest get,it's not a real investigation,it's fake ,they broken house law,the first amendment ,I don't think it would hold up in the supream Court! I hope she just please the 5 !

  10. Shift and Nancy are treasonist ! Going against everything we stand for and the Constitution ! Sick in the head people ! There times comming ,lol !

  11. I only have one question. Why is liar Adam Schiff worried now when he says Taylor has given what he needs. Liar. Bye Bye Adam. Standing behind him is another failure. Not sure his name. It's been forgotten lol

  12. Obstruction!…..They are sewing him in his shroud and putting the last stitch through his nose….Go get him!!!!!

  13. A "Contempt Proceeding" is no more threatening than name-calling. A big 'so what'. Democrats need to show spine, not make trivial accusations.

  14. No formal hearing, not a formal anything … a letter to invite is not a subpoena … maybe Mr Schiffty should clarify to the public.

  15. As a kid they were always, we called them ‘big man’ … problem for them, though, they weren’t. They acted tough but they were not tough at all. They were nada.

  16. The republicans, one after another, obstruct the justice. If they didn’t do anything wrong, why would they hide?!?
    Those who still support or try to defend these gangsters must be blind. This is like black and white. These mobsters are so uncivilized, they are lawless from top to bottom.

  17. Honor their lawful obligations? You are dealing with Mobsters protected by Russian Mafia and Russian $$$$ with the approval of none other than Orange Pornsident Turd Trump. Nothing civil about these people, they need to start paying a price for their crimes. Lock them all up!


  19. The Speaker will introduce this first, Articles of Impeachment investigation. A process under much scrutiny from partisans and lawyers all across America as a standard or test case. A Thursday floor vote to accept the rules on how to Impeach officials will be held on TV. Civics classes come alive! Happy Halloween. It's like life teaches all the stuff you ignore at school. 00:44 Uncharged misconduct needs to be proven for criminal confinement or sanction in the USA

  20. All this talk of holding people in contempt, but how many citations have actually been issued? Empty threats are worthless.

  21. shifty schiff is so full of crap he forgets he has no proof anything wrong has been done! He knows all this is a scheme to take the heat off the demonrats running for office. He has lied so much he believes his own lies now. He is on the way out and he knows it!

  22. These comments are ridiculous. Learn to think and desern the truth. Best economy ever, lowest u employment I could go on. And, no I don't get my information from Fox. I do research, try it you will be surprised and, maybe same up. I love my President. I

  23. These people need to be arrested for ignoring a subpoena. I'm so tired of these weak kneed Democrats not following through.

  24. Schiff: pleading the 5th is obstruction of justice. Also Schiff: there is no such thing as executive privilege. Also Schiff: there are no checks and balances. I subpoena the entire Executive branch until government comes to a standstill. Also Schiff: “I have more than circumstantial evidence of Trump-Russia collusion”. Schiff is a clown and is running amuck.

  25. “When we don’t educate our youngest generations about the historical truth of 100 million victims murdered at the hands of communist regimes over the past century, we shouldn’t be surprised at their willingness to embrace Marxist ideas,” Smith added. “We need to redouble our efforts to educate America’s youth about the history of communist regimes and the dangers of socialism today.”

  26. Republicans and right wing conservatives believe the law doesn't apply to them,they feel that only they should apply the law at their discretion.

  27. Nothing screams "I'm innocent" more than refusing to cooperate with an investigation. Don't these corrupt democrats know that obstruction is the tool of an innocent person? Only the guilty cooperate. That's how they get caught right?

  28. Why are these people so afraid to testify and tell the truth. The secrets they are trying to protect their cult leader from must be truly immense. There is no fear when there is nothing to hide.

  29. If the Democrats would beahve as a co-equal branch of government, none of these subpeonas would be ignored.
    I'm saddened by the example this has set for the future.

  30. when there is a dispute between the excutive branch and leg branch then the judicial decides obama app judge at low level does not and will not be the last word from the judicial schiff can not just over run an equal branch of govt let court rule on executive priv there has been no new evidence since the transcript was realized aid was given and no invesst was done by the uk ummmmm

  31. Trump won't win this. America and justice will prevail. It will just be dragged out alittle longer and those who refuse to testify hopefully will be locked up. While trump will still be sitting in our house.

  32. They need to JAIL THEM. That usually gets their attention. Contempt of congress is a crime.

    "The criminal offense of "contempt of Congress" sets the penalty at not less than one month nor more than twelve months in jail and a fine of not more than $100,000 or less than $100."

  33. If you are clean, why do you refuse to testify according to the law ? , since you refuse to testify, it indicates that you are not clean. If your are clean, it will benefit you if you go to testify, since you refuse to testify , it indicates you know you are not clean. This time it is a good opportunity to test if the Criminals are above the law, or before the law , everyone is equal , including the party. If the law and constitution can not protect justice for people who abide by and honor the constitution , then , there is no reason for this country to continue any more, the law and constitution can not operate under the minimum requirement that always make sure reward the ones who follow the law and penalize those who act against the law, for the people, by the people by those who honor and abide by the law and our constitution

  34. One thing you can thank Trump for is him showing not just the American people, but ALL people just how corrupt and poisoned the political system really is. The top level politicians and whistleblowers coming forward and documenting criminal deals being bullied through by any means possible can’t help but remind one of a late nite Mob movie. It’s obvious that there are massive changes that need to be made to the political system including probably half of the existing politicians removed from their positions and new policies instituted removing these lifetime positions and paycheques. There needs to be serious consequences and prison time for these real and treasonous crimes. It’s time to take back our governments and our futures.

  35. My God. The whole democratic party are sleaze balls that can't do their jobs. Rope a dope is right Schiff. FISA investigation is a CRIMINAL investigation.

  36. It is an impeachment inquiry and not an impeachment proceeding. This basis is enough to get it's teeth pulled on appeal.

  37. trump’s minions keep trotting this ‘Executive Privilege’ poppycock, harking back to the Divine Right of Kings, which went out with the American Revolution. Congress needs to get tough with executive office officials who are deliberately ignoring Congressional subpoenas and to have them arrested by the Senate Sergeant at Arms and hauled before the docket. The Constitution

  38. It's about time!! If they could send these contemptors to jail right away for the longest time then it's effective for the crime and punishment legal constitutional steps. Walk it, Dems., Don't talk.

  39. Ignoring a subpoena SHOULD be jail time! It's contemptuous, no respect for laws THEY have created. Makes you wonder exactly what they are trying to hide?????

  40. I think all the senators and representatives and the president and all the rest of them in Washington DC have baggage, are crooked, are padding their pockets. They all should be replaced.


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