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– In this tutorial, I’m gonna
show you how to schedule posts in your Facebook group, all right? Let’s get into it! (upbeat synth music) Hello, busy people! Welcome
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(bell rings) that way you’ll be notified each week when we put out another helpful video. My name is Jerry Potter,
and by the end of this video you’re going to know how to
schedule in Facebook groups. Facebook groups, especially
if you run more than one, are taking up more and more of our time, so pre scheduling your posts
is very, very effective. Especially if you have
people in multiple time zones in your group, and the most effective time might be 3:00 am, local time, for you. I do want to point out, this
only works if its your group, or you are an admin in the group. You can’t just go to any group on Facebook and pre schedule your posts. I’m using our Five Minute
Social Media Pro private group for this, which is the
group for the paid members of our Five Minute Social
Media Pro coaching program. But, all you want to do
to start is, first of all, if you are an admin of your group, both as a page and as
your personal profile, you might want to decide
who you’re going to post as. So, if I click up here,
and click where it says interacting as Jerry Potter,
and they both have the same name for me, ’cause I
am the business, but, you can see my profile or my page. So let’s say I want to post as my profile. So like that, it will reload. And if you’ve posted on any Facebook page, personal or business
or anything like that, a lot of this is going to look familiar. Photo, video, you could
do these text posts with the colored background,
all of these different options you can do here in the group. You can do a poll, and
then once you are ready, that’s where the scheduling comes in. So, for this, for the sake of this, let me just choose an image here. I’m gonna drag this in. Add a caption, and then once this post looks
the way that you want it, all you do is instead of coming
down here and hitting post, which would would mean it
would go up right away, you’re instead gonna hit
the little clock here, and that’s for scheduled posts. Go through, it’ll show
you your time zone that it’s gonna go up in, and
so you can go through, choose the date, the time
that you want it to go up, hit schedule, that’s it!
Now it’s ready to go. If you ever wanted to go back and edit it, right underneath your posting box here, you will see one scheduled post, so you can go in here and click see post. Maybe something changed, or
you realized you had a typo, whatever it might have
been. So, over here, you can click this little down arrow and you can reschedule the post, or you can edit the
post, or for some reason, if you wanted it to go up now, you can just hit post
now, and you’re all set! And that’s how you schedule
a post on a Facebook group. Speaking of groups, if you’re
looking for more support help, you might want to connect
with other like-minded business owners, find an
accountability partner, search for Five Minute
Social Media on Facebook and join our free group there. Would love to have ya. All right, if you have any
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