SCC Spring 2019 Business, Technologies, and Health Sciences Commencement Ceremony

♪ Summit Strings playing “Pomp and Circumstance” ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ Please bow your heads. In the spirit
of love compassion hard work and dedication we come together today.
Spirits and gods of many names be in our hearts and minds as we gather here this
morning. We are here as people hopeful for our futures. We are all from
different traditions but we gather in unity at the 2019 graduating class of
Surry Community College. May we embrace our differences while we seek common
ground in this world. As we venture into our next chapter in life help us to
remember those who guided, encouraged us along the way. Let us be the good we want
to see in others and be the change we hope to see in the world thank you and
congratulations you may now be seated ♪ Summit Strings playing “Your Song” ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ [ Audience applauds ]>>Sabrina Terry: Good morning, on behalf of the Surry
Community College Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and staff it is
my pleasure to welcome each of you to the Surry Community College 52nd
commencement ceremony. Today we add 518 new members to the Surry Community
College Alumni approximately 200 of those students will march in today’s
ceremonies. At this time I would like to welcome a very special group of students.
Will all graduating active duty military personnel and student veterans please stand. [ Audience applauds ]
[ Audience cheers ] These graduates are wearing a red, white
and blue cord in recognition of their service to our country please thank them
again for their service. [ Audience applauds ]
[ Audience cheers ] [Sabrina:] Thank you. Also at this time I would like to recognize
graduates that have achieved honors. Will our honors graduates please stand. [ Audience applauds ]
[ Audience cheers ] A silver cord represents students that
have achieved an overall GPA of 3.5 to 3.79. The gold cords represent students
that have achieved an overall GPA of 3.8 and higher. Let’s give them another round
of applause. [ Audience applauds ]
[ Audience cheers ] [Sabrina:] Thank you. Also is outlined in the graduation program we have
several students that are members of Mu Alpha Theta, Scholars of Global
Distinction, the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society and the National
Society of Leadership and Success. Will members of these associations please stand. [ Audience applauds ] [Sabrina:] Thank you. Graduates, this year’s
graduation quote comes from Pelé a Brazilian soccer player. Pelé stated
success is no accident it is hard to it is hard work,
perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love of what you are
doing. Graduates what you have accomplished is no accident or a stroke
of luck. You have worked hard, persevered through hard times and the
rain outside –I apologize because I did not tell the truth about how long we
would be out there, I hope you’ll forgive me.– Learned and studied and undoubtedly
you have made a lot of sacrifices during your time here at Surry. Now you must take what life lessons, education, and training you have received
at Surry Community College and do what you love. Whether that be continuing your education or finding your dream job we
are very proud of you and want to wish you the very best in your future
endeavors. It is now my pleasure to introduce to
you our commencement speaker Dr. David Shockley, President of
Surry Community College. [ Audience applauds ] [Dr. Shockley:] Good morning. It’s a pleasure to be here
with you today and on behalf of our faculty, our staff, our students, and our
board of trustees, I welcome you to our graduation exercises. What a tremendous
accomplishment it is for each and every one of these graduates who are here
before because they’ve overcome the many, many odds and many, many barriers that
have brought them forward to us today so that we can honor them. We also have some very special guests that are with us today and I would like to recognize them
in groups if you will. First and foremost I’d like to represent our trustees who
serve this community college by appointment from different civic and
government leaders throughout the state they do so and donate their time to this
College and their efforts for no pay for no benefit other than to give back to
our communities and to serve these students and to make this possible for
us today and so I would like for you to stand trustees as I introduce you and
the first is miss Alice Connelly miss Debbie Dahman miss Dedra Rogers and mr. Jim Lewis thank you so much next I would like to
recognize our faculty and staff who are here today and our faculty and staff if
you could please stand and be recognized and finally those of you who are in the
audience I’m not gonna ask you to stand because it looks like pretty tight
quarters but graduates I would like for you to stand find those loved ones and
make eye contact and thank them for helping you be here today so graduates
please stand and do that if you will please thank you we are grateful for
each and every one of you and I am so proud of these graduates these graduates
have so much potential and so much of a bright future and head of them many of
them will be sheriff’s they will be doctors they will be fire chiefs there
will be nurses physical therapists assistants medical assistants welders
machinists mechanics they will go on to serve in General Assembly as legislators
they will be elected officials they will go on and serve as magistrate’s and
judges and they will serve all these honors and why do I know this I know
this because every one of those categories Surry Community College has
graduates that currently serve in those various capacities and each and every
one of those capacities are very important to our community and to our
state and they’re all post graduates and those professions that I mentioned so
yes each and every one of you have that ability in you to go out and to make
that difference and I’m very very proud of you and encourage you to go along and
do that you have the power within you to promote healing cultural economic and
spiritual growth in our region do not underestimate what the power of one can
do as Mikayla stated earlier in the invocation never forget how powerful you
can truly be and the influence for better good that you can have upon those
that you serve and those that you come in contact with it starts with yourself
it continues with your family your media community and it branches out from your
community to your state to your nation into the world the world is a smaller
place today and your influence can be seen and felt as evidenced through the
social medias and things that we have throughout the world that allow you to
reach out and touch anyone at any time 24/7 throughout this world you have that
ability to be either uplifting to that individual or you have the ability to
bring them Laure I hope that you choose the greater
good and that you uplift others that you come in contact with that each and every
day through your services and the skills that you’ve gained at this college
through the knowledge and expansion that you have gained that you use that for
the better good and I promise you if you do you will be uplifted and edified as
you uplift and edify others who you come in contact with now last year I did
something special for the graduates that came to me and it comes through a
constant bombardment that we have in our society today that we love our sports
teams we love our sports figures we love our celebrities and we love political
leaders and those type things and the world typically embraces them and
celebrates them at unprecedented levels and so I thought this is more important
what we’re celebrating today the accomplishments of these young men and
women that we have here in front of us it is far more important than what
happens a lot of times in that world yes I am a sports fan yes I get rabid when
my team is losing and I love to celebrate when they win so I want these
graduates to have that experience to be celebrated like never before and I want
them to be able to feel the energy that comes from the audience that’s here
today and so graduates if you would please stand now for every one of you in
the audience I need your help I want you to picture that it is the ninth inning
two outs and it’s a full count on that batter and your team is either going to
is about to win the World Series or it’s final for Tom and it’s down to a
night nail-biter and you don’t know who’s gonna win and your team has the
ball with the chance to make that winning basket and for you to celebrate
or your favorite celebrity is about ready to win CMA Entertainer of the Year
or graeme or whatever it is that we are so
passionate about as a society and celebrate and I want you to take every
bit of that energy and I want you to stand and I want to pour it upon these
graduates who are truly deserving of those honors and accolades that the
world seemingly gives all of these celebrities professionals and those type
things for much much less important values that we have so are you with me
so on the count of three I want you to raise the roof of this gymnasium and
celebrate these champions that are here before you so here we go please stand up one two three thank you you may be seated
I don’t know from your vantage point if you could see the jubilation in the
faces of these graduates but that is probably the most important thing that
will occur today other than when they’re reunited with you as graduates and you
have that time as a family and loved ones to celebrate this more intimately
but there’s nothing that I will say or nothing that I will do that they will
remember more so than what we just did for those graduates in celebrating them
the way that they deserve and should be celebrated by our community but also by
the world that we live in today it is during this time of year it is a special
time that I am reminded of the sacred nature of the work that we do at Surry
Community College what we truly do change lives it is sacred the things
that we’re entrusted to do and the work that we do day in and day out to help
these students move forward to achieve their dreams whether those dreams are
intrinsic whether those dreams are extrinsic or whether those dreams are
just to get a better job and to provide a better living for their family all of
those are honorable goals and that is our role is to help them uh sure and
help empower them to be able to achieve those there are so many stories done
when you look around this auditorium there’s probably over a thousand people
in here today counting the graduates and each and
every one of us have a special and a unique story each one of us bring that
into our community today our Surry Community College community Surry in
yakin counties which we serve in which we represent as citizens and when you
pull that together it presents a soul and a spirit these graduates have left
their mark upon this College each and every one of them have their own unique
stories and throughout the past week whether it’s been attending a nursing
ceremony or a early college graduation or last night we had two services
we pinned EMS professionals that will go out and serve you I have been able to
witness some special stories I’ve been able to witness students who have
overcome many obstacles and barriers and it started in an ER spinning when when
you come to realize that during a students time here multiple students
lost loved ones while they were attaining their educational goals and
achieving those goals and that touches your heart and it touched those students
hearts when you were able to see the love the concern and the care that they
had for their loved ones and the loved ones that have passed on and the prod
that they had and the sacred nature as I stated earlier of being able to achieve
that work in honor of those who have passed on you heard children who cried
out to their mothers and their fathers as they’ve graduated and to hear the
innocence that exists there that is sacred it is sacred work that we do and
when you hear the cries of the little ones it reminds you that your
communities are still alive and they are still hope and there’s vibrant hope and
you see the example that these students are impacting upon their lives for what
we know is that when a student graduates college their lineage is more apt to go
to college and to achieve the same and so many cycles are broken here today and
many many dreams not only the dreams that you have but the dreams of those
who will follow along behind you your children your grandchildren you are
changing their lives whether you realize it or not you are changing their lives
for the betterment because whenever you can learn whenever you can experience
different things whenever you can expand your knowledge and your abilities that
is special that is something that can never be taken away from you by anyone
at anytime anyplace and so today what a perfect ending to this story in your
life what a perfect ending to achieve this honor to achieve your credentials
your academic credential and to be able to take those things that
you’ve learned and to put them into practice into your daily life and to
improve your life’s as you move along Nelson Mandela once stated there is
nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways which
you have been altered graduates as I speak a little bit about my personal
experiences and other things I want you to ponder the past two years of your
life this morning when I was pondering and the one thing that I never know for
sure what I’m gonna say in fact my notes you could pretty much
take those and throw them away right now because I’ve deviated from the message
but this morning I thought a year ago I stood on this stage and are reflected
about the past year in the changes that have happened at Surry Community College
the changes that have happened in students life our faculty and staff
lives and those type things that form and tell our individual stories and help
form our stories and so I thought and pondered that change that has happened
and reflected where am I where am i personally at as an individual as a
community college president as a citizen as a father and provider for a family
and pondered those things tomorrow I will go home to collinsville Virginia
where I grew up in celebrate Mother’s Day Martinsville in that area in
Collinsville has remained relatively I’ll get that out again relatively
unchanged throughout the many years it has suffered economic hardships once a
an economy that was bursting at the seams the lowest unemployment rates in
the state of Virginia for many generations now has one of the highest
unemployment rates for the past 20 years and that’s 20 plus years in the nation
and so when I go home it allows me to reflect upon an area that is unchanged
to me but to reflect on how unchanged and that part of my story that part of
my life and reflect Who am I now versus who I was then
and when I go back to that change state and I look at the changes in my life
sometimes to be honest with you I like what I see
other times I do not like the way I see and view things but it is through this
process of living and writing my personal story that I’ll evaluate a
ponder and I seek to continually seek opportunities to change and to embrace
and to become better and to use those skills and talents that I have been
given to edify the lives of others starting in my family continuing on to
this College in our community and our state and our nation ponder those things
and seek the opportunity in your life to see how you have changed throughout
those different processes in your life when I said this is like a story being
at Surry Community College for many of you maybe closing just a chapter it may
just be a one story that you wrote but I promise you your life is not just one
story it is a set of stories it is a series if you will and you will have a
series of life experiences and those type things and take the opportunity to
pause and what today may be closing one story you will open another as you open
up tomorrow and you seek out to go on to your professions and the things that you
seek to do as well as many of you may go on and continue your education but
whether you immediately go out into the workforce or you go on to a university
and continue your education I encourage you to be a lifelong learner in lifelong
learning is not just in the formal sense you will be given the opportunity to do
continuing education credits and to continually learn new advancements and
those type things in the field of study that you have and in your profession you
will be given the opportunity to read with the knowledge base that’s out there
across the internet it is unlimited the knowledge that we have but the one thing
that I’m proud of it’s Surry Community College we have taught you the cognitive
thinking skills and we’ve opened your minds so that you can
discern what is truth versus untruths and those things that you seek out and
that you learn and those things that are presented to you throughout your life we
have been able to increase those cognitive learning skills so that you
can discern those type things and to quickly move on to the better things in
life and the best things in life that will help you improve today I charge you
to continue writing your story and to share it with others don’t just write
that story and treat it as a candle under a bushel let your candles shine
let your light shine and impact others with the skill sets and your unique
story and your unique set of life experiences because there’s someone out
there that I guarantee you that you can touch and it you can reach the way that
no other person in this life will have that ability to do but you must be
mindful and you must have a servant’s heart so that you can see and seek out
those opportunities when they present themselves to you do not allow others I
repeat do not allow others to instill fear despair or to write your story only
you have that ability to control and write the story and to control those
endings a lot of times I hear some people say that person made me mad you
made me matter you made me do this and the realities of it is when you ponder
and you think no one has control over the way you feel the way you act
except for yourselves and sometimes that is hard to accept but it is a truth and
sometimes it is very difficult to do but no one has the ability to control your
story or to write that story and how you respond to that story other than
yourselves and so make sure you stay true to who you are and do not allow
others to define that for you and to davonne and to take hostage your story
it’s your story you ride that story you live that story and
I promise you that you will be edified one of my favorite speeches that I go
back in our read many many times was Jim Valvano now I know that I’m showing my
age because if you’re an NC State fan you have to go back to a VHS tape VCR to
be able to see that last national championship that NC State enjoyed now
I’m a Tar Heel fan so I get to enjoy ribbing them about that but NC State
coach Jim Valvano who coached them to the 1983 championship in 1993 just ten
years later gave the most beautiful eloquent speech I have ever heard in my
life and I’ve met with students in different
capacities and now I allow them to watch that video and I do learn my age because
a lot of them don’t know Jim Valvano is and so I have to tell them the story the
same he was the coach of the 1983 championship team at NC State that had
to win the ACC championship to even get into the NCAA finals and they went on
and they called him the cardiac pack because some way they found a way to win
and then ultimately beaten Houston who by many thought was unbeatable that
there was no way but that night that one given night NC State beat them on a
missed shot or a pass from dereck Whittenburg if you will however you do
that turned into a slam dunk and they won the championship that’s not
important to this story that’s who Jim Valvano was then but on
the cameras of the ESPY Awards Jim Valvano who had knew that his life was
succumbing to cancer had flown up to New York against the advice of his doctors
and was writing his story and completing his story and baring his heart and soul
in in that story and in that speech and I encourage you to go home and google it
Jim Valvano SP award speech and you will see it but in that speech he gave us
awesome advice and one thing that coach Valvano said there are three things that
we should do day number one he says to laugh he said
you should laugh every day number two you should think you should take time to
think every day and deep thought and to ponder ponder your life ponder where you
are ponder that of your loved ones and those things that are important to you
and ponder where you are as Nelson Mandela at those points in life when
things seem to be unchanged and see how you’ve changed in the number three thing
that he suggestions he said we should have our emotions moved every day stew
tears and he says if you laugh you think and you cry that is a heck of a day and
then he closes if you do that seven days a week then that’s a special life
graduates we’re proud of you congratulations
we wish you the best of luck into your future and continue writing and sharing
your story thank you laticia Armenta Armenta Cody ray Ashburn Bailey Badgett Lucas gray Beverly Joshua
Keith Blackburn Robin M Bolton Neil borad Cody Ballman Lydia Michelle Brewster justice
Isaiah Ricky lakyn Jade brindle Paula Annette Brotherton Ryan James bunker Justin Kyle
Berg ulema lack cauldron Rojas Devon Christopher Clark Caleb
Andrew Cockerham Caitlyn Marie Kaufman Jared Collins Tara Morgan
Cooper heather nicole couch Paige Alexis Krause Wanda
Madison Cutler Jonathan I de Santiago Justin Robert Dorsett Anthony Wayne
Easter Susanna florica Kenneth Isaiah Freeman Carla yeah Nitze polenta’s Perez Brittany Galloway Nicole Valerie Gammons Kevin Armando Garcia Cordova Leonel Cazalas Chloe Shay Gordy Emily
Catherine Hall amber lynn Hawks Carl Henry Hedrick the fourth Jose
Molina Hernandez Moreno Matthew Hill Kaley and Horton Alexis Brooke Huffman Katherine Hannah hunter Austin D
Hutchins Brian and Jimenez Kenneth a Karpenko Kaitlyn Ashley
Kendall Nicole Rene lon Jenna hope Lucas Conrad D manual mer it Melissa
Marian Hillary Brook Martin Harley Kaitlyn McCain chelsea nicole Michael Michael
Zachary Miller Dakota Mills Jordan Garrett more Jason Moreno Joshua Mark Morris Bailey
grace Moser Elijah Philip Mosteller Austin Wayne Moxley Amanda newcomer Brenna Lynette
Newman Ashton rain Norman jennifer michelle Norman Jacob
Daniel TAC Matthew Bryan Patrick Tommy Lee Phillips chase
Donald Poindexter Debra Poindexter Dillon chase pots Chelsea and private Tyler Britney private chelsea lynn Revis Jacob ridings Jerry
Joseph rang Ashley Hill robbers Britney Rodriguez Sean Alexander sands Brandon
cheek Lucas Benjamin Shelton gates Shore Ethan gray Simmons Randall D Sizemore Kendall Alan Smith Haley Nicole snow Samuel Walter southern Jared our Stanley Victoria Murray steel Mackenzie Brooke Tilly Evan tour
tonnison Daniela Trejo Whitney Trent er Kaleigh Brooke Olmstead Edgar Valverde Monica Joe pigeon Cassandra
Whitley Jennifer Marsh wills dr. Shockley on behalf of the faculty I
am pleased to present these candidates for the degrees diplomas and
certificates awarded by Surry Community College graduates we have one more order of
business so if you could please stand if you could grab those tassels but don’t
turn them yet just hold on to him by the power and authority of the state of
North Carolina the North Carolina Community College State Board of
Trustees and by the nomination of the faculty and staff of Surry Community
College I do hereby confer upon you the rights privileges and honors as you as a
graduate of Surry Community College graduates you can turn those tassels
ladies and gentlemen congratulations to the class of 2019 Oh

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