Save Lives, Sell Organs

Have a heart? Then think about donating it. Have you signed up? Go to organ and share the gift of life. I clicked the box. But most people don’t. As a result, more than 100,000 people wait hoping to get a kidney. Most wait years. one of three waiting on that list will die because there is simply not enough organs available. whenever demand exceeds supply, black markets appear. Profits are huge. Single organ selling for up to $200,000. So why not legalize the sale!? Then there would be no need for black markets. Legalization would make transplants safer and bring prices down. People legally sell blood, plasma, sperm, eggs, bone marrow. Why not a kidney? Poor people are going to be hurt. philosophy professor Sam Kerstein advised the World Health Organization, which supports the laws that ban selling organs. Body parts to be put into Americans will come from poor countries. I don’t want to see poor people in Pakistan having their lives truncated. Having to go through psychology difficulties. But these people may want to make other choices and who are we to tell them “you may not”. We are people who care about people who are different from us and poorer than we are. That’s why we care. Deep moralisms about the dignity of human life being degraded by commercialism it’s all crap. Law professor Lloyd Cohen, 24 years ago went on 60-Minutes to argue that people should be allowed to sell a body part. Transplant surgeons make money, transplant physicians makes money, hospitals make money, drug companies make money. Everybody can get paid except the person who is delivering the irreplaceable part. In the years since Cohen first argued for legal sales, thousands of people on the growing wait lists died. Without a financial incentive not enough people give up an organ. financial incentives work for everything! They work for food, they work for housing they work for clothing. This is exploiting the weak and the poor. We heard the same argument with regard to things like surrogacy. Then you interview the women. This is a wonderful thing that they can do and they can get paid. [prayer] Oddly the one country that allows the selling of organs is Iran. And this PBS report says — The market has slashed the waiting time for a kidney down to around a year When Iran made it legal, there were more kidneys available and they were cheaper. And a very high percentage of them say they regret it. They say that their psychological health has decreased. They say that their physical health has decreased. They’re really suffering. But another study concluded that most donors did not regret it. So you’ve got that on one side of the scale. So you put on the other side of the scale vacuous moralisms about our consciousness of the human body being degraded by crass commercialism. And it don’t carry much weight. But it does, the vacuous moralisms are winning. You’ve been talking about this for years why hasn’t it happened? There aren’t enough people who want it and so it just dies. Then after years of arguing for legalization Suddenly your kidney stops working. All men are mortal and Cohen is a man. Now he needs a kidney. Cohen’s become one of the growing number of Americans waiting for one. He’s unlikely get one, and he won’t
turn to the black market. But there’s a wonderful group called Matching Donors. It connects voluntary donors with people who need organs. And you put up your profile about what it is you need. It’s rather embarrassing. I am known by my family, friends for my integrity my humor, and my incredible good looks. My son said to put that in. And he may have found a donor. At least one very kind sympathetic lady has found my story relatively compelling. She is being tested to see if she is healthy enough to donate. If not, Cohen will be back on the waiting list, with about 100,000 other Americans, receiving expensive dialysis, week after week. Spending on dialysis alone accounts for nearly get this, one percent of the entire federal budget. Many of those people will die because no one is allowed to buy or sell a kidney. Organs that could restore people to health and extend life are instead being buried and burned.

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  1. Where are the “my body my choice” throngs of the unwashed masses protesting for free choice with body organs??????

  2. I'm already on the donor list, but I do want to be essentially dead before they take them. That being said, I'd be ok to be paid for them when that time comes.
    I don't like the idea of healthy people selling organs as much, since there would be people who would sell organs they can't afford to lose out of desperation. There is probably a fix for that, I suppose.
    Maybe if we can make a way to avoid suicide by organ donation.

  3. Interesting.
    Missing a kidney is psychologically taxing.
    Making a 3 year old a trans r completely whacking off a penis is completely ok and not an issue….

  4. We’re all going to die. Yet we worry ourselves like crazy to try to squeeze out just a little more time. For those who follow Christ, the resurrection to life is coming.

  5. John
    I NEED an ORGAN TRANSPLANT!!!! I do t need a kidney, those are relatively easy to work around. I need a LIVER. There is no medical procedure to prolong your life when you need a liver.
    I have a rare genetic condition. Basically my liver has been KILLING ME since I was born. When I found out about my condition, I had 1.5% of my liver actually functioning properly. I am down to 0.5%. I don't qualify for an EMERGENCY transplant because I am almost 50 years old. I have been told I can't get on a transplant list UNTIL my liver fails completely.
    Transplants for livers do not use the entire organ. The donor loses HALF of their liver to the transplant. The GREAT thing about liver Transplants is with HALF a liver that functions properly and is healthy, BOTH the donor and recipient will GROW and full liver back!!!! The liver is the ONLY organ people have that regenerates.
    My insurance company has DENIED me a transplant with my son as a donor. Why??? Because BOTH the donor and recipient are covered on the SAME POLICY!!!! The way transplants are done is a joke!!!! If I was a RICH person I could have had a transplant years ago!!!! If I was a foreigner, same thing!!!
    ONLY ONE HOSPITAL GROUP matches donors to needy recipients BEFORE organ failure. It is NOT EASY getting into that program UNLESS you went there first. No one told me that, nor are others told the whole story. You get locked into a program whether that system is going to do a transplant or not!!!!
    When I see these LIBERAL doctors saying that selling organs is HORRIBLE and takes ADVANTAGE of the poor it makes me sick to my stomach!!!! THESE DOCTORS ARE THE REASON TRANSPLANT SURGERY IS SO EXPENSIVE!!!!! THEY are ALSO the reason THOUSANDS of American citizens DIE every year needing a transplant.

  6. There is another way. Forced organ donation of usable body parts when a person dies. You don't need them. There's no civil rights taken down since you're dead. Also, existing laws prevent people from killing other people for their organs. That would alresdy be murder.

  7. It’s so refreshing to watch John Stossel, real journalism who is unbiased! Very rare these days. Keep up the great work!!

  8. How much money would they sell it for? Also I live in Canada so I'm not sure how much Americans need to pay to have an organ transplant even when it is donated.

  9. It only works for kidneys…I cant sell a heart or a liver most of your organs are one and done kinda mute in my opinion. Lets focus on growing them not harvesting the organ printing is the future.

  10. Selling body parts is repulsive. The market would soon be swamped with organs and the price would decline. It's a really bad idea that should never be considered.

  11. If a woman is allowed to kill an unborn baby because it's too much responsibility, people should be allowed to pull out a kidney and sell it at their own will.

  12. Every argument presented by the detractor, as to the poor, can be attributed to existing live volunteers. If reimbursed donors life may be truncated, they may have regrets or psychological distress afterward…then that logic would apply to volunteers as well. He seems smarter than that, and so are you.

    What he probably fears is the murdering-early termination of people for harvesting organs and tissue by profit driven agencies, governments or individuals, the organ trade becoming like sex trafficking. However he probably doesn't want to make that argument as there are major "health" organizations in the US and Western Europe that already do that.

  13. This is weird. I just got a letter in the mail from the government asking me to donate my organs once I die yesterday..

  14. Banning something for the sugarcoat of 'morality' has always failed the government, and always will, because coercion won't stop someone from doing something, it will incentivise them to do it in an even worse, illegal way.

  15. Fun fact: Donating organs actually means they charge your family thousands of dollars to harvest your organs.

    Oh and if they want an open casket funeral thats another couple thousand to sew you back together.

  16. You wouldn't get rid of the black market, you'd create gray markets like what currently exists in China. I mean, you're not wrong to point out that in a donor system everyone except the donor profits, but where is the outrage then you have people donate stuff to goodwill or anything else of the like? The store owner and employees make money off of that donation of used items/clothes (as an example) is that just as reprehensible? Normally I agree with your points of view but this proposition of allowing people to sell their organs and profit off of that has more potential to do harm than good.

  17. John, the arguments made here are irrelevant to the biggest concern. I don't want to be suicided or murdered, so my organs can be donated.

  18. I could make the exact argument for trans conversion therapy. People may regret it and it might physically harm them are invalid arguments. If anything, donating a kidney should be more allowed because I'm saving someone's life

  19. My problem with the poor in Pakistan argument is that we can allow people to sell organs in the US , but not allow the importation of human organs. Specific situations can be dealt with by specific guidelines.

  20. Yeah, but your just going to make druggies desperately wanting there next fix, to just sell what is still a very important body part.

  21. These laws exist simply to exploit the generous and kind hearted people of the world. They get ZERO compensation for risking their lives. This is horrible.

  22. This conversation COMPLETELY IGNORES a viable option. Raise awareness: increase the number of voluntary donors enough & the problem will go away. Or…. take a vacation in Iran.
    But otherwise, good work Stossel 👍🏽. I consider you one of my few reliable resources of real news & honest investigative reporting.

  23. But wouldn't it promote the killing of other people?
    Like for example someone kill me and puts my kidneys in a fridge a fridge and sell them for good money.
    We will have to be more cautious and more attentive about our surroundings so we don't get our kidneys or other organs stolen.

  24. Stossel is basically a retarded person. Being in the medical field 30 years he simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  25. An interesting subject. Before the debate started in the video the first thing I thought is that if it were legal to sell, no one would check the organ donor box on the ID because why give it away for free when you or your next of kin can get paid? But its an interesting issue. Hopefully we won't have to debate it for much longer with medical technology rapidly racing forward to include organ creation/cloning.

  26. I too am apposed to the sale of organs not only because I believe it is ethically wrong and dangerous but for another compelling reason. The selling of organs would delay the development of 3D printed artificial organs using stem cells from the afflicted. This technology should be developed and in general use within the next decade.

  27. can i pre sell my organs? or upon my death, if any of my organs are used, pay my kid. i will all my body and its parts to my kid 🙂

  28. Donating is legal.
    So if someone needs a kidney, I donate them a kidney and he/she/it donates me 200.000$
    Sounds pretty legal to me

  29. I’ve been an organ donor for most of my life. I’m rethinking that decision after things I’ve been hearing. I want to save lives if I can, but I don’t want anyone that isn’t family getting six figures due to my death and I REALLY don’t want the person in need of my organ(s) that has the most money, to get them over an average person like me with no money in multiple banks!

    What has society become? Will there be a USA after 2020? Sure doesn’t seem like it. People HAVE TO VOTE in 2020 to flip the House back to Red ( ONLY because the left is insane! ) and gain seats in the Senate. Clean out the trash and PLEASE, FINALLY fire the elites ( both parties ) that live behind WALLS and build OUR WALL ON THE BORDER.

  30. This is a very sensitive topic. I think Selling Organs like described in the video is wrong & should be illegal. That's basically like turning impoverished humans into cattle. What's to stop a Man from starting a family & indoctrinating his children into wanting to sell their organs & this, "father" making a profit from that? Wether enforceable or not – it shouldn't be easy for anyone, it should be illegal, and it shouldn't be something that the Government receives tax dollars from. Life is sacred. I am pro-life, I am against Organ Harvesting from unborn children, & also against Organ sales.

  31. Hospitals probably make more money keeping patients on dialysis for years then they would from transplanting a kidney.

  32. I am not an organ donor. I would be open to it if they made it so organs could be bought from me after I'm dead and have the profits go to my heirs. I think that would be a huge win. No moral arguments and everyone wins. I think everyone would sign up for that.

  33. Why not make donoring organs mandatory? Works fine here in Austria. If you die your organs are automatically harvested and transplanted into somone who needs them.

  34. I would also like to add that if cloning wasn’t illegal, we could grow kidneys from stem cells of transplanted from modified animal organs such a pig hearts.

  35. Let's not forget the killing of prisoners of conscious for their organs in China. Particularly Falun Gong practitioners. Seriously. Look up Falun Gong organ harvesting. It's a major crime against humanity that is still happening. The Chinese government has these people in prisons for spiritual practices and has been selling their organs to the highest bidders.

  36. "I don't want poor people making choices that I don't feel are good for them."

    Only imbeciles fail to understand that the greatest indignity one can endure is the refusal of freedom and choice.

  37. Americans go to poor parts of the world like India and Iran to buy body parts %80-%95 cheaper then you would get one in America.

  38. I have an idea! If the people who are against poor people making money, they gotta help them out of their own paycheck.

  39. 4:37 that right there you nailed it,that's why they don't want it to be legal for you to sell your organs….sign me up though,how do I sell some organs on the blk market

  40. Just imagine how much more money the Clinton's would have if they had also harvested all the organs from all those "suicides" lol

  41. Can you imagine how many more people there will be on publically financed dialysis if you give these welfare families this chance to make some quick Bucks ? If you look for the long range results it will cost every tax payer. It's not worth it .

  42. What he's really saying about the people from Pakistan: Since they're poor they don't have the ability of free thought. As an American with money it is your obligation to think you're superior and nurture them because they're beneath you and poor… 😂👍

  43. They are worried about how someone feels.. How about the people that won't feel anything once they die waiting… It is crazy that people are not allowed to sell there own body parts. Specially if they pass away I am sure money to the family would be helpful.

  44. People legally selling their organs will surely have its draw backs or costs to society but the question is do they out weigh the benefits? I think it will be more beneficial but we shouldn't kid ourselves there will be an ugly side to selling our bodies piecemeal.

  45. The ends do not justify the means. This is a slippery slope that can get sketchy and scary really fast. Libertarianism is a cancer worse than Liberalism.

  46. Here's the real fear. You sign up on an organ donor list and you are most of the way dead. They have to keep your body alive until the transplant. They do a surgery on you while you're still alive and you don't get any anesthesia. That's the last thing you get on this is additional pain. Someone cutting you open and taking your parts out while you feel it all. If they changed the laws and make sure that there is a level of care for the donor I might reconsider putting my name back on that list.

  47. I work in an ER. When someone dies there is a lot of profit to be made. The average person would be disgusted to see the companies fighting for a right to their loved ones organs. If someone is going to donate their organs to help another person then that family should receive profit from that. Not just the hospitals and surgeons. It’s disgusting.

  48. When you get your driver's license at the BMV, check the box about becoming an organ donor at death. Most probably your kidney can survive a bit more past your death.

  49. Just curious what do you think happens to the genetic material harvested from abortions? Well? (Did you think they were throwing them in trash cans?)

  50. china seems to have the right idea where they simply throw political adversaries into organ harvesting concentration camps

  51. I am torn on this. Financial incentives to sell your organs!? It seems like money will decide who lives and who dies. Your organs will be sold to the highest bidder. The ultra wealthy will always be first in line to gain and the poorest will also be first in line for loss. Most people with any reasoning skills can see wicked people in power can in essence print money at will while at the same time limiting through laws, regulations, taxes and fees , how much money the poor can obtain. I don't see it as a win/win situation at all. I see it as a clear win/loss. If both parties would turn to scripture they would gain a clear understanding of exactly how wicked this is. Hey, if you have no morals and don't value your own life enough to sell it to the highest bidder for short term gain you are already spirituality dead so I guess in your case so be it. I pity the people that have been trapped in Satans snare. If you read your Bible, gain a personal relationship with the Lord God Almight he will provide you with everything you need and open your eyes to the fact that everything else is a want and not a need. In most cases you will understand you didn't even want the worldly things in the first place, Satan convinced you that you can't live without these things because "everyone else has his chains so why shouldn't I get them too?" He plays on your human desire to fit in and be accepted, Jesus accepts you just as you are no matter where you are in life and all you have to do is accept him as your savior, beg for his mercy and ask him for his gift of grace. Provided you haven't already sold your heart or your soul he will bestow great blessings upon you.

  52. I can't say i agree with selling a live humans organs. I mean my God, look at China. However i think if someone is an organ donor thier FAMILY should get the money. If i had kids and died in a car crash i would want my kids to have the proceeds. Now if all the assholes who sell my organ after my death didn't proft, and it was totally free to some poor SOB. Then this wouldn't be such an issue anyways.

  53. The guy from the WHO is such a douche. When you have to do all of these logic pretzels and make tons of excuses, you know you’re wrong.

  54. Their lives are already truncated, they work themselves into an early grave trying to provide for their families already, why not give them a path that at least gives them more money.

  55. I think anyone should be allowed to sell body parts. I'm poor and still would never sell mine but others will

  56. In Canada, they just take your organs for nothing. Look it up. You have to go through a whole process to not be an organ donor.

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