Saudi Military Band Could Use Some More Practice | All In | MSNBC

50 thoughts on “Saudi Military Band Could Use Some More Practice | All In | MSNBC

  1. Well… Speaking of Orbs and dark forces… I am pretty sure that Satan must feel thoroughly disappointed and rejected… while Gawd Almighty is once again completely exonerated from any responsibility since Trump has frequently proclaimed, "That in all honesty, I am totally a self-made man."

  2. It's true Saudis can't do anything on their own. They couldn't even fight a war against a bunch of tribals. That too with modern weapons.

  3. The band is so bad because music is illegal in Saudi Arabia so the band members are forced to wear noise cancelling headphones when they practice.

  4. The band sounded incredibly off-key to me, like maybe they were just holding the instruments up near their mouths while going "toot, toot, toot, tooot"

  5. The look on their faces, is one that reads, "Are we on Candid Camera or something? Maybe Punk'd? This can't be real.".
    The longer I listened, the funnier it got! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  6. Saudi's will be Saudi's. If you look at all the video footage showing the Saudi's you will see only 2 women. Melania and Donald.

  7. Meanwhile on Fox News: "Liberal elitist democrats distorted the music played, during both Trump and Putin's visits to foreign countries."Β 

    "I guess they just hate America" they said in the same breath as they stood up for Putin and the totally harmonious perfection of the Russian national anthem.

    You know these things did not actually happen, but yet, you know they are sooo close to happening.


    Pretty please and with lots of love from a guy in Europe. (nothing weird).

    Take care.

  8. That is not the Russian national anthem. I'm not saying that sarcastically to imply they're playing poorly – it's someone else's anthem.

  9. My message to all military bands: When you play for Trump, half of you pull your tuning slides out a couple inches, and the other half push them in a couple inches.

  10. heh …. This was the perfect thing to satisfy my sense of the absurd in the middle of all the terrifying trump chaos.

  11. Chris Hayes, kudos for publicly standing up for Ronan Farrow on your show in defiance of NBC management. That's very ballsy!

  12. Oh My God! A Kindergarten school band could do better. It was SO bad just listening to it set my fillings on edge.

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