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look down check down back down takes here no idea where they're at I think I'm lost there's shops everywhere here I don't see them in the blacksmith shop but I see dress shops trade press I'm going to try the dress shop you want to hide in here is this where you want to be hi guys welcome back to we are and today we're going to be playing 13th in the bandit neighborhood before we get started she's described okay so the first round I'm by myself which will be awesome because I can hide like a really small area then it would be Jordan and Jacob on the other team and mom and team short stuff on the last team oh yeah okay so for the first round Ty and I are going to hide first oh we haven't really scouted out an area but I'm confident that we can do this we're gonna win this round right yeah let's go alright so mom and team short stuff are hiding right now we have to sit in the back corner here look we're standing by this coming down below if you know what this is also consumed a little further what is Jordan standing next to wait here too long because it's well there's multiple there's no right there what are these things called if you know what these things are called comment down below through but I got to show you something real fast before we take off from here it's kind of freaked us out a little bit don't get too worried but when we saw this we were like what check this out do you see that do you see what's over my shoulder here crazy we're giving mom one more minute Jordan where you think she's gonna hide well then I'm gonna go this way with myself but I'm gonna find them because I'm gonna be super fast and you know use the eye of the hot okay so we decide to go really close by and we decide to go into this store that has a lot of antiques and we're hiding from them in here it's fairly close so I don't think they'll find us wait we can hide out here where are we going oh we just hate it took a shortcut through another part Oh do you want to hide in there or should we go in the merchandise store okay we're going in the general merchandise store let's see if they can find us Tai where she go are we just gonna shop in here okay do you guys think this is a good strategy to just hide in a shopping store or should we be hiding somewhere else I think this is I think we've got it I don't think they're gonna find us we're just gonna hang out here and pretend that we're shoppers what do you think tight we got this do you think our hiding spots weak would we hide we could go to that house I saw an outhouse do you want us to the outhouse me neither I think they went this way let's go check this out this should be really fun okay if you guys see them behind me or at any time you see them comment where you saw the mat so for example if you fun at the candy store I think they were in the candy store let's go check it out okay I'll just sing here all day but they're not in here obviously so time to go to another store yeah we're going this way oh this we're going for okay she can hide in the buildings so we're gonna go inside this Western trails place this makes it a lot harder because there are so many buildings should be hiding and so like she really could be anywhere because all this old-fashioned tiny stuff would take where do you think she is you see anything that's true she probably won't be outside I feel like she's gone and got ice cream she probably went in got ice cream at i/o this Lee Dutch your whole new section good idea let's go back this way well this is sneaky look at that we're going into another stores tie look at all the candy oh there's so much candy do you think we have time to buy some yeah well if they find us let's go see the other candy over here there's taffy you have the whole bunch of those back in the hotel room we're done buying more of those jams and jellies what okay we picked a really good place to hide because there are so many yummy treats here I think we're gonna win this I'm just keeping my eye open for them okay this western town is a lot bigger than I thought oh I think I just saw some bandits check this out look over my shoulder right over there that's a bandit it's a female bandit what if bandits become girls right there she's not seeing me oh no Jake's here turn duck down earth time get down check down back down take sir I know they're coming I don't even know you guys we're in a gift shop right now I feel like I thought she wouldn't be here I honestly think she's gonna go to like a restaurant or something that's over here and they get like ice cream I'm pretty sure that's what she was doing it seems like a good plan I don't know know what literally Jake we are team we are so fast Jake use the map he is so pro I was literally about to leave I was like no they're not in here wow I'm so surprised that's so funny yeah that's true dad were on opposite side of the town so see if they went in here oh wow they could be hiding anywhere here oh wow check this out it's a fire engine hey that's right where I started from was right over there go in a circle oh no let's see if they're this way okay this is a little difficult because the more time we spend in here the more candy ty wants to buy I want to get you a new six cookie pie see how fast you think guys are going to find us not that fast not discuss with me and you then you did find us pretty fast now they're at this bandits neighborhood it's actually kind of large I'm surprised you guys found us this quick I know there's a lot of buildings we could have hid we did you guys take the shortcut through the antique store because we were hiding an antique store then we shortcut it kept going then it's so exciting in that we should just kept walking the entire time that would have been a good plan okay I have no idea where they're at look at this it's the barrel house because it says barrel home they're not in there though I saw some cash in there though I'd have to come back there and see if I can hide in there if it's my turn oh here's the back door of another house let's go check this out I don't see him in there look at this wagon wheels oh I found the plate guys I found the cemetery no no let's see if we can find anybody here here lies Sophie Hardy on my scissors committee warning throat Carrie okay I've been in the cemetery but check this out I think this is where I'm gonna hide when it's my turn I can sit in here inside the coffin I don't know I gotta stop messing around and start fighting these guys I'm gonna be last class to find everybody I should have not taken you in here okay so mom and I are actually going and buying candy right now but Jake and I are like plotting or were can I hide so Jake where do you think we're right here by the roller coaster okay good plan I'm so excited yes we're gonna be so good so we'll be on the very edge of the quarter yes good plan I think we'll be good yeah good plan Jake good plan take they're in jail it's all boarded up I can't find him have no idea where they're at somehow I think I'm lost okay so it's been quite a while I just gave David's quiz I said that I hear the train because there's a tree nearby outside and that we are shopping if you can't figure out where we're out from those clothes then I think ty and I won this game no idea where they're at I think I'm lost there's shops everywhere here they could be hiding anywhere but I have a feeling that they are over here in the hotel so I remember Katie talking about the hotel earlier today that she was wishing she could go upstairs in the hotel but it's locked I wonder if she went into the gift shop and she's hiding in plain sight let's go see down in the gift shop okay I guess well people looking the bottle house look at this house over here it's made out of bottled all the windows wonder if she's hiding in there it's not really a good hiding spot because you can kind of see through all the walls but it's kind of enclosed look at the walls there's like bottles built into the walls and you can see how the light coming through I can see everything but and no that's not them I thought ice like team short of death but it wasn't there wasn't him okay we decided to go outside because David is going around in circles I'm giving him lots of hoods and he's not fine I'm like hotter or colder turn left stop right and he's still not gone the right path he's really struggling no he's done he just takes me done exclamation alrighty so I think that tie and I won that round against David a least and maybe not jaqen Jordan is he completely lost so it's funny that makes me laugh no the band of us following me from the bandits tried you but the band's kept chasing me so – and we were gonna choose new teams but I think Jake and I are gonna stick together because we've got a good game plan already and we worked really well together like I film Jake finds the people and I just go with it like Jake is the pro at this game so I think we're gonna stick together and we're gonna hide and see who can find this for you guys it'll all be on my team by myself and then David and tie your shirt okay we're going we're going nice j-jake you had a game plan I don't know where we're going but we're running this shop okay yeah cuz there's the roller coaster right there ah cuz there's the roller coaster right there so we're pretty much on the outskirts of the town we're just gonna jump in a shop for the best okay this is round two dad and team short stuff against moms to go try to find Jordan let's go I have no idea where I'm going last round I couldn't find them tight that's why they gave me team short stuff so I don't get locked let's see what we can do here all right so we're still in the bandits area we got to keep an eye out for the bandits because I've seen lots of them let's go this way all right Katie's going that way I have a bad feeling that she's going the wrong or the right way we're gone the wrong way that's okay we're gonna we're gonna figure this out hey so I went one way and David and I went another way I just need to find them before they can oh my goodness there's real horse stables I'm going in the horse stable so I don't know if they'd hide in here that would look I don't seem in here this I'm gonna hurry and leave I don't think they go back into the general store I'm going to cut through over here this area is pretty large so they have a lot of places to hide oh my goodness if I be hiding back behind here by the outhouses it'd be a great place see that would be so funny to hide in an outhouse okay we're kind of getting lost because all this shops they were kind of like white in them or out like in the open and we didn't want to be spotted immediately so we're exploring around trying to find an area to go this looks like a good place are here there's like hidden in the back I think we're gonna go inside here oh it's just like a little my table sleeping man okay we got to go somewhere else where are we gonna go now literally we're losing time we have to watch out for them now because time is like almost up so they're gonna be around this town looking for us and we're still looking for a hiding spot we're going here I don't know but this is where we're gonna be maybe we can color in the art we can do it but we wait I don't know I haven't seen who do you think it's good fighters tie in debt I think mom's gonna find us I don't know if she I'm pretty sure she has a map and I just feel like I don't know maybe she could use her phone to track my phone which you might do she's done it before so I feel like she would find us first but you want her you jump buildings what's nevel gallery no I seen this one okay I'm going to check all these stores there's a blacksmith's shop right here see if they're in there I don't see them in the blacksmith's shop but I see a dress shop straight across so I'm going to try the dress shop I am good okay so they were not obliged to shop that I did buy them at the dress shop this game okay well we were gonna start coloring so I guess you can film us coloring cuz we're gonna wait maybe I'll order to never been in this house over here let's go check it out doors locked block that goes somewhere else keep going tack alright so we've been searching all over we can't find him but we did come back to the hotel because again I think somebody's gonna hide here at the hotel let's check this out we want to go up there see the sign hotel guests only that guess but let's see if the door should we go up you want to go up gonna just run up there real fast is deceived over there okay probably better not go up there we don't want to get kicked out of the ghost town you guys if you can see them behind me or anywhere around me comment down below because we can't see them okay so David and Tai wind off a different direction and I know that they both needed to use the restroom so I think they're gonna take us stop which will delay their time which means I totally won this round and since I kind of rent won the first round against David and Thais not here with me I feel like I'm kind winning the game so all by myself yeah I think that's the real life well let's see how long it takes David and I to find you versus how long it took them to find me okay I guess we're gonna like this tricky thing because it's like actually we should grab now our disease looks like orange and black and maybe I'll add in like I don't know I'm not sure I understand this you're not even adding any I'm not adding a pattern on those ribbon but I got a lot of pent-up clearance I'll show you product because we're gonna be here for a while I don't know where we're at if we're going the right way check this out right there it looks a little suspicious I don't know about him somebody's doing their laundry what's going on in there see them in their tag up there and see if there's anybody in there don't go let's go down to the blacksmith maybe they're down there okay guys I just not David and tide they're out there they just passed by they didn't even see they didn't even come in here my goodness they totally missed this shot they did not come in this shot dude good idea they literally walked right past okay there's a dress shop and I'm wondering if maybe Jordan would have gone inside the dress shop [Laughter] we're last again alright round three I get to hide with Team Jacob he's got a map but we're not gonna need it because I know exactly where I want to go let's go hey so I want to find the place where we can sit down but I don't want to be in a building I want to be outside of the building so it's like totally obvious oh there was that one bench where I had those statues let's go sit there with Jordan by yourself okay we're starting because I don't know why it's not even October by Ty and I 11 we're gonna keep it yeah wait do you want to stick together yeah I want to stick the other I don't wanna be my man so a moment maybe give some ice cream yeah we can find it cuz then dad and Jake will just be chill and then we'll be actually going getting that would be a winner we're gonna see what you find ice cream and find them at the same time change your plans we're getting in the car what no you're gonna hide in here is this where you want to be I don't know all right we'll try it okay we're both hiding inside the coffin this was Jacob sayyidina to be as part of the Undertaker's study I know let's see if they can find real winners we got ice cream while playing sardines because that's how we roll a bandit town which is not so bad and it's quite crowded I have a feeling they're in the horse stable though I think we need to go in the horse stable yeah we're all we're all winners in this cuz we got ice cream we moved up to this side of the building this is the actual Undertaker's building right here there's lots of people that wanted to get their pictures taken in the coffin so we had to move out of the coffin or right next to the coffin so there's actually a better hiding spot because it's kind of down in an alley there is a door there with a star on it should we try to open that door comment down below open the door okay I'm looking down the comments see somebody said open the door gonna see if you can open the door and see what happens can you open the door there's there's no door handle see if you can grab it and pull it towards you decide and open it oh it's locked darn it we tried but I came in last every time and I found a comfy bed to hide in so I don't know I should get some bonus points for that and make an adventure we'll see you next time [Applause]

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  2. Those boxes were called out houses. And they where what people used to use for the bathroom back then

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