SAP Fiori Administration – 008 Creation of Catalogs Groups

okay so in order to create a new catalog as I said it has been captured in the transport request which is good and make sure you are under the catalogs section click on this plus icon so it will prompt you to create a catalog either standard or a remote option so remote we have a couple of other details but let's go for a standard catalog creation let's say as custom manager apps and IDs z c ust in TR save so as you can see the custom management apps the title has been created you can change or a already title whenever you want but the ID will not be changed notice once once it is created the ID will be created as it is ok so right now we don't have any tiles in here but I would like to copy from sa B standard catalogs so the purpose is I don't want to give all these three tiles to one manager ok so I just want to create these two tiles or else like even couple of other tiles from HCM now sorry employee group and as well as two amps from this manager groups let's create a custom a catalogs and group and we will assign those four or five tiles in here ok so once you select once you created a can custom catalog now go back to the CP standard catalog hold the tile drag and drop on create reference so when you mouse over it so when you hold it and mouse over it so you will see these two options coming you can either delete or you can create reference so it's always a P based practice not to delete any SAV standard content so we can create a new custom stuff and copy into that group or catalog and then we can modify it and change it accordingly what now as per your business requirements okay so let's I just want to add this upload are probably request into customer manager apps okay so all I do is just drag and move it on create reference so when I release it it will pop up saying which catalog you want to put it in okay so we create at customer manager apps select the first one as you see the number one has been shown up here okay so it is really important when we move any tiles or catalog or catalogs here so any tiles from one catalog to another catalog along with the tile it is also important to move the target mapping so without target mapping the application will not work so we need to check what is its respective target mapping so as these are just three tiles we can easily identify which is our right happen right target mapping for example probably request so this is a leave request approve and this is an this is a semantic object and this is an action to coin but to make sure whether we have if it is like 20 or 30 applications so how do we choose the right one so click on the tile it opens up properties of all the you know off of its style and it says you know what is the tile name subtitle key routes icon and this is a service URL this is application where the the app has been stored and the semantic object leave request approve action as an approach so these are the different you know properties of its approval a request style so just make sure when we move target mapping from one catalog to another cap you always check which is what is your semantic object okay so and also its respective action so please remember in this case it is leave request and approve now go back click on the target mapping leave request and approve okay so select that and click on create reference which is at the bottom okay create reference and again it pops you where you want to create so I want to create in my catalog which is customer manager apps so as you notice now it is changed to two so which means in my catalog I have one tile and its target mapping okay so if you notice one and there is no target mapping and you will not see the application in your in your group here so always remember I an application shouldn't have its style and its respective target mapping so let's go back and add one more approve timesheets select your catalog as you see reference for Tallapoosa is created in this catalog this message is important this will tell you that you know the changes has been saved in your transport request if you don't specify transport request and sometimes you will see in pop up message saying there is an error okay and now let's move the target mapping for our pro timesheets so let's check its semantics object and action okay so let's go back in and adopt it down time entry a pro okay and click on create reference move to customer manage apps that's it so we have created two tiles from a city standard and its respective target nothing is also moved here so as you notice if it is a reference then you will see the reference boxes has been selected so in the tiles if you see the border line as a dotted lines that tells you that this application this tile is a reference type so the original tile is is residing somewhere else which is this group with this catalog okay so how to break the reference so let's open the catalog and as you see this is a reference tile message at the bottom okay so always make sure if you want to break that reference just change something on this application for example I pro time sheets instead of time sheets just a time sheet and then say so it will throw a message that changing the conclusion breaks the reference do you want to still save the changes so I would say okay so as you notice there is a difference between these style and this style so it is still dotted because the reference is telling out protein and here this is not a reference tile anymore so if you want to check you will see there is no message at the bottom so any changes on this application will be you know the reference point will be broken okay so I would like to also add a couple of employee related tiles so for example like people profile create reference more wand create reference select your catalog so I don't know there are generates respective semantic object and action so let's go and check what is its semantic object open the tile and if semantic object is personal profile and display so let's go check personal profile display in the target mapping personal profile display so this is the easy way to check to make sure we selected the right target mapping and they're going to create a reference okay so each app will have one tile sorry for each catalog will have one tile and as well as target mapping so in this case we moved a protime sheet of people profile approve leave request three tiles plus three target mappings okay so we have done with creating a catalog with with some tiles in it now how to create a group so let's go and select this tab groups click on this plus icon at the bottom on your left hand side say custom manager apps see touched into your group save it if you don't want user to personalize this group you can uncheck it but by default I it's already been checked so that's okay save it and as you can see there is a custom manager apps group has been created so I have catalog and I have created group but group doesn't have any tiles in it okay so in this case this manager HCM is a group name and these are all coming in within the catalog okay so we just create a Z cast MGR group as an ID and a custom manager apps as a group name so let's add catalogs to it click on the plus icon here and select your custom created catalog which is the first one okay so as you notice we move three apps in there and you can see all those three apps so either you can select any any one of one of these three apps or all of them if you want to have all three apps into that group so just by clicking on this plus item okay so once this done go back and you will see all these three tiles has been shown up here in the group okay so all these changes please make sure all these changes are captured in the transport request in this one so we are good with that information and we created a catalog we assigned as a standard tiles to our custom created catalog and we moved all these tiles into our group so how to assign this catalog and groups to a new user okay so let's go back to green let's create a rule let's let's assume that this Z and square Tristana score manages our role the single door oops okay so give some description and click on the menu tab and you'll see a context menu on this button translation so click on that insert node and select SCP Fiori tile catalog okay so there will be pop up with saying design tala catalog choose the catalog ID which is our Z and is forecast manager okay click on take iPhone and similarly we have to assign group which is s ap Fiore tile Group C cust Manager go so we we have assigned one catalog so sir group and as well as this is a catalog this is a cool okay so we have just want to recap the steps which has been done we created a catalogs assigned tiles to catalog the created group assign tiles into it and we created a role this role and we have a zine both catalogs and groups to it now if any user who is having this role will automatically you can see that group in the fear launchpad so I am just resigned to myself akane musical foundation let's save it so go back to the browser come back to home screen just refresh see you've seen customize your apps this is a group which is having all these three apps okay so this is how we create catalog groups and role and how we have sent that to a user so once these changes are done just make sure that you can release this transport request and the transport requires will have the campaign changes which has been done recently like this customer manager apps so this is a simple configuration of how to add catalogs groups and roles to the users I hope you guys understood how to do these activities now thank you very time

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  1. This tuto is just amazing, thank you for your good work. I was struggling with SAP Fiori process now that sounds clear.

  2. Hi KumarI am looking for tutorial videos similar to this on the new Features and functionalities  in the PM Module  in SAP S4/HANA. I am a user and know well the PM functionalities in SAP ECC6 (EHP7). I wonder if you have such Training Materials  or or you can refer me to someone who has them,  I  would like to purchase them.

  3. Thank you for the very informative video. I have one question regarding the Roles. While creating the PFCG role and assigning it to the user, should we also add the Business Catalog roles  or TC roles from SU01 that are mentioned in the Technical configuration section for a particular app in Fiori Apps Library?

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