SAP Enterprise Support Academy – Empowerment

hello I am an enterprise super advisor in Latin America in this video and we introduce how you can improve your knowledge with IAB enterprise for the card so nowadays in the digital era we'll enjoy the benefits from intelligent technologies and our focus is help you to become an intelligent Enterprise by leveraging all the innovative technologies so we know that the current scenario is a high demand for technologists skills and with Si enterprise support we will help you to adopt this innovation improve your business processes and transitioning in this journey to become an intelligent enterprise so our goal is your success the customer success is based as a foundation for SI p enterprise support and it's focused in four key pillars including collaboration measurement vision and value realization and mission critical contra now my focus here is the second pillar empowerment were the SVP enterprise support economy is so the enterprise support Academy is the word winning and a unique program that combines super best practices and training it is the single point of access for value maps services and educational content for a Z P customer it provides high impact in learning and support a quality code developed by a CPA expert and a comprehensive range of content between self-paced and expert lead sessions everything together sweet learner style and is all available in the AP learning platform Edition for enterprise support so in the Academy you will get access to a flexible learning programs with all of these deliberate formats in different language at any time for instance for the experiment sessions you have decelerated innovation in the environment where you can schedule of expert sessions to evaluate the innovation capabilities of the engagement make it for your sa business suite also there is the continuous quality text a remote service that will help you to reduce technical risk and outline optimization potential the guidance and service we will prove you they procedures to analyze and optimize your systems by your own also we have the expertise implementation deliver it as a workshop styling direction where you will learn how to complete a defined activity and the ACP expert will explain you the execution of this target activity step by step there are they meet the expert sessions and live webinars with around 1 hour duration covering everything you need to learn and all these winners are record and remind available in the reply library after that for the self-paced we have the videos and tutorials focus on provide your practical has hands-on instructions into any value to make or change system settings and last but not least there is the best practices to get you up to speed on how to leverage enterprise support services for your daily business in an agile enterprise support economy has more of 1300 different access covering all landscape scenarios using their learning her plot for in collaboration with learning rooms and is a people in my programs with everything with no additional cost for you so if you still didn't do please sign up the enterprise super academy with your ballot as user on the landing page of the super portal define your personal learning objectives search to find and access relevant content for you in the super portal or a zippe learning hub platform assign yourself to these items to my activity course then you can start learning get your certifications of your completed trainings so if you are interesting knowing more in detail about something specific topic related to enterprise support academy or enterprise board please do not hesitate to contact us thank you so much for watching this video contact us if you have any that

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