San Diego Humane Society: Increasing Impact with Blackbaud’s Cloud Solution for Nonprofits

My name is Jennifer Grantham. I am the senior director of annual giving here at the San Diego Humane Society. Our city funding allows us to provide basic care for animals that are coming into our shelter, but the donor funding actually allows us to provide the safety net services and a higher level of care to the animals that are coming in. Our “constant companions” monthly donors help provide a foundation for our safety net programs, like our kitten nursery, our behavior center, Project Wildlife, and really everything that we do here. PAWS is one of the safety net programs here at San Diego Humane Society, and what we do is we provide vital services and support to vulnerable pet families all over San Diego so that they can keep their pets and so their pets don’t end up in the shelter. My name is Eddie. This is Rain. We got Rain along with her brother, Thunder, from the San Diego Humane Society. My name’s Anne Marie, and this is my dog Peepers. My name is Gordon, and this is Bear, my companion, my best friend, my associate. He’s my confidant. He’s my companion. He’s my everything. He gives me that unconditional love. The PAWS Program has been tremendously helpful to me personally helping out with his vet bills and with food and toys It really makes it so that I can afford to have him. They made it possible for us to take Rain to a vet, and if it wasn’t for PAWS, I don’t know what we would’ve done. I couldn’t get the help for Bear nowhere else. He gets food. He gets shots. He get a free physical. They take blood. The stuff that they do for him is real expensive. So you can’t beat that. There’s no organization in San Diego that could beat PAWS. Our partnership with Blackbaud is critical. We need to be able to scale as we’re growing. And Blackbaud products allow us to do that. They also allow us to talk to the finance department, and to go back and forth with information, and to provide the reporting that we need. Our philanthropy department depends on our online platform, our website, our database, to do the everyday work that we do. I depend on it in annual giving. Most of what I do is through Blackbaud products. We’ve experienced a 12% increase in our retention rate of sustaining donors because of the automation and the various efforts that we’ve been able to put into stewarding our donors. We estimated that we saved over 200 hours by having an automated process so that our monthly donors are automatically charged. They’re receiving auto-responders automatically. Several years ago, doing sustaining giving and having this type of software was really nice to have. But now it’s so critical in what we’re doing. We are expecting in the next few months to hit $1 million in sustaining giving revenue. And that was a goal we set a few years ago, not realizing that we would actually be able to get there. And now we’re setting our sights even further. We can’t do it without technology. And in our digital world, it’s just becoming more and more of a necessity. San Diego Humane Society plays a huge role, I think, in the Ecosystem of Good, and getting to know that we’re helping people find new family members, and that we’re helping so many animals survive and thrive, is the best feeling that one could have.

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