Sam Rockwell Took a SoulCycle Class with Usher

-Welcome back.
-Hey, thanks, man. -Ever since I heard
about this film, I’ve been incredibly excited
to see it. -It’s exciting.
It’s an exciting endeavor. -So, It’s a satire.
You play a Nazi. -Yes. -There is a young boy
who is a Nazi youth. He has an imaginary friend,
who is Adolf Hitler. And we can tell from the clip,
you’re sort of a bumbling — You’re sort of a buffoon
of a Nazi. -Yes. I’m a disillusioned
ex-war hero, who’s sort of now
become a buffoon. He’s lost his eye
and he’s been demoted to teaching the Hitler Youth
how to fight. -I think based on sort of the
dead silence of the audience, there’s a fear when you make
a comedy that includes Nazis and Hitler. They might be a little worried.
-Yeah, yeah. -But this is also a very —
I mean, it’s in very safe hands. -Yes. -A fantastic writer and
director. And it’s also a very sweet
story, as well. -It is very sweet.
And it’s very much anti-Hitler. -Yeah.
-I can assure you. -Yeah, yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -There we go.
-Yes. Alright.
Let’s hear it for anti-fascism. Alright. Yes, so, you can be assured, it’s a funny
but, yet, poignant film. -And it — You know,
I think it’s always exciting when a film comes out that is
unlike anything that’s come before it,
certainly in this day and age, and so that’s what’s
so cool about it. You mentioned you
are missing an eye — your character —
so you had to wear a contact? -I had to wear a contact.
Taika had to wear contacts. And, occasionally,
we couldn’t wear the contact ’cause of debris and gunfire or we’re in a swimming pool
or something. But, yeah, when I first got
the — I couldn’t — I didn’t — I’ve never —
Have you worn contacts? I’ve never worn contacts.
-You know, this is a true story. And, by the way, this is going
to be very in line with what we’re talking about
that’s hard to laugh at. I played — On “SNL,” I played
Osama bin Laden once. -You did?
-There you go. So I raise your Hitler. And — But I didn’t —
I’d never — I’d never in my life
worn contacts, but Lorne, between
dress and hair, was like, “We can’t have a blue-eyed
Osama bin Laden.” And I said,
“I really don’t want –” -CGI, man.
-Yeah. I was like, “Come on. It’s live.
You can CGI in real time.” So, how was your
contact experience? -Well, it was interesting,
because the first person — They have to get,
you know, somebody who knows what they’re doing to put it in. In fact, I wore some for “SNL,”
and I had to get somebody to put it in,
and it fell out at one point. We had to find it and put it —
But somebody came by, a guy, and I felt bad for him,
but he was kind of — He was putting it in like this. -Oh, he had —
-Yeah. And I was like, “Okay. Hey! Let’s take, you know,
a five-minute break, and we’ll, you know — And we’ll
do it again in like 10 minutes. And He came back, and it
was more of this kind of thing. And then I was like,
“Alright, yeah, we’re going to
take another break.” And then we got
somebody else to do it. -You know, you are, as we said,
playing a Nazi in this. And you’ve played some racists
over the years in some stuff — “Three Billboards,”
“Green Mile.” -Yes, yes. -You know, I know you to be
a lovely person. Do you feel like you’ve hit
your cap on those? -I’ve hit my cap
on racists for sure. Yeah, yeah, definitely. I mean, somebody’s got to
play them, but I’m done with that. -Yeah, I feel like you’ve
filled your quota and you do a great job and you did a great service
for all of us. It was — And, so,
I saw you at the Emmys. -Yeah. Yeah, we had fun.
-We had really good time. -Well, we went back to that
weird V.I.P. chocolate room with booze and chocolate. -Yeah, it was like —
I’m going to get the name of the chocolate company wrong, and
I feel like they sponsored it, so I don’t want to even guess. But, yeah, there was a tiny,
little bar in the back. If you were about to present,
you got to go back there. And then once we realized
you didn’t have to go back to your seat, we kind of
just hung out there and drank. -And just hang out there. Everybody —
Michael Douglas was there. Colbert.
-Corden. Hader. It was a good group. And you were very — Now, that was after,
I believe, you had lost. -I had lost. I had, yes. I was going for
chocolate and booze. -Yeah. In the beginning of
the night, though, you were very relaxed. This is actually in the theater. So, the night had just started, and you already
took your shoes off. -Well, the shoes
were kind of brand-new, and they were pinching a little,
so I took them off and try and relax
before the ceremony. -You seemed very laid back,
so it definitely worked. And robbed.
By the way, a great category. -Thanks, thanks. -Anyone in that category
was deserving. -It was an amazing group.
-It was an amazing group. -Yeah, an amazing group. -And “Fosse/Verdon”
was obviously — Bob Fosse was a role
you had to prepare for, a lot of rehearsal. I know you had to,
you know, also, like, just physically train. You took spin classes? Was that something
you’ve done before? -I took spin classes
in addition to — I did. I did a lot of things —
hot yoga, dance, a lot of dance, obviously. Me and Michelle
were dancing quite a bit. And, but, yes, I did some
SoulCycle classes. Yeah, I did.
-How was it? -It was good.
I did one in L.A. And, you know, sometimes,
you’ll see some people — I saw Usher once,
in the — next to me. And he was lovely. He gets after it, you know?
-Yeah. -Was he intimidating?
Was he so good — -No, he was cool. I think, at one point, I was — You know, you ever done
SoulCycle? -I’ve never done it, no.
-It’s kind of claustrophobic. But it’s a good workout. You put the earplugs in,
and you’re doing — And there’s a weight series, and you got to put
the resistance up. And I think I stopped pedaling, and he was like,
“Hey, man, come on.” And, yeah, but I’ve seen him.
He gets after it. He gets after it. -It is always so great
to see you. And, again, I want everybody
to see this movie, because it is such a cool thing. -It’s really cool. It’s really cool. -And thank you so much
for being here, as always. -Thanks for having me, man.
-Sam Rockwell, everybody.

90 thoughts on “Sam Rockwell Took a SoulCycle Class with Usher

  1. He described his character at Tiff as, “If Bill Murray was a disillusioned nazi.”
    Should be the selling point for the film.

  2. Here are some ways to connect Sam to Kevin Bacon, three of which end with the same movie, and the other two both end with a different movie:
    1. Sam Rockwell was in Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen, who was in Toy Story with Tom Hanks, who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon.
    2. Sam Rockwell was in Vice with Christian Bale, who was in The Dark Knight with Aaron Eckhart, who was in Sully with Tom Hanks, who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon.
    3. Sam Rockwell was in The Green Mile with Tom Hanks, who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon.
    4. Sam Rockwell was in The Way Way Back with Steve Carell, who was in Crazy, Stupid, Love with Kevin Bacon.
    5. Sam Rockwell was in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri with Woody Harrelson, who was in Zombieland with Emma Stone, who was in Crazy, Stupid, Love with Kevin Bacon.
    Those are just a few.

  3. Great interview. If y'all haven't seen it, look up "Sam Rockwell Dancing Machine" on YouTube to see this funky white boy get down.

  4. I got to see this a couple weeks ago. It's kinda crap. Sorry, but it's just not a very good movie and not because it's about Nazis and Hitler. Great actors like Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansson, and Stephen Merchant are squandered. A perfect vehicle for Melanie Elizabeth Bownds (aka "Rebel" Wilson) though.

  5. He played George W. Bush, whom as Kanye West once said while Mike Myers stood next to him awkwardly, "doesn't care about black people".

  6. I love that Usher was like "Hey man… come on." Also, I had no idea where I knew him from until Seth mentioned "Green Mile". I know I've seen him in other things over the years, but that's the role I was trying to think of.

  7. Sam Rockwell is so underappreciated. He's a fine actor. He was perfect as Zaphod Beeblebrox in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
    I would love to see him in a film where he plays younger brother to Gary Oldman.

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  9. Way worse than a starstruck staffer trying to put contacts in Sam Rockwell's sexy eyes? My first gynecologist had early-stage Parkinson's…

  10. Rockwell – one of those underrated topnotch actors who deserve an oscar worthy role sooner or later. (He smashed it in "Moon" and "seven psychos" imho, but went under the radar). I for one can clearly see him as a Joker (said so before Pheonix knocked it out of the park, but I still think he would be perfect)-

  11. Sam's a great actor. I've never seen him in a movie where he was less than superb. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind was hilarious. And in Green Mile he was really great.

  12. LOL @ The Crowd FINALLY applauding Sam's Nazi Movie when hearing him say it is very much an Anti-Hitler movie. The culture now days is so out of whack….you sneeze in public and you're asking for a Lawsuit.

  13. Loved this guy ever since I first saw Galaxy Quest.
    The range of characters he plays, and the believability of them, blows me away. Incredible actor!!

  14. This man is an incredible actor because I've seen him in several movies and I hated him just hated him he was so terrible but as you can see in this interview he is a very nice person so kudos to your acting chops

  15. One of my favorite actors since Lawn Dogs. He should have rec'd the Oscar for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Or Moon, of course.

  16. Damn it Seth, for the last time, show the freakin' CLIP!!! We don't know what the hell you are talking about…

  17. People still get excited about anti Hitler stories?!!!
    I thought people already feels like throwing up about such movies especially after millions of Hollywood movies about how bad hitler was…
    Believe me, if in Hollywood someone makes a movie about Hitler as a good guy , its like death sentence for the producer, Director and all actors and actresses in the movie…. When they all r in an airplane suddenly the airplane would crash into a building

  18. Normal people: Oh it's the guy from Iron Man 2!
    Intellectuals: I love Sam Rockwell in Three Billboards, Moon, Vice, The Green Mile, and The Way Way Back

  19. How are you making fun of someone cause they couldn’t put a contact in your eye? How about you do it yourself ? #useless#spoiled#poor Hollywood

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