Safeguarding Cultural Heritage under Threat

shocking images of the unprecedented attacks on the world's cultural heritage by extremists never before in recent history have we seen such brutal and systematic destruction of cultural heritage used as a tactic of war to intimidate populations and disseminate hatred the destruction of heritage is a war crime I also know from conversations with members of the Security Council that they are aware of this growing danger of not only the deaths and destruction of people which we must never forget but that we also take away their history their identity there is a grave responsibility on the members of the Security Council to deal with this problem and there is also great responsibility for the member states the countries in the region to do what they can to stop this horror for all humankind this is why we have shared responsibility to protect this culture because it is the culture and civilization of human kind we have an urgent need of support to fight against trafficking we will work together solidarity with the Iraqi people in a very difficult in challenging times we have traitors we don't have time to lose because extra lists are trying to erase the identity because they know that if there is no identity there is no memory there is no history UNESCO has spared no effort in mobilizing all major stakeholders in a global coalition to protect heritage the coalition includes governments notably those of Italy and Jordan UNESCO has brought together experts to assess damages and craft emergency responses in close cooperation with its networks and heritage stakeholders including conservation professionals on the ground what we were trying to do and we I think succeeded in doing it it's putting the dots together putting the security concerns and the destruction of culture cultural diversity and protecting of heritage on the same I would say level UNESCO is working with Interpol the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime of the World Customs organization the International Institute for the unification of climate law and major players on the art market as well as museums it has brought together law enforcement professionals and technical agencies notably police including Italy's Carabinieri to curb the illicit trafficking and cultural objects and help Member States implement Security Council resolution to 199 the resolution establishes a ban on the trade of cultural objects from Iraq and Syria and recognizes that the illicit trafficking of objects of art finances terrorism news Evonik appear upon Donnelly's seeming object a faith battle-ax police alert van der Poel Syrian in reserve Volvo Markham's of honesty message on so luckily today's object made on this object is from party and I hope my own set back septum oh we're hoping to get is a systematic picture of the illicit trafficking of archaeological objects in Germany also effective methods to gather data in this area and I think and we're hoping that this may be also a contribution to the implementation of resolution to 199 on a national level there will be a time when peace returns to the regions and when that moment arrives it would be tragic to find that most of these nations cultural heritage has been lost our expertise our drive to protect humanity's great works and our commitment to the enlightenment of all counteract those who would throw the world into a darkness to further their cause the threat is global and our response must be global we must respond with more culture with more knowledge with more education to protect our heritage

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