S2 E6: HR Tips for Small Businesses

– Hi, this is Bryan Woodhouse with the Center for Entrepreneurship here at Madison College. We’re committed to
providing resources, ideas, and inspiration for you to grow or launch your small business. And this is this weeks 2-Minute Trep-Tip. Enjoy. – Hi, my name is Kristin
Gebhardt and I work in strategic partnerships and
innovation at Madison College. I also have many years of
experience leading a variety of human resources teams. Regardless of how small your business is, once you hire your first employee, the role of human resources
highlights the importance of the relationship between
your company and your employees. Here are three tips to get
you started on the right path. Number one, know the law. There are laws and
regulations covering payroll, hiring practices, employee
discrimination, harassment, and termination, just to name a few. There are many online
resources available to you, but a good place to start is the online Federal Employee Handbook. This document links to state laws, too. Number two, create an employee handbook. To make sure you are
effectively implementing best HR practices, begin
crafting your employee handbook on day one. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Continue to keep it
relevant and up to date as your business grows. Communicate policies to every new hire, and be consistent with those policies. Doing this can protect your business in the event of a dispute. Don’t know where to start? There are many online resources
on creating handbooks, or if you can swing it, consider hiring an HR
consultant to help you. Number three, create and
maintain employee files. Generally speaking, there
are three separate types of employee files. Form I9 Employment
Eligibility Verification File, a medical file, and a personnel file, where you keep employment information, such as resumes, offer
letters, awards, and so on. These should be kept confidential and have very limited access. So there you have it. Number one, know the law. Number two, create an employee handbook. And number three, create
and maintain employee files. It can be easy to ignore these things when you have so much to do. I get it. But I assure you that starting
with these three core tips will be a crucial part of
your journey to success. Stay tuned for more HR
tips in the weeks to come. And that is this week’s 2-Minute Trep-Tip.

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