S. Korea lays out five-year defense budget plan aimed at beefing up defense capabilities …

South Korea’s defense ministry has laid out
a five-year-plan spending plan to strengthen its self-reliance on responding to North Korea’s
evolving missile threats. It includes new anti-missile systems and reconnaissance
forces. Kim Ji-yeon has the details. Seoul’s defense ministry has laid out its
mid-term force enhancement plan… a blueprint for how the defense budget will be allocated
during the next five years. A ministry official said on Wednesday the
five-year plan aims to improve the country’s deterrence to nuclear and missiles threats…
and build key military capabilities for the envisioned transfer of wartime operational
control from Washington to Seoul… as well as implementing the “Defense Reform 2-point-oh.” It predicts South Korea’s yearly defense budget
for 2020 will break the 50-trillion Korean won mark, roughly 41 billion U.S. dollars,…
for the first time. As a whole, the ministry estimates the national
defense budget will increase incrementally by 7-point-one-percent per year… to amount
to 240-billion dollars in 2024. From 2020 to 2024, the ministry plans to increase
the related budget by 10-point-3-percent each year to better respond to nuclear and missile
threats. That includes acquiring surveillance and reconnaissance
forces… which can help detect and identify signs of North Korea’s provocations… using
military reconnaissance satellites and intermediate and high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles. At the same time, it plans to improve the
defense capabilities of the Korea Air and Missile Defense… designed to intercept ballistic
missiles… by upgrading the Cheolmae II and Patriot missile systems. To improve maritime security… it plans to
acquire more Aegis destroyers and radar for early detection of incoming missiles as well
as submarines larger than 3-thousand tons. Also, the ministry plans to adopt the SM-3
surface-to-air missile… designed to intercept and destroy short to intermediate-range ballistic
missile threats… as well as electromagnetic pulse bombs that can cause power outages by
disabling electric grids. The budget is also being used to help the
force apply technologies of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution… as well as
develop local weapons to lessen the reliance on foreign weapons systems. “And to improve the military’s medical system
and troops’ welfare… it plans to invest a combined 495-million dollars during the
five-year period. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.”

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  1. Pitifully Abe doesn't want to unify the Korean Peninsula. The South and the North need to unify for the development of all their people.

  2. South Korea's spirit, while opposing hostile nationalism,… aims for equality and peaceful coexistence based on love for humanity.

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