[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 346-1] | New member ‘Se-chan’ and ‘So-min’, Global Race start! (ENG SUB)

Running Man is starting over from
this episode. With the new members, let’s start Global Race. – What’s Global Race?
– Are we going abroad? Spring is here. Many television shows… and people around us go on trips abroad. – They do. – You’re right. – So many do that. – We’ve decided… to send some of you… on a trip abroad. (Are we going abroad?) – How many? – Only some of us? Not all of you can go. – I see. – I see. We’ll decide who will go through the race. I’ll show you the places
you’ll be visiting. – Okay. – Please look at the screen. What are the places? (Hawaii) (A paradise on the Earth, Hawaii) Hawaii? (Are we really going there?) – I really want to go. – Seriously? Hawaii. (They’ve never been this eager before.) (Beautiful sunshine and sparkling ocean) (Dangerous tourist attractions) What do you mean by
dangerous tourist attractions? Look at that. (What’s going on?) (Dangerous tourist attractions?) (You’ve never experienced a sea like this.) (Shark cage diving) – That looks scary. – That’s so scary. – We can’t do that.
– Are you out of your mind? We can’t do that. (See you soon.) (Australia) (Are they crocodiles?) – They’re crocodiles. – Gosh. It says, “Experience crocodiles.” I can’t do that. I can’t trust the cage. (Cage of Death in Australia) (A country with enjoyment
and romance, Spain) (Ziplining at a height of 180m) – I can’t do that. – My goodness. I can’t do that. – That’s too high. – It’s a zipline. That’s crazy. (Indonesia) That’s an active volcano. Why would we go there? Isn’t that a fiery pit? (A volcano tour in Indonesia) Are you planning to terminate the show? (Is this the last episode?) It seems like… – What’s that? – That’s not okay. – That’s not okay. – We shouldn’t do this. (Japan) The whole building is haunted. – Ghosts appear. – Ghosts appear. It’s included in Guinness World Records. Really? I won’t be able to sleep for six months. (Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear in Japan) (New Zealand) – I can’t do that. – This is not okay. My goodness. (It’s 160m high.) – What’s that? – That’s not okay. – What’s that? – How will we do that? Why has the show changed so suddenly? Do you mean that it’ll be the end of us? Why does it say “the end”? – Oh my. – That’s… That’s too much. You’ve just seen… tourist attractions
that many people wish to visit… – You’re lying. – before they die. Who wants to go to those places? You won’t visit all of the places
you’ve just seen. Each of you will win points
as you clear the missions. – Points? – Is it an individual game? Each week, the member with
the lowest score… will get a Tour Sticker. The one who accumulates 3 stickers 1st… will have to visit… one of the places. That’s too harsh. You must have wanted us
to do our very best. Briefcases, please. – What? – What? (It feels dangerous.) Why are there only six of them? In the briefcases are… two No Tour Cards, two Solo Tour Cards, and two Couple Tour Cards. You’ll exclude briefcases one by one. The one with the lowest score… will choose one briefcase
among the remaining ones. There’s no choice. We shouldn’t exclude No Tour Cards. We should exclude the right ones. – I’m confused. – Now, Se Chan and So Min will… exclude two briefcases. – Do a good job.
– There are only two No Tour Cards. Do a good job. So Min is usually lucky. (Will she turn out to be lucky?) Exclude a Solo Tour Card. (She’s examining the briefcases.) (She chooses number 3 without hesitation.) – Good job. – She’s so brave. Se Chan, go. They must have put a lot of thought in it. Exactly. Do some analysis. Those who think
a lot usually get in trouble. (Se Chan is thinking hard.) Four. Four is usually associated with bad things. (He believes briefcase number 4
has a bad card.) People these days don’t believe in that. (Se Chan chooses number 4
after thinking carefully.) – Okay. – I choose number four. Let’s open So Min’s briefcase. – Please.
– I hope she’ll bring us good luck. – It’s important. – I hope she’s lucky. (Please eliminate a bad card.) – It’s a Solo Tour Card. – Okay. (A Solo Tour Card is excluded.) Good job. – It’s excluded now. – Good job. – Good job, So Min. – Is it a good thing? – It’s a very good thing. – Really? Is it? – You’re so lucky.
– You brought us good luck. So Min is lucky. So Min is so lucky. The staff members are shocked. They’re taken aback. (What’s in Se Chan’s briefcase?) (Will his analysis pay off?) – Except Solo Tour Card… – Is he unlucky? (Will his analysis pay off?) – What’s in it? – Guys. I’m sorry. (One No Tour Card is taken away.) – I picked a No Tour Card.
– You two are complete opposite. They did put a bad card
in this fourth briefcase. (He’s a new unlucky guy.) – There are no exceptions here.
– He’s really unlucky. – He should’ve picked the 6th one.
– Or the 1st. Jae Seok. Then get the sixth briefcase. – Can I? – Sure. We’ll switch them later. – Can I choose one then? – Sure. Go ahead. (Jae Seok,
known as the unlucky guy, tries.) – Goodness. Hey. – Let’s see it. (He’s confident today.
What will be in the 6th briefcase?) Lately, I am not that unlucky. I had a hunch that he should have picked
the sixth briefcase. I am 100 percent certain
there will be a No Tour Card. (Of course.) – You never pick something useful.
– I knew it. (Why do you get your hopes up?) – Why did you pick on me? – Goodness. – You are also unlucky.
– That’s what he picked. – You are truly unfortunate.
– I guess I am really unlucky. (His reputation is everlasting.)

11 thoughts on “[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 346-1] | New member ‘Se-chan’ and ‘So-min’, Global Race start! (ENG SUB)

  1. After gary leave RM…. I don't watch RM for long time… Sechan and somin are reason for me to watch this show back… Sechan and so min… Are lifesaver for RM… But many people don't know… And leave harsh comments at their ig…
    Pd must recruit another two member… Or running man would be cancelled forever…
    Listen haters/toxic fans
    RM = Family
    Without jaesuk
    Without jongkook
    Without jihyo
    Whitout suk jin
    Without haha
    Without kwang soo
    Without somin
    Without se chan


  2. So min is okay…..if da hee joins instead of se chan..it will be damn happening!!!!! Sae ho or sang yeob…se chan and se hyung both useless…be it in rm or ic…

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