[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 300] | BTS move boxes of noodles to the truck! (ENG SUB)

What are those neatly placed boxes? What’s the boxes? (An Uneasy Feeling Of Foreboding…) Oh, what happen to us? What are we going to do with
all those boxes? Didn’t we mess it up when
we were playing jenga with boxes? Yes, we’ve done it before./
Ji-hyo slept top of there. (4th 7 vs 300 Mission
Waiting for ‘RUNNINGMAN’) (Hundreds of noodle boxes are piled up
on the ground next to Han River!) What is this mission? Okay! Fourth 7 vs 300 mission. (Fourth 7 vs 300 mission) Gary, would you move the question mark
right behind you? Yes / Gary, Gary. (7 vs 300 mission, the fourth,
7 vs 300 Boxes.) Probably the mission is 300 boxes. 300 boxes! (7 vs 300 mission,
the fourth, 7 vs 300 Boxes.) 300 boxes? / What’s that? We have special guests for this mission. Oh, really? / Is it? We have guests? I think
they’re some kind of bodyguard. Seeing they’re getting out of the car,
I think they’re an idol/ Idol A car of that color usually
has bodyguards in it. IDOL, IDOL. / TWICE!? (Are you really Twice?) They are boys, guys! I.O.I? (Who are they? Show me your face!) They are boys, guys! They are? They are coming out, now! (The Peak Of Expectations) Here we come for the 300th anniversary
special mission! BTS! Oh, BTS! Are they BTS? Yes, We are BTS! (The greatest idol group which
has fandom and skill.) All the members of BTS have appeared
in the RUNNINGMAN! I didn’t expect BTS to appear. (Here comes the Power Dance Time) (Preheating with Power Dance) Do you guys ready to play now? Please, dance more powerfully. (This is BTS, Young boss’s
powerful dance.) That part is cool! / Nice! (Wiggle wiggle) That’s cool! / I can’t help to like them. (From the tip of hand to the
tip of toes, they’re cool.) (They’re so cool~!) Look! RM! BTS! (#This_Is_Swag) I can’t help to like all of you
/ RM. Feels great. (Hip-hop Junior, Impressed by
the performance of ‘Fire’) The last part of ‘Fire’ RM did! (Born natural Swag) That’s so cool! I’d like to
learn some of those! (Bad Bad Swag) I need to learn and use it. (So Ugly) (Comparative Experience
SWAG vs UGLY) (Same Facial Expression
Different Feeling) Hey! You guys have to copy
this gesture! Do I have to bite my lower lip? Just Follow Your Feeling~ I want to see the point dance of ‘Fire’. (Let’s take a look at the Point Dance
of ‘Fire’) Please show us! (One Point Lesson Start!) This is it! OMG! Counterattack with Squid Dance! Jung-kook, It’s your turn!
/ Jung-kook. We have to look at his performance! Please show us the old-fashioned
version of ‘Fire’. Jong-kook! Why? Summoning the ’90s Dance Emperor. We used to dance like this in ’90s. (Let’s see the dance of old ‘TURBO’ style.) I can’t make it alone.
The dance needs two men. Two men, two men. Supported by ‘Two Men’ We will show you
can’t imagine… Please show us old one~! The SWAG Itself ‘TURBO – KIM JONG KOOK’ Two men who are hard to control
‘HAHA & GARRY’ 1, 2, 3! LEFT : SQUID / RIGHT : OCTOPUS JONG KOOK & JELLY FISHES Their dance doesn’t fit!
Doesn’t match with music at all! (We’ll change your boring routine life!) 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 (Finale Pose) This Is RETRO SWAG Yes, I told you. This is it. Made some angle and…
/ Do this pose! Like this?! So, what should we do with BTS now? (With BTS, What will they do?) See, the fourth Mission. (‘RUNNINGMAN & BTS
Donation 300 Boxes Of Noodles’) Oh, donation! / Sort of carrying those! There are 300 boxes over there. Yes / Yes. it is. The team that moved more
noodle boxes to trucks with a handcart each team’s
initials on it, will win. We will donate 300 boxes of noodles
in the name of the winning team. Both teams, please do your best. If we lose, do we have to pay again? Please don’t. Don’t extort us again. If you lose, you have to donate
the same amount of noodle boxes. Do we? We have to try our best. Further more! You must win to get a piece of hint puttle. You’ve only got one piece of puzzle
so far, so you’re not good enough. Now, Please stand at the starting line! (Can they succeed in the mission and
get a piece of the puzzle?) Let’s do our best! You guys won’t be able to win easily. (A war of nerves before the beginning!) The Old But, Smart RUNNINGMAN Or The Young and Vigorous BTS They have to load scattered boxes from
five places, and transport them to truck. Ready! The Game START! RUN RUN~ Why are they so fast? (Suga of BTS is running out from the line.) Oh, he’s so fast!
/ Take the box! Take it! (Before the handcart even arrives,
the box will be taken first.) Put it in! Put them in! Hurry! (He’s not waiting for the handcart,
but just running!) BTS 3 / RUNNINGMAN 0 Hey, put in! Put them in! BTS’ handcart that follow at
a tremendous speed. A Mass-carrying Strategy That
Seems Like Move! RM : Is it enough?
Are there enough? J-Hope : Let’s Go! (Over-powered Run with ten boxes
at a time!) Get out of the way! Oh my! Attacked by Foul King Lee Kwang-soo. (Hug!) Stop him! Lee Kwang-soo is blocked by
Jimin & V. Help me! Hey! We keep the boxes! #Jimiin is clinging like a leech. They are loading boxes,
but the handcart is leaving?! Thief Seok-jin Appeared! Hey! Seok-jin! Don’t do that! Jin vs Seok Jin
Fight for the handcart!! Seok-jin it’s our cart!
It’s our Ramyeon! How about the RUNNINGMAN’s cart
that arrived one step late? Seok-jin! Oh, my God. (A large-scale transport attempt under
the leadership of Jae-suk and Ha-ha.) Seok-jin It’s ours! /
Oh, That’s not ours! What is it? Oh, it’s hard! Suddenly! # If you foul, we commit the foul, too. Hey! Hey! Jung-kook interrupt their works! (Immediate Punishment!) Hey! Carry on! Go! (Thanks to Ha-ha’s defense,
Jae-suk can start!) Oh, so tough! / Hey! Anyway, the direction is wrong? Hey Jae-suk! That’s not the direction! (Handcart is parked in the wrong place.) It’s not the place. Steal it! He’s loading the boxes
into the truck with hard…? Thanks, Jae-suk! Isn’t this ours? By Jae-suk’s own goal
BTS 28 : RUNNINGMAN 14 Why are they doing this
so hard? They’re always just
trying to do everything! (Attack to the enemy’s camp!) Hey! Please leave me alone!
Jong-kook! Kwang-soo is completely tied by Ji-min. Hey! Catch him tightly!
/ So! Hard! Ji-min Ride on Kwang-soo’s back! Jimin seems there’s any odds
fall apart from Kwang-soo. Grab him! I’m almost arrive. (Actually, he cannot a step forward) Please, I want to steal it!
I’d want to interrupt you! I am… the best man of foul play. No, please. Please, I want to steal it!
I’d want to interrupt you! Today, Kwang-soo is stucked
by Ji-min who is a tough fellow. Hey! Now, you have to give up. While Kwang-soo was stucked,
so many boxes are placed on the BTS’ truck. I can’t do it anymore. (I can’t do it anymore!) He’s angry enough. He subdue Suga with one hand,… Jung-kook is stucked by another his hand. Hey! Grab him. All Down Jong-kook! Help me! He seperate Ji-min by Kwang-soo
with one hand. Move on! (He’s using his power to stop
three young men by himself.) Move on! Three men tied by One. What happend here… What? What happen…? (This is real Runningman Hero’s power) No way / I can’t belive it. RUNNINGMAN collected 62 boxes,
against BTS collected 77 boxes. So far, BTS is winning. While Jong-kook block the BTS,
Team Runningman is chasing. Why are you dragging it when
it doesn’t contain anything? Ha-ha Intercept! For the puzzle hint, Team Runningman’s
attack continues! Oh… so annoying! This strategy works nice.
Stop him, stop them! Gary! Please don’t! /
How about give me one box! Then, if you win the Rock, Scissors
and paper, I will give you a box. (No matter how you do it, you have to win!) Hey! Gary! Gary! (Last-minute spurt by the RUNNINGMAN team) END GAME Such a Bloody Battle!
Who will be the winner in this game? (RUNNINGMAN & BTS
‘7 VS 300 BOXES’ Game is the End) 300th Special is so hard to me. I’ll announce the results of the game! 157 vs 143 boxes! (Only when they beat BTS, can get
the puzzle they need for the final mission) Who will be the winning team? BTS wins the game! (BTS wins the game!) They have to wait another chance
to get the puzzle. Fire up! The defeated RUNNINGMAN members
must donate 300 boxes of noodles at your own expense. Ok, We will / That’s nice.
I am happily willing to do it! Made one person
to pay all of expense. (Again, they’d like to make
one person to pay all) Do you want to play another game
to pick one person? / Yes. That sound nice. If whomever be picked,
it’ll be a nice day to him. (Whoever be picked, he have to smile) First, we will pick the 250 boxes donator.
/ Yes, it’s nice. ‘The Last Picked One’ have to
donate 250 boxes of Noodles. Donations make you feel good/
How about the total price? (What’s The Total Price?) It’s not that expensive
/I think that will be cheap. 250 boxes and…/
5 Thousands Dollars! 250 boxes, what?…
/Really? (5 Thousands Dollars!?) These days, noodles not so cheap… (They’re all embarrassed by
the higher-than-expected price) 5 Thousands Dollars!
/ 5 Thousands Dollars! How about 200 boxes? (Donation Hit or Miss Game Start) 250 boxes and …? 200boxes – 50boxes – 30boxes – 15boxes
-5boxes – 0boxes & Dance I’ll pick the Dance.
/ Please go back a few steps. Oh, Please
/ BTS will pick… …your card and it will be your fate. Please pick for me, Jung-kook.
/Sure, I will. Seok-jin, please! / Yes Please pick 0 box for me. (Donation Hit or Miss Game Start) Go! go! (The First Rep is SUGA!) I will give you the card Ji-hyo. Do you pick Ji-hyo?/
Yes, do it. You can give it to her right away.
/ Do your pose and give it to her. (Ji-hyo, this is my present for you) OK. What will be the fate of Ji-hyo
who received this card? Next. Please pick JIN. The next pick is JIN who
has Seok-jin’s name. Please show me your dance! Don’t just give it, Show us something. Go away 200 Boxes card! Ha-ha, I’m coming! He’s tired now
/ He doesn’t want to do it. Just take it, now! (Please 0 Box!) You guys look tired more than before.
J-hope you look exhausted. Next, J-hope. How will be the Ha-ha’s fate? Hop Hop He directly deliver the card
to Jae-suk! Next turn is RM’s. He deliver the card to Gary
with his own SWAG! Oh, they look similar.
/ They look a bit similar. FIRE Connection between Jung-kook & Jong-kook
Lovely 0 Box will be yours! Nice! So nice! (The Last one is Ji-min!)
/Please, Jimin (I will forgive you) Oh, nice. Ji-min! From now on, we will gonna
open our cards. (RUNNINGMAN’s Hit or Miss Pick is done!) Who’s going to show it first? Let’s open first, Ha-ha! Please! Let’s go! 3, 2, 1… (Does he has 200 Boxes card Glorious
Or 0 Box card fortune?) (The Fate of Ha-ha?) (50 BOXES) 50 Boxes. 50 boxes might be felt vague
/ Hey, congratulations. It can’t tell because it’s uncertain
/ Congratulations! Hey, you guys!
You got 200 Boxes card, still. (The fact is that someone of you
has 200 Boxes card) How about Gary? 1, 2, 3… (DANCE!) Dance! / Wow, dance Oh, My God!
/ Oh, dance. Oh, My God! (DANCE CEREMONY WITH HAPPINESS) GARY & RM’s Rapper chemistry
is on ‘FIRE’! THANK YOU FOR THE FORTUNATE CARD! LUCKY GUY! RM! Now Ji-hyo! This is Ji-hyo’s turn. 200 Boxes card is still remain. SUGA SUGA I TRUST YOU! 1, 2, 3.. 15 BOXES! ANXIOUS AGAIN ONE OF US? No matter when, no matter where
one of them will be the unfortunate one! Jong-kook. Jong-kook who is the new unfortunate one! Jung-kook!/
Jung-kook also has bad luck. It’s because someone else picked it. The remaining cards are
200 boxes, 30 boxes, 5 boxes & 0 box. Please, I wish Jong-kook pick
the 200 boxes card. We have bad fortune, but
he is not. Big Player of Hit or Miss Game,
Jong-kook. Will he be reborn with a real Big Player
with 200 boxes card? 1, 2 .. Or be the fortunate 0 box card owner? 1, 2, 3… / Oh! 0 Box. Oh / Why? Amazing. Jung-kook. He always picks all or nothing.
/ Wow! The tragedy of it… The Remained people are
Bad Luck Trio, again! Do you want to change each others
like before or…? No, I don’t want it. How about exchange each others
after open it? You can’t react to it!
You’re not allowed to it! DO NOT REACT! Let’s open it! / 200 boxes. Please turn on the music. Card Pre-open Showcase! START 1, 2, 3… Who has 200 boxes card in his hand? 1, 2, 3… Oh / Wow Now close it! Hey, will you change or not? I want to change!
/ Then, Dance time! Let’s have fun! They are considering the
timing of change each others! Shall I change it? Are you busy?
/ Are you here alone? Yes, yes.
/ Do you want to change with mine? Do you want?
/I don’t want to change with yours. I don’t want to! A Flat Refusal. What’s this! Why? An attempt to exchange
Seok-jin & Kwang-soo. Intermediate Open Time. Open? / Open, one more time! 3! One more time!/
Yes, one more time. OK, party time! Shake your body one more time! Mood Up! (Dance without knowing thier Fate) If you want, I’m ready to change. (Dance without knowing thier Fate) Jae-suk! A Dangerous Touch Towards To Jae-suk. Will he be misled? He bit the bait! Do you want to change with mine? Shall I change it one more time? (The choice of the moment
will be their fate) (How will be their fate?) DEAL! Kwang-soo may not know what’s written
on his card, but excited about Dance Party! (Exchange Time, The End.) Whoever got the 200 boxes card,
accept your fate and just dancing! So excited! (The Exchange of Fate that
Makes the viewer excited!) That’s so funny. Hey, it will be a good deed!
/Sure, it is. (Whoever it is, they are willing to be
a happy donator~) Let’s express how happy we are! Whoever donate 200boxes,
promise to just smile. (You ready Kwang-soo?) What would you like to do
with the celebration? What? / Cool, and Passionate. Do the ceremony with passionate
/Spray water to the donator’s face. Please, spray water to
the donator’s face. Jin is ready to spray water
right away~ (Fianlly, The Opening!) 1, 2, 3. Congratulation! Kwang-soo. Ta-da! It’s? (200 BOXES) 200 Boxes Donator, Lee Kwang-soo! Angel of donation unable to
control his joy. Yes, great! 200 Boxes! 200 Boxes!
5 Thousands Dollars, 200 Boxes! (He can’t control his mind) (King of The Misfortune Is Forever!) Kwang-soo, I envy you. (King of The Misfortune Is Forever!) You are the ‘Celebrity of the Misfortune’
/ It’s amazing. (His Misfortune history is
now ongoing) You’re great / It’s hilarious. At first, who had the 200 Boxes card?
/ Kwang-soo. I exchanged my card with Kwang-soo,
at the end. At first, Kwang-soo had that card! (Like the Boomerang, the card of misfortune
came back for his owner) At the end, I exchanged mine
with Kwang-soo. / It’s came back to him. (Let’s follow the moving line of
200 boxes card) It went round and round and back
to its owner! Ji-min, why are you doing this to me?
Why! all day long! (Teasing)I should have kept it to the end. Are you? (Then get this card, right now!) You are the protagonist in this stage.
/ I’d like to donate! (Even if, they can aovid immediate
misfortune in here,) (They have to wins the puzzle pieces
for the final mission) Thanks! Good Job!
/Thanks! Good Job! What ‘7 vs 300 mission’ is waiting for
the RUNNINGMAN? (300 boxes of ramyeon are replaced by new and donated to Social Welfare Center.)

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