[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 17 PROLOGUE] | Deceive Yonghwa!! or Deceive the members!! (ENG SUB)

(We are in Hanyang Women’s University) We are in the classroom today It’s my first time since 25 years Or maybe more than that.. around 30 years ago? Welcome Juwon! We should have make him greet
in the opening propery But why did you rush us to be here? (We will tell you the specific reason why) He hates when people get interested to him Did you read him? He’s saying
what do you know about me? You don’t know me well..that’s true (He’s not easy~
looking forward to him today) Jeehyo and don’t misunderstand Haha was.. Haha revealed his sincerity (She doesn’t have any emotion to Haha) I also don’t like you Jeehyo (He’s talking to loudly) I mean don’t misunderstand me I was at his house last time (Nervous) He was collecting Jeehyo’s hairs
that were on her clothes (Haha’s Jeehyo’s mania?) Gwangsoo you are the best That’s Lizi’s hair (He might tell the truth someday) (Why are they here?) There’s the 1:9 competition soon With who/Yonghwa is coming You have to deceive him You are all going to have a quick test You’re going to have a dictation 10 questions in total You have to make Yonghwa be the last But you know, it’s not easy Yonghwa lived in USA
when he was young So he’s not quite good at korean And he actually knows internet terms
more well So it might be tricky to him Let me give an example (A quick example) I’ve never heard of that It’s been awhile having a dictation (Gary is hiding his) Why you hiding it? Why do I look yours? Don’t look (Let’s see who’s wrong) (Wrong..) (He’s also wrong) (Unique answers are all here) (Even Jungki is confusing) I shouldn’t take it too hard (Gwangsoo is so confident) This is hard It’s hard to get runningball
when you are all wrong this much.. I will give you the answers Memorize them all
before Yonghwa comes There are only 5 minutes left We should just make him be the last If you feel he’s trying to look yours… Haha just study now Jeehyo you really don’t like Haha, right? Yes.. I am not either You’re so noisy Should I just chase you? Hey stop it I will make you don’t sleep at night Typing and erasing the text And should I give you several calls? Should I? You want? It will take just 10 minutes Look You really like her No! not even this much! (Gary is uncomfortable) But Jeehyo actually type and erase
text messages alot Because she wanted to insult better way Gwangsoo you are so funny He’s scary (But he also had a hard time) Which high school were you attending? I’ve heard alot of rumors about you (Big rumors) Who are you! (Soon, we will be able to see his true self) (They should hurry now) (They are memorizing them) Do you know the.. sorry Juwon, do you know.. Why you changing? (Gwangsoo’s caught by them) When is Yonghwa coming? He’s already arrived Hello (The staff passed something to him) (He also know that he’s going to
have the dictation?) I will try my best Yonghwa’s hidden camera Let me deceive them as well Few days ago (In SBS) (He met the Runningman’s PD) I really don’t want to wear
short pants (He wants more runningballs
to avoid the punishment) As I deceived Gary I want to deceive them inversely And if they don’t get that
I am deceiving them, I want to get the runningball (His plan is so great) Let me think about it But if the members get to know
that you are deceiving them You are going to loose And you are not going to get the runningball (So he got the chance to deceive
other members) (He has to get 3 questions right
by knowing the answers from the members) I am confident with this Runningball is so important in Runningman But would they tell me the answers? (Deceive Yonghwa!) (Deceive the members!) (Unavoidable competition has started) Let us start~ Are you ready? Oh~ (She’s cute) We are in Hanyang Women’s University today It’s my first time visiting here (All men would love here) (They put great efforts to the students) (It’s also Ji So Yean’s school
who she’s in Fifa U-20 world cup) I am so happy to be in women’s university You got your hair permed
because you were coming here? (He’s got his hair permed) You wear the big thing
when you get your hair permed? Of course (He’s becoming prettier) Now we get to meet Jungki
every week! You love kisses Many fans were disappointed with you.. My fans also told me things What did they say? Why I left Jungki
as he stole Jeehyo from me (A very different reactions
from each fans) Today’s guest! (As you know already) Here’s Juwon and Yonhwa! Yonghwa was so good at
hide and seek I am expecting it again I should have him on our team But Juwon.. It’s my first time seeing you.. (They are behaving so weird) (He looks so relaxed) (I know you guys are pretending) (Jaeseok is talking too much) How do we play hide and seek today? (Are we not?) (Jaeseok is in panic) (They are trying to help him) (Yonghwa is relieved) (It’s so funny as Yonghwa knows
everything already) (It’s hard to pretend) Let’s go in and play
hide and seek right away (He’s still nervous because he’s lying) (Yonghwa knows everything already) (If you want to win
deceive each other) (It’s 1:9 competition) It now begins

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  1. I am a huge fan of running man , I even created my own channel , I hope that you guys able to support me, TQ very much 😅

  2. We are in october 2019😧i miss those days a lot.i used to like younghwa a lot he was one of my fav.back then i liked kpop but wasn t a stan😧i became an army in2013 and kpop world became a nightmare to me😩precious memories of cnblue💙💙

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