[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 14-1] | JongKook Mission : Deceive all the members!! (ENG SUB)

(Jongkuk’s mission has begun) (He’s aware of the situation) Today’s mission is ‘A song’ You’ll sing a song related to safety. It’s a team play. Each has to sing the verse and finish. Then you’ll win the running ball. Or Nobody can achieve the running ball. Is that a common song? (Kim Jongkuk v. The Running Man) This is not a hidden camera, right? (Already?) Obviously it’s not. Junggi’s very suspicious. No it’s not. I understand, he has an experience. I’m not sure if it’s true or not. But it’s possible for Jihyo’s doing it. I think she won’t believe with the explains Even if we explain the situation It’s a hidden camera today. No. See? Is this real? How many chances do we have? I’ll give you 10 trials. There’s a firetruck, I chose their song. Fire Truck! (Old singers) Of course we know. Lizzy doesn’t know. I know. What song? Apart It’s not their song. Seriouly. (The truth is) (He got the list last week in advance) (Best 5 songs of Fire Truck) (And) (He practiced to deceive them naturally) Young people usually don’t know this song. (Mistake a word as if you didn’t know) (Also, remember the whole songs) (Mighty Mouth, Shorry) (Be confident of your mistake) (Rehearsal) (His colleague helped him for the mission) (Will he overcome of the last week?) (Can he win the whole Running Balls?) (The bottles with the song options) You choose one. Then you sing. We may know 2 or 3 songs of them. What if we grab a song we don’t know? Who wants to volunteer? Jihyo! /Fine, Jihyo I won’t blame you. What’s with your arm? She’s Jihyo. (Jihyo…) Great! The center Jihyo chose one. I wonder what. Let’s check it out. The song of Fire Truck. (Top Secret) (Fire Truck, Idol of 1980) (This was the top ranked song for 5 weeks) (The Top Secret) It’s hard for young people to know this one I wish somebody choose this. It’s a very difficult song!! Isn’t it this? How do we begin this? (Doesn’t know at all…) (Time for a game) (He’s checking the other options again) (Popular song, A Story of the Last Night) (Blames) I knew it. The White Wind The white wind passes, and passes ‘Please Tell Her’ What have you done! Do you know this one? (19 year old girl knows) (I Want to Love) (They sing very easily) This is the most difficult song. Jihyo You chose this one. We’ll play the song for you guys. (Sounds familiar) (But it’s not an easy song) (Jongkuk’s excited) (More you hear…) (More you get annoyed) (But you end up following this) (Passionate Shouting) (He is confident) Do we have time? Sure. I’ll have 5 mins to practice. Do we sing in this order? We may make the arrangement. I have to memorize all then. (Dark) I love their song. I learn their song in a short time. Are you for sure? (Jongkuk tries to disturb him) It’s too difficult Jihyo and Junggi, actors, memorize all. This is nothing with that. (One guy who can’t smile) (They shouldn’t memorize) (Junggi, memorizing the lyrics) (Jihyo’s practicing hard) It’s hard at the last part. (Then Junggi teaches him) To me You me Keep me Me keep (Junggi doesn’t know what’s going on) (He has to be careful on him) (He changed the target) Who is the guy loving you (The target, Haha!) (Obviously) I’ll make Haha and Gary to mistake. (The second target) (He’s keep singing wrong) (But Junggi teaches him) (It’s not easy) (Jongkuk v. Running Man) (The first attempt) (Fail) (Wind for waking them up) What? (Jongguk’s acting natural) (Haha made a mistake) Do it when our mouth closed. You could wait for a second. (Wind punishment) I nearly lost my glasses (Side effects) Did you do your hair today? I did! at the shop Shop? Not a spa? What’s with my hair? What’s wrong with you? I should’ve said ‘Block’ but I said ‘close’ (Thanks) Let’s go again. (2nd) You me.. (What’s going on?) (He found something?) (Absolutely not) Me and what? (He’s not clear as well) Me…. COME ON (Fail) Come on, Jongkuk! (Complains) You’re a singer, and you’re bad at lyrics? (He’s going to repeat this 2~3 times) (Ex. Missing the beat) Kneel down right here! Sorry, I didn’t know at all! (Junggi corrects him again) (Something’s weird?) (People will consider him suspicious) (However) (Everybody makes mistake) (5th. Fail) (With this vive) (He can win the Running ball) It’s worse than my expectation. Sing only the first part of the song. (He was very close) Let’s change the position first. Change? Sukjin, do you want to come here? I’ll change with Jihyo. I’m telling you. I don’t remember my own song either. That’s why I’m telling you a problem. (His mission got more complicated) (Can he make it?) (6th attempt) It began already. He also was a singer. Alright You have no rhythm? When do I begin? /Right away Play the music (He missed the rhythm again) I’ll begin (Ended up changing with Jaesuk) (Why are you generous?) I had a program before. (Change) (Jongkuk is uncomfortable) (The ear)/ The mouth… (Jaesuk got confused) He’s werid today. Sorry. (People think Jaesuk’s suspicious) He’s strange (I shouldn’t do that) Play the music (Warning) (That was close) Hold on (He failed .. ) (But the way he forgot the lyrics) (is suspicious) (Not actually) (It’s going well) I want change my turn With me. What are you? (Haha’s one is easy) This is the 7th 3 chances left. (Jongkuk has to win this) (Jaesuk missed the timing) I’m sorry, wait. Do you get me now? What’s wrong with you? You’re the beginning. Speak for yourself. Do you know how many mistakes you made? That is the most difficult part. Play the music (The ear)/ The mouth (Fail) (He became the sinner) (Thanks man) I tried to match the timing. Alright, I’ll move I’m sorry, Jongkuk Jaesuk (Thanks)… One more time I’ll give you one more chance. Try one more time. Or I’ll go insane. I can’t handle this anymore. I’ll do it. Gary It’s difficult I understand you now. (Pretending to be confused) You’re wrong (How kind….. ) (Junggi…) Play the music (So far so good) (He sang correct) (It’s almost done) (Jongkuk fails?) (Running Man wins?) (He was too obvious) (They figured out?) (What do I do?) (Suspicious?) (What’s this?) (They don’t know) (They don’t know yet?) (Sukjin’s fine) (Jaesuk’s fine) (Juggi..) (Who wins the running ball?) Play the music (Whispered) /Whispering (He changed the lyric) (Fail) No, he sang right What happened? (Everybody feels strange) You.. You are stupid. It was ‘Whispered’ (Junggi corrects again) This is the last attempt Do we practice? (Checking lyrics) (After this…) (There’s a winner) I told my ‘secret’ ‘Everything’ I told my ‘Secret’ (Maybe they’ll think Jaesuk is the 1) You 8 are awesome What’s wrong with you? I told my ‘Everything’ (Jaesuk is very helpful today) (Everybody should sing the last verse) Whom are you ‘loved’ somebody Loving! I’m so confused. Loved! (Making basement to not get attention) Whomever makes the mistake… (Everybody’s very sensitive) It’s the end.Should I sing the upper pitch? Let’s sing the upper pitch. It’s the final attempt. Then let’s go up. (Final attempt) Play the music 1 , 2, 3, 4 (To make him get confused) (Things are going well) (The last verse) (The result is…?) LOVED! (Mission fail) (Punishment) (He caused this) (Meaningless) (Even though he’s this obvious) (Everybody doesn’t notice what’s going on) It was the last chance! I told you so many times Kim Jongkuk, come in Kim Jongkuk, I said get in. Yes, you get in there. Why did you sang that? Why did you do that? I had to say that. You guys didn’t complete the mission. Running ball goes to Kim Jongkuk (Running ball to Jongkuk?) (Kim Jongkuk, Mission complete) (What?) (Jongkuk deceived the 8) (Absurd) This doesn’t make sense. This doesn’t make sense. What’s going on here? I practiced this for a week. I can’t be wrong actually. I memorized all. But it was Jongkuk who ruined our mission. (As long as you fail the mission, he wins) No, it’s about you notice him a spy. Are you kidding? (It’s more like they helped Jongkuk) You sang wrong on purpose./ Yes. I know all of songs. Ok, one more! Give me a running ball. (Give me one) (He sang wrong on purpose) Do you think why I made mistakes? I sang this whole my school days. (They are nagging to win the ball) (Home made Running ball?) Dirty game. I didn’t know at all. Do you play dirty with that muscle? Oh, this can run like this. (Anyway, he won the ball)

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  1. ji hyo from unlucky to luckiest member
    kwangsoo from shy to shameless member
    haha jsj kjk yjs doesnt change a bit

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  4. Started this episode I became running man fan. From know nothing about them, now I'm the fan. 9 years and still watching.

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  9. This was actually a hard mission. Everyone only had to memorize one sentence and the last together that's all. KJK got lucky nobody think of a spy lol

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